Corporate Hypnosis Shows 101

Corporate Hypnosis Shows Richard Barker

Corporate Hypnosis Shows 101: What You Need to Know

Learn what you need to know before hiring a corporate show hypnotist to perform for your employees.  

Here we answer the top 10 questions received from corporate event planning directors and office managers regarding corporate hypnosis shows.Word of Warning: DON’T hire corporate event entertainment that cannot answer these common industry questions.  


1. What overall experience does your corporate hypnosis show provide?

Before inviting a comedy hypnotist to perform at your next corporate event, find out what experience their show usually provides. Although hypnosis in general is straightforward, each stage hypnotist has their own unique style. While performing your due diligence, spend some time learning more about the hypnotist’s approach to his or her performances. Do they lean more towards slapstick comedy? Is their humor more sophisticated and relatable in professional settings? Is their humor dark and satirical? Avoid being negatively surprised and find out this information before you finalize the entertainment for your corporate event.


2. How many comedy hypnosis shows have you performed in a corporate setting?

You’ll quickly learn that many hypnotists specialize in a variety of different show audiences. Professional comedy hypnotists can cater their show to speak to just about anyone. Below are some common niche performances that are available:

  • High School Graduations and Post Prom Shut Ins
  • College or University Students
  • The Public During Street Hypnosis Shows
  • Fairs, Festivals and Circus Variety Act Audiences
  • Bar Patrons and Restaurant Diners
  • Covert Hypnosis Shows for Sales Forces
  • Office Holiday Parties and Staff Events

As you can see, the hypnotist you’re vetting can focus on a plethora of niche performances. Select a comedy stage hypnotist that is vastly experienced in performing live performances in a professional setting.


3. Do you have examples of corporate entertainment you’ve performed in the past?

This question goes hand-in-hand with the preceding questions. A professional corporate hypnotist will be able to supply you with footage from past hypnosis shows performed. Scan the material and make sure the hypnotist’s humor and performance is in line with your corporate policies.

Also ask for a list of reviews, testimonials and/or references from the hypnotist’s past corporate clients.


4. Does your comedy hypnosis show aim to harass or degrade employee participants?

Sure, some hilarious and slightly embarrassing moments will arise from a corporate comedy hypnosis show. However, make certain that the hypnotist you hire to perform at your event provides light, mild humor that is “all in good fun.” Maliciously degrading humor is not funny and shouldn’t be tolerated in a professional setting.

When done correctly, your comedy hypnosis show will engage and entertain your employees. Stay clear from hypnotists that only work with extremely satirical or physical comedy that can embarrass your team. There’s nothing wrong with humor in the office; it’ll increase your overall employee morale when done right. Just be careful when hiring a comedy stage hypnotist as some do not understand the boundaries of corporate event performances.


5. What is included in your entertainment fee for corporate hypnosis shows?

Just like you would ask a mechanic for a complete estimate, you want to ask the hypnotists you’re vetting what is included in their final price. Some of the hidden fees associated with hypnosis shows are:

  • Travel Expenses (flight or transportation costs)
  • Hotel Costs or Meal Per Diems
  • Fees for Lighting and Audio Equipment (if applicable)
  • Videographer and/or Photographer Fees (if requested)
  • Hypnosis Show Cancellation Fees (review cancellation terms)
  • Entertainer and Performance Insurance Premiums (should be included)
  • DVD or Digital File Copy Costs of Show Performance

A professional comedy stage hypnotist will give you a full proposal that includes all fees associated with his or her performance. Beware of entertainment acts that try to hide their performance fees in a long, convoluted contract.


6. Do you use profanity or do you offer a clean comedy hypnosis show option?

It’s a basic question that needs to be asked. If your organization is laid back and casual, let the hypnotist know that light profanity is acceptable. If you have a more conservative company culture, advise that any use of profanity will not be tolerated.


7. Have you ever had complaints filed with your client’s HR departments?

Comedy stage hypnotists that don’t perform corporate shows will be thrown off by this question. It’s a valid question, but if the hypnotist you’re shopping starts to stumble or hesitate with a response, they’re not the hypnotist for you.

Professional corporate hypnotists are well-informed with how their past corporate performances were received. And a hypnotist that performs frequently for businesses knows they must work within the requirements laid out by HR departments.


8. Can you customize your hypnosis show material to match a corporate brand?

This question will help you understand how versatile a corporate hypnotist is. You don’t want an entertainer that provides dull, boring and played-out shows. Find a hypnotist that is able to customize their show material to meet your corporate branding.

A professional corporate hypnotist will be able to include your corporate mascot, mission statement, industry, etc. into their show. Advise the entertainer of the purpose of your employee gathering. Your unique show can fall into one of the most common performance types listed below:

  • Office Holiday Parties
  • Award Banquets and Ceremonies
  • Team Motivational and Morale Building
  • Covert Hypnosis Sales Training
  • Company Happy Hour Parties
  • Association, Seminar or Conference Entertainment
  • Corporate Milestone Celebratory Events
  • Startup and Launch Party Entertainment


9. How long have you been a stage hypnotist?

All hypnotists specialize in different areas of the hypnosis industry. There is a great difference between a certified hypnotherapist and a comedy stage hypnotist. One specializes in treating patients 1-on-1 while the other focuses on entertaining large audiences.

A hypnotist’s showmanship, energy and performance style are all important factors to consider when hiring a corporate stage hypnotist. Find out how long they’ve been, specifically, a stage hypnotist to understand their experience levels with an audience.


10. Do you offer sales training hypnosis shows as well?

Covert hypnosis is an amazing skill to learn if you’re in the sales industry. Did you know that you can customize a comedy hypnosis show to not only entertain but to educate as well?

For example, the Incredible Hypnotist performs hypnosis sales training shows and seminars worldwide. With a Master’s Degree in Education, Richard Barker is able to provide a fun and hilarious way to learn how to sell hypnotically.

This niche hypnosis show will:

  • Entertain your sales force and increase morale;
  • Educate your sales team about hypnosis and the human mind;
  • Walk your salespeople through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques;
  • Provide examples of using hypnosis to increase sales.

Richard Barker’s corporate sales training hypnosis seminars are highly confidential. To learn more about this niche hypnosis performance option, contact the Incredible Hypnotist directly.



Ask these top 10 questions to any comedy stage hypnotist and never worry about hosting the wrong party again. Let your staff laugh and feel human; mobilize Richard into action and cement a brighter more prosperous productive future for you and your co-workers.


If you want to hire the best corporate show hypnotist, reach out to Richard Barker today and hire 20 years of world-renowned experience. Check out the reviews of past corporate shows in the video below:

Learn Insider Secrets Before Booking Your Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

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