The Show

See Hypnotized People at the Incredible Hypnotist Show

Stage hypnosis is a unique audience participation event everyone talks about for months, true exceptional entertainment watching hypnotized people. Stage hypnotist Richard Barker uses his extensive knowledge of hypnosis to entertain at corporate functions, school assemblies or after proms, colleges, fairs, and festivals. “I truly believe the people who volunteer to come on stage are my guests. They are the stars of the performance. I am merely the stage director, casting the right person for that part.” this philosophy brings a different atmosphere to how the performance is conducted.

Your group will be intrigued and amused by the wildly entertaining actions provided by their very own friends and family. Experience “CLOSE-UP STAGE HYPNOSIS” as the hypnotized people of the show move from the stage and venture out amongst the audience under the influence of Richard’s outrageous suggestions. This stage hypnotism show performance is an informative, mysterious, intriguing and hilarious presentation that is surely the most refreshingly different and unique hypnotic experience ever. You’ll remember it for years, whether you participate or watch!

A Hypnosis Stage Show is an interactive show and best presented to any sized audience but generally, the larger the audience, the better the Hypnosis show will be. It can be a “stand-alone” entertainment piece or combined with our Disc Jockey service so guests can dance to the DJ before or after the event.
Richard supplies all his own props and he also supplies his own sound system.

Immediately before the show, specific music is played to settle, yet excite the audience – and at show-time a pre-recorded fanfare announcement fills the venue. Master Hypnotist Richard Barker appears on stage and gives an informative and entertaining presentation on what the audience has come to experience – HYPNOSIS!

After several interactive demonstrations of imagination and suggestion in harmony, Richard himself recognizes and chooses those volunteers who are most suitable to be hypnotized, to participate in the show. Show length varies from one hour for a short show, to two hours for a full show, Seeing is believing!
When the show is finally over and the participants have returned from their imaginative state to reality, they have had all the restorative benefits equivalent to a full night’s sleep and are feeling great!Hypnosis Show

All participants in Richards show can rest assured that they are in the competent hands of a professional – and that they will be taking part in safe, humorous routines where they’re treated with the utmost respect. Being hypnotized on stage is a little like actively participating in a dream. You retain the ability to either accept or reject Richard’s suggestions and most Hypnosis Stage Show participants will only accept suggestions that are non-invasive and within their physical, mental and moral capabilities. You can never be made to do anything against your will. The show is good clean fun in which dignity and modesty of the participants is held in high priority.

All show participants will all be awakened from their hypnotic “sleep” at the show conclusion, feeling relaxed and refreshed, with fond memories of one of life’s most pleasurable experiences – HYPNOSIS! As a valuable token of appreciation and thanks, all show participants are given suggestions of positivity, and pride on awakening.

Richard’s incredible stage show performance will leave you spell bound, intrigued, amazed, on the edge of your seat but most of all Richard the incredible will have you laugh harder than you have done in a long time ensuring a night of inimitable entertainment.

2012 saw Richard launch the “Dare to Stare” show which featured action packed routines involving the disappearing hypnotist and the very cool snake belt routines. In 2013 Richard focused on performing his Cruise Line Shows with Carnival as well as touring fairgrounds and colleges.

New for 2014 is Richard’s “Textnosis” interactive audience participation show where you can vote on what happens during the show using your cellphone from your seat and “Take a Trance on me” 70’s retro show with hilarious cheesy costumes and routines. Richard is also currently involved in a project that featured on the television shows Shark Tank and America’s Got Talent. This new production features elements of hypnosis and flying drones. Also in this show is five Robots. Dubbed the “Craziest Show On Earth” you can see the show by clicking on this link

Check out the Fox news interview of Richard Barker. Richard has recently signed a contract to get his best selling book into Barnes & Noble, next time you are in there ask for “Secrets of the Stage revealed. The Guide to hypnosis and Stage Hypnotism” or find it on Amazon.