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After entertaining and hypnotizing hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, Barker is one of the most requested hypnotists on the planet. Don’t take our word for it. Scroll through just a few of the reviews left by audience members and hypnotized participants.

Hypnotist Comedy Show

As seen on The Today Show, NBCThe Late Late Show and CBS, Richard Barker and his team produce the very best hypnotist comedy show available. Filled with high-quality fun and laugh out loud interactions, your event will be the talk of the town or office for years to come. The Incredible Hypnotist Show featuring Richard Barker is a unique show that has been featured in 38 countries, from corporate parties to tv shows to project graduations and everything in between. Richard is also a major headliner for Carnival and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Some comedy hypnotists just roll out the same show over and over again; leaving the audience with a “seen that” experience. Richard’s show, however, focuses on topical key elements that set his extravaganza apart from the others:

Interaction with the audience that is refreshing and unique giving a one of a kind experience.

Music that is current, fun and relevant to each hypnotic event.

Routines built and designed on trending fun topics that everyone can relate to.

Safe, Clean and appropriate performances that show the best demonstration of hypnosis entertainment available in the world today.

Richard Barker has developed a unique show where the audience gets to participate in the fun. The show is truly all-encompassing and everyone gets involved, which makes for light-hearted corporate entertainment or a show-stopping graduation event. All of the hypnosis shows are fast-paced and hilarious, you can sit back without worry and laugh so hard your ribs and mouth will hurt. Richard is a pioneer in the hypnosis world; he wrote the book on hypnosis called “Secrets Of The Stage Revealed. The Guide To Hypnosis And Stage Hypnotism” and regularly teaches others through his involvement with the Hypnotist Stage Academy and Hypnotist Entertainment Group. There is a reason why shows like Entertainment Tonight on CBS, The Huffington Post, and GOOGLE Talks trust the Incredible Hypnotist.



Richard Barker’s unique background and expertise sets him apart from other stage hypnotists and party entertainers.

Richard started his career as a member of the United Kingdom’s elite forces known as the Royal Green Jackets. His journey into the hypnosis world began with extensive training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

As a detective in New York City, Richard constantly used hypnosis to help witnesses recall forgotten information about specific events.

The Incredible Hypnotist has earned a Masters Degree in Education. His expert knowledge has allowed him to properly coach and teach stage hypnotists looking to start a career in the hypnosis industry.

With over 20 years of experience in hypnosis, Richard brings an expert precision to his hypnosis comedy shows. Having performed in over 38 countries, he’s able to confidently control any situation that arises during a fun hypnosis comedy show.

Richard Barker has authored 2 bestselling books: “Secrets of The Stage Revealed. The Guide To Hypnosis And Stage Hypnotism,” and “Selling Hypnotically. The Art Of Suggestion.”

His expertise has been recognized by countless media publications, syndicated television shows and Richard continues to the be the go-to hypnotist expert for journalists and reporters worldwide.

Richard is a certified consulting Hypnotherapist and has helped thousands of people effect positive changes and outcomes in their lives.

As hypnotist to the stars, Richard Barker has been able to help many celebrities with clinical hypnotherapy and memory recall hypnosis.

Performing more than 300 hypnotist comedy shows each year, when you hire Richard Barker, you hire a genuine expert to hypnotize and entertain your audience.

Richard Barker has an amazing, fun and interactive Comedy Show you must see. Ranked number one in America consistently, Richard’s hypnotist comedy show is an immensely entertaining experience for all ages, from large parties to small corporate events.




Before booking a comedy stage hypnotist, you want to make sure that their style matches your specific event and audience. All experienced hypnotists will be able to supply with videos from their various hypnosis shows.

As you will learn below, there are different performance approaches based on who the stage hypnotist will be entertaining. You don’t want a stage hypnotist that specializes in adult hypnosis shows at your high school graduation event or prom shut in. Likewise, you may not want a 100%  clean hypnotist comedy show if you’re looking to entertain your bar or comedy club patrons.

The best way to pick a comedy hypnotist for your event is by viewing the films from their past hypnosis shows. For instance, stage hypnotist Richard Barker has hundreds of best hypnotist video samples on his YouTube channel, from corporate entertainment to project graduations. To get an idea, visit our best Hypnosis Show Watch Page and select the best playlist for your event.


Stage Hypnosis Videos



The comedy shows usually last from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the host client needs. The Incredible Hypnotist also performs many high school lock-in hypnosis shows and the hypnotic performance can go longer if requested. Richard can perform multiple shows if needed and each production material is uniquely different. When working with schools and companies, Richard ensures the content is relevant to the organization; making the hypnotism show personal and more inspirational at every level.



If you didn’t know, there are many different types of hypnotic experiences a hypnotist comedy show can focus on. Richard works with each client hosting the event to customize a unique and entertaining hypnosis show. There’s no one size fits all show content, but below are some of the types of shows he’s performed in the past.



