Stage Hypnotist and Hypnosis Training Course

“Learn to be a Hypnotist”
Learn to be a Stage Hypnotist, everything you need to know and more in our hypnosis course including selecting volunteers, rapid inductions, speed hypnosis and more! Richard Barker has been teaching Hypnosis for a number of years. He has attracted students from all over the world and continues to teach classrooms full of eager students. The difference with his training is the success stories he creates. Richard has a higher number of students actually converting from novice to a full time stage career than anyone else. Richard Barker is the current president of the Hypnotist Stage Academy; an organization that hosts live training as well as one on one and video classes online. The proof is in the outcome of the student and some of today’s top named hypnotists got a start through Richard’s class. One reason for the training effectiveness is the practical experience that students get as well as the well constructed lesson plans. Richard not only has a Masters Degree in Education but he also is walking the talk and actually in the trenches performing over 500 shows a year. To view a snapshot of what Richard can do for you click here  now and get a video on what is covered.

Stage hypnosis is very lucrative and if you are on the fence regarding how and where to get your class give Richard a call on 1-877-383-6056 and ask for Comedy Hypnotist Richard Barker.

Here is what the media is saying about the hypnosis course – training program

Richard Barker is now teaching the art of Hypnosis to beginners as well as advanced classes at the Hypnotist Stage Academy with his stage hypnotist training courses. For more information on hypnosis course dates email Richard or click to get more information and learn to be a Comedy stage Hypnotist as well as clinical Hypnotist.

Learn from Richard how to Hypnotize anyone anywhere with his stage hypnosis course!

The new Home Study Hypnosis Course which will teach you how to be a Hypnotist right in your own home will save your time and money attending a class and is packed with a wealth of information to get you started. For more information on this hypnosis course go to the web site for the Hypnotist Stage Academy. To compliment the 10 box DVD set we strongly recommend you head to Barnes & Noble or go to Amazon and search for the new book written by Richard Barker. It is easy to read and the latest publication on stage hypnosis. To find the book search “Secrets of the stage revealed. The guide to hypnosis and stage hypnotism. The book should only cost you around $20.00 and is well worth getting along with the below course. Of course there is no substitute for Richard’s one on one training.

How to be a hypnotist

Complete guide to becoming a Hypnotist

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