High School Post Prom Grad Night Hypnotist

Post prom or a grad night is one of the most exciting experiences of graduation. It is when the graduating class comes together to have fun, to make new memories, and to leave school with quite the bang. While there are plenty of choices out there for activities to include; one that is really growing in popularity is the appearance of a High School Comedy Stage Hypnotist. A grad night hypnotist can help to make for one unique and memorable experience that all will love. You have people getting involved, everyone laughing, and everyone loving this night more than they ever could otherwise. It is excitement and wonder rolled into one fantastic experience. Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist puts on a spectacular show.


For graduation, you need an experience that can leave people stunned and excited, something that they are going to remember. That is what you can have with a Project Graduation hypnotist. Everyone is coming together, having fun, and doing something that they will likely never do again. One of the best aspects of a post prom hypnotist like this is that it is not about doing small, simple, and rather boring things, like what you might expect. It is about getting everyone involved and doing something big, as big as the night itself. Large numbers of people participate and actually have an exciting night because of this.


The students are going to laugh through the entire show. This is something where the focus is on humor, on the students, and having fun, and it truly shows. From the moment the grad night hypnotist show starts and for every second after, you have smiles and laughter from everyone. It might seem like a small event, but the reaction is huge. Over and over again, students love the laughter and delight that a post prom hypnotist brings. The event brings in a lot of cheers, people wanting to get up and get involved, and people wanting the show to go on for longer.


A Project Graduation hypnotist is a safe way to make the night fun, too. There are really no downsides here because the entire event is focused on humorous ways to play with hypnotism and willing participants. People go on stage, are hypnotized, and become part of a comedy show. They enjoy themselves and the audience laughs away. No one is harmed, no one is forced to take part, and no one comes away from this with a sense of dissatisfaction or the thought that it could have been better somehow.

Questions to Ask a High School Comedy Stage Hypnotist

  • Is your show 100% clean of profanity and inappropriate topics?
  • Does your high school hypnosis show require a parent waiver?
  • What activities will you require students to participate in while hypnotized?
  • How do you ensure that all embedded suggestions are removed after the show?
  • Does your comedy show involve educating the students about hypnosis?

Do not get second rate entertainment, hire Richard Barker as your High School Comedy Stage Hypnotist and get ready for an awesome show!