Grad Night Hypnotist Show

grad night hypnotist

Grad Night Hypnotist Show

grad night hypnotist show by Richard Barker an international stage hypnotist provides a stunning performance of hypnosis. During a graduation party the hypnosis show is always the top attraction- read more

This awesome full grad night show featuring Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist was at Bonifay, FL. Richard Barker performed over 45 graduation party shows in 2015 and excited audiences in all corners of the country. Richard Barker also performs  in Canada. Richard performed hypnosis at grad nights or project graduation and sober grad nights in 35 states including California and Florida. Richard is a master Hypnotist, known as the incredible Hypnotist to some people and is featured regularly on Television and Radio

Check out a clip of this show here, this one is the teaser reel showing the hypnotist highlights

Check out this amazing movie of the show and laugh hysterically at the antics of the hypnotized volunteers


Richard Barker is no stranger to the world of Hypnotism and Entertainment. During his formative years of around 7 to 9 years old Richard would hold shows for local neighborhood kids using puppets and their imaginations. He would set up venues and charge spectators money to watch the spectacle.

At the age of 18 while serving as a “Green Beret” in the crack military Regiment The Royal Green Jackets in Germany Richard saw his first hypnosis show. Richard said “What amazed me is how the Hypnotist gave the person with all the real power the least during the show. The most junior Soldier was given all the power, it was hysterical but familiar to me”

The Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker came to actualization in 1995 whilst serving as a British Police Detective in the United Kingdom. Richard Barker was covertly taught the use of conversational and cognitive language pattern behavior and interrupt techniques. This style of Hypnosis is known throughout the world today as Neuro Linguistical Programming. Richard performed hypnosis on suspects detained and charged with serious offenses. The effectiveness of this approach catapulted Richard into a world of covert language and hypnosis tactics used both professionally and personally. Richard would demonstrate Hypnosis at any given opportunity.

Richard Barker relocated to America in 2003 as a covert surveillance officer but quickly became involved in the Entertainment industry focusing on Wedding events as a Disc Jockey for Royal Caribbean. He met and watched many grad night hypnotist shows. Richard continued to use hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis himself and grew and developed his skills into a full time career.

In the last 12 years Richard quickly became a firm favorite grad night hypnotist for some of the biggest schools in America and has performed at thousands of events in the Corporate Business World too. Richard Barker is a headline act regularly for Carnival Cruise Line as well as Celebrity Cruise Line. Richard has performed shows across the World and attracts large audiences at major events. He has hypnotized thousands of people across the Globe.

Richard Barker is a certified Hypnotherapist and works with high profile athletes for sports performance as well as the public both in groups and individually for health and wellness related issues. Richard works with many fortune 500 companies and is regarded as one of the best all round grad night hypnotists in the world today.

“ I am one of the most popular Hypnotists in America today and can consult and entertain on all issues relating to Hypnosis”

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