If you didn’t know, there are many different types of hypnotic experiences a hypnotist comedy show can focus on. Richard works with each client hosting the event to customize a unique and entertaining hypnosis show. There’s no one size fits all show content, but below are some of the types of shows he’s performed in the past.

College Hypnosis Show

Hypnosis Shows for Colleges, Universities, Sororities and Fraternities

The comedy hypnosis shows that cater to colleges and universities can be great fun for students. These performances are filled with young adult and college appropriate content that gets the campus buzzing with excitement. A great college hypnotist will be able to decrease student stress after finals week; entertain young collegiate minds; and will educate students about the power of hypnosis.

“That was so awesome! I guess I couldn’t remember my name? My friends told me after the show that I had to sing Happy Birthday to myself before I could remember it. I still can’t believe it, I was totally hypnotized! Thanks for the amazing show, Richard Barker!”

The young crowd’s energy fills the auditorium and as such, it’s important that you find a stage hypnotist that can effectively harness that energy and guide the students through the program. Take a look at a full college hypnosis performed by the Incredible Hypnotist to get an idea of what you can expect from an expert college hypnotist.

Corporate Hypnosis Show

Hypnosis Shows That Are Appropriate for Corporate & Professional Settings

When looking for the best corporate entertainment look no further than a comedy hypnosis show. A professional hypnotist is able to lighten the mood but also keep the show office-friendly. Many of our corporate clients book a stage hypnotist to boost employee morale, celebrate a company milestone or act as entertainment at the holiday office party. A corporate hypnotist performance should provide great laughs that build the team up.

“We absolutely 100% enjoyed Richard Barker and the show he put on. We hired him to come into our organization and it was fantastic; I would 100% do it all over again. We’ve put similar conferences together but have never had the entertainment like we’ve had tonight.”

Here is a brief video that showcases some of the Incredible Hypnotist’s corporate performances and the employee’s reactions after the show.

Fairs and Festivals

Fair and Festival Hypnosis Shows.

A hypnotist comedy show performed at fairs and festivals is one of the most difficult performances to master. Since you have to entertain such a diverse audience, fair and festival best hypnotists have to deliver a universally enjoyable variety act. Men, women, boys and girls all enjoy the Incredible Hypnotist’s show because it’s designed to speak and entertain the different demographics of attendees.

“We were rather skeptical of hypnotist shows before we hired Richard for the Monroe County Fair. He drew such a big audience however that we quickly realized what a hit his show was and hired him for another two years.”

Rain or shine, Richard Barker has performed for some of the biggest and most popular festivals and fairs throughout America. Take a look as he hypnotizes fair attendees to do the wildest and most hilarious things! As you will see, most of the time, his fair shows are so popular that many guests have to stand because all of the seats are packed.

Cruise Ship Hypnosis Shows

Cruise Ship Customized Hypnosis Shows.

You certainly will not be disappointed with the most popular hypnotist in America when you hire him to perform an eclectic array of performances aboard your cruise ship. The Incredible Hypnotist delivers unique shows that cater to your passengers and leaves them in stitches night after night. Richard is a popular headliner for some of the biggest cruise lines in the world and is able to create shows around your ship or charter theme.

Watch as the entire theater aboard the cruise ship can’t control their laughter as a hypnotized passenger scolds the audience.

Sales & Covert Hypnosis Seminars

Sales Team Motivational Hypnosis Shows.

An incredibly underestimated niche, sales team motivational hypnotists entertain and educate your team in a unique way. Not only will your in-house sales team have an amazing time, they’ll also be given a lecture on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

More and more corporations are seeing the benefits of training their team in covert hypnosis. Richard Barker walks your staff through the basics of NLP; teaches the tricks of conversational hypnosis and shares secret techniques that help your sales sky rocket.

Richard’s sales training hypnosis is highly classified. If you’re interested in learning more about bringing this educational program to your sales team, contact us here to receive more information.

Richard Barker is a certified hypnotist and works with high profile Celebrities and athletes for sports performance. He works both privately and one-on-one for health and wellness related issues. Richard has worked with many fortune 500 companies hosting sales training and public speaking engagements.

As you can see, Richard is a firm favorite stage hypnotist for some of the biggest corporations, colleges, and fairgrounds in America. The Incredible Hypnotist has performed at thousands of events worldwide and attracts large audiences wherever he goes. To bring the unique hypnotist comedy show to your party or event send an email to info@incrediblehypnotist.com; give us a call at 1-727-513-5964; or fill out our website contact form now.

If you are a member of the press, Richard Barker has an Electronic Press Kit that you can view. The EPK is used to supply promo information to bookers of the Incredible Hypnotist Production.