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Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Hypnosis in the News

Watch videos of Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker as he performs hypnosis on news programs and live television all over America. Some videos are more of a Q/A interview style while others highlight various hypnosis demonstrations. Acting as a media expert allows the Incredible Hypnotist to spread the word on the power of hypnosis to a wider audience.

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker puts on a hilarious show that combines two decades of stage performance experience with high-energy humor. In this playlist, you’ll see everything from stadium seating comedy hypnosis shows at Universities; to impromptu funny hypnosis demos in bars. If you’re looking to experience the comedy in hypnosis, this playlist is for you.

Become a High School Graduation Hypnotist
Famous Magazine Get Hypnotized Hypnsois Shows by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Famous Magazines Get Hypnotized

Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker takes his hypnosis skills to the most popular magazines in the world. Watch as editors, content creators, reporters, and magazine creative staff members get hypnotized. In this playlist, you’ll see global, popular magazines like Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness, HuffPost, Marie Claire, and more.

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Street Hypnosis Videos

Street Hypnosis is incredibly fascinating to watch because it allows Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker to feature his rapid induction techniques. Speed is the key in street hypnosis. If you like to watch jaw-dropping, highly entertaining hypnosis moments; this playlist is for you. Whether he’s in the streets of New York City or visiting Florida beaches, watch Barker perform street hypnosis.

Street Hypnosis by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker Watch and Learn how to hypnotize people
Hypnotist Richard Baker performing in Orlando

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Cruise Ship Hypnosis Shows

Are you a cruise ship addict or just enjoying a fun sea voyage? Watch cruise ship hypnotist, Richard Barker, as he brings one-of-a-kind, comedy hypnosis shows on the open waters. Barker is a headline act for Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines. This hypnotic cruise show playlist is filled with hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedy routines. There’s nothing quite as funny as hypnotized cruise guests.

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Clinical Hypnosis Demonstrations

If you are fascinated by how clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy can change someone’s entire life, this playlist is for you. Filled with clinical hypnosis demonstrations, you can watch as clinical hypnotist, Richard Barker is able to get someone to change a bad habit. Watch as he shows you exactly how he removes phobias and aversions to birds; heights; or, even bugs.

Hypnosis Show Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker Performs Hypnosis on the News

HYPNOSIS SHOW | Behind the Scenes Footage

We know you’re curious about the life of a celebrity hypnotist. These videos grant you backstage access to join a world-renowned comedy stage hypnotist and see what goes on behind the scenes. Watch professional hypnotist, Richard Barker, as he goes on media tours and even shoots an MTV Crib-style house tour. If you like seeing what goes on behind the scenes, subscribe to the Incredible Hypnotist YouTube channel.


Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker is well-known in the hypnosis community for always coming out with the latest technology in his comedy hypnosis shows. If you really want to experience what it’s like to attend this world-renowned hypnotist show, watch some of these full-length hypnosis shows.

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