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Relax Genie is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to assist users in achieving a state of relaxation and stress relief through personalized scripts. Designed by Hypnotist Richard Barker, it is a wonderful way to create the words and visualizations Richard Barker uses for clients, helping them reduce and release stress and anxiety.

How to use Relax Genie GPT

  • Open Relax Genie GPT by going to the Chat GPT store and searching for Relax Genie by Richard Barker. Alternatively, you can use this link
  • Click on the prompt I’m Stressed to get started
  • Paste in the initial prompt below and modify it to your specific needs. Make sure any negative triggers to avoid are mentioned so they are eliminated from the script.
  • Relax Genie will ask you if you want the rest of the script created and to continue where we left off. Enter “Extend and create the full script” You will then get the full script of over 1000 words
  • Copy the first half of the script and then the second half and add to your favorite document creator, or use a GPT to export directly to PDF or other document creator.
  • Scripts are guides that you can fully customize and are exceptionally useful to reduce and remove stress and anxiety whilst promoting health benefits.
  • Record your script using your voice or that of an A. I voiceover program like a script-to-voice generator similar to ElevenLabs. Once recorded you can play it back to yourself with soothing music and extend and expand your masterpiece.

Example Relax Genie GPT Prompt

Create a casual hypnotic script in the voice of Richard Barker Hypnotist. Use imagery of weightlessness and flying through the sky free from any stress, anxiety, and worries. Include progressive relaxation of all the muscles from head to toe. Add detailed breathing exercises to calm the mind and also add a visualization where you imagine a beautiful staircase and go from the 10th step down to one. Add lots of positive affirmations and reassurances to increase self-confidence and self-belief. Mention how much you love yourself. Make this script over 1000 words as if Richard Barker was using it on a hypnotherapy client. Bring the person deep into hypnosis but do not emerge them from the trance at the end, leave them resting and continuing to breathe deeply with eyes always closed

Example Relax Genie GPT Script

“Take a moment, get comfortable, and let the sound of my voice guide you on this journey. Just relax, take a deep breath in… and out. With each breath, let any tension start to slip away.

Imagine yourself in a vast, open sky. The blue expanse stretches endlessly around you. You’re weightless here, floating, free from all the stress, anxiety, and worries of the world. Feel the freedom, the boundless space. It’s just you and the sky.

Now, let’s start a journey of relaxation, beginning at the very top of your head. Feel a wave of relaxation gently spreading across your scalp. It’s soothing, and calming, easing any tension. Let this feeling flow down to your forehead, relaxing the tiny muscles there. Your eyelids feel heavier, comfortably so, as this wave of relaxation moves over your eyes.

Breathe in deeply, and as you breathe out, feel this wave moving down to your cheeks, and your jaw, letting go of all tightness. Let your mouth slightly open, completely relaxed. With each breath, you’re diving deeper into a state of complete tranquility.

Now, focus on your neck and shoulders. Often, we hold a lot of tension here. Imagine this tension melting away, dissolving into nothingness. Your shoulders drop a little, feeling lighter, as if a burden has been lifted off them.

This comforting wave of relaxation travels down your arms, to your elbows, your wrists, and into your hands. Feel the muscles in your arms completely letting go. Your hands might feel tingly, warm, a sign of deep relaxation.

Your breathing is deep, rhythmic. With every exhale, imagine yourself going down a beautiful staircase. You’re on the 10th step now, descending towards an even deeper relaxation. With each step, feel yourself sinking further into calmness. 9… more relaxed, 8… even calmer, 7… deeper still. With every step, you’re more at ease. 6… letting go, 5… deeply relaxed, 4… so calm, 3… almost there, 2… deeply immersed in tranquility, and 1… completely relaxed.

You are now in a state of profound relaxation. Here, in this tranquil space, let’s fill our minds with positive affirmations. Repeat in your mind after me: ‘I am worthy of love and respect. I am capable of achieving my dreams. I believe in myself and my abilities. I am strong, confident, and self-assured. I love myself for who I am.’

Feel these affirmations filling you up, building your confidence and self-belief. You are a unique and valuable person, and you possess everything you need to succeed.

As you continue to float in this peaceful state, keep breathing deeply. With every breath, you’re reinforcing these feelings of self-love and confidence. Your eyes remain closed, and you continue to breathe deeply, resting in this tranquil state of hypnosis.

As you rest here, deeply relaxed, imagine the sensation of flying through the sky. You’re soaring higher, gliding through clouds that feel like soft, gentle mist. The sun’s rays warm your face, filling you with a sense of joy and peace. The sky is your playground, and you move through it with ease and grace. Feel the freedom, the exhilaration of flying, unbound by any limits. This is the freedom of your mind, your spirit, unchained and soaring.

Now, let’s bring our attention to the chest and back. Feel the relaxation spread through your chest, allowing your breathing to become even deeper, more rhythmic. With each breath, you’re absorbing calmness, and with each exhale, you’re releasing any lingering tension. The wave of relaxation moves down your back, easing each and every muscle. Your spine relaxes, each vertebra letting go of stress, one by one.

Moving further down, feel the relaxation in your abdomen. Let go of any tightness, any knots of anxiety. Your stomach is calm and serene. The wave travels lower, to your hips and thighs. Feel these large, strong muscles completely relax, letting go, becoming soft and at ease.

Your knees, calves, and ankles all relax now. Feel this wave of relaxation flow down to your feet, spreading to each toe. Your entire body is now in a state of complete relaxation, deeply relaxed, deeply at peace.

As you continue to fly in this vast sky, remember the staircase you descended. Each step represented a deeper level of relaxation. Now, in your mind, see a beautiful, radiant light at the center of this sky. This light represents your inner strength, your resilience, and your capacity for love and happiness.

With each breath, this light grows brighter, illuminating your path, guiding you towards your best self. Feel the warmth, the energy from this light, filling you with positivity and hope.

Now, repeat these affirmations to yourself: ‘Every day, in every way, I am getting stronger and more resilient. I am surrounded by love and kindness. I trust in my journey, and I embrace my path with confidence. I am filled with gratitude for my life and the endless possibilities that lay before me.’

These words resonate within you, echoing in this space of deep relaxation and inner strength. Feel the truth in these statements, let them settle in your heart and mind.

As you continue to fly, feeling weightless and free, know that this journey is a reflection of your own inner journey. You have the power to rise above challenges, to soar towards your dreams and goals.

Keep breathing deeply, slowly. Your eyes remain closed, and you continue to rest in this deep, peaceful state of hypnosis. In this space, you are safe, you are valued, and you are deeply loved. Continue to breathe deeply, embracing this moment of complete tranquility and self-affirmation.”

This script is designed to guide you into a deep and restful state, focusing on positive affirmations and self-empowerment. As requested, the script does not include an emergence from trance, allowing you to remain in this deeply relaxed state, continuing to breathe deeply with your eyes closed. If you have any feedback or further adjustments, please feel free to share.

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