Facts About Hypnosis

Conversations with a Hypnotist

There’s a lot of misunderstandings about what hypnosis is and what hypnosis isn’t. Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist is on a mission to educate people what hypnosis is and how they can benefit from it. Below are conversations with the world-renowned hypnotist that can help you wrap your brain around what hypnosis really is.

What is Trumpnosis?

by Richard Barker
"Some leaders in the world, politicians and certain special interest groups spin their stories to make their side more sympathetic and their opponent’s side m...

Can Hypnosis Help Change a Habit?

by Richard Barker
“Can hypnosis help change a habit? Absolutely! Hypnosis is fantastic for breaking habits because we don’t ‘see’ the world around us; we ‘think’ it. ...

Does Hypnosis Really Work?

by Richard Barker
This question, along with, “Is hypnosis fake,” is a question that is constantly asked of me online and offline. The process of hypnosis is as real as the pr...

Is Hypnosis Haram?

by Richard Barker
According to Fiqh of Shia Islam, using hypnosis for medical purposes is permitted and allowed; therefore, hypnotherapy is halal. However, attempting to discover...

Is Hypnosis a Heightened Level of Meditation?

by Richard Barker
“For me, meditation plays a large part of hypnosis. The difference between meditation and hypnosis is that we both use a meditation state, the theta wave, but...

Can Hypnosis Improve Memory?

by Richard Barker
To understand how hypnosis can improve memory