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Show DVD’s now available for the 2011 “Dare to Stare” tour featuring

Jacksonville University
Johnson and Wales University
University of Central Florida
University of South Florida

In this Store you can order any Hypnosis Comedy Show DVD as well as Clinical self help CDs. Show tickets are also available as well as actual props and items for Hypnotist shows.

Our product line for Hypnotherapy contains:
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Pain Relief
Stress Free Bride
Stress Removal
Concentration or Examination Nerves
Phobia and Fear
Breathing difficulty or Stammer
Lack of Confidence or Self Esteem

The success rate is extremely high and will work much more effectively than any other placebo or therapy. Once the sub conscious mind is reprogrammed a significant change will occur. Due to this demand and space for private sessions are limited.


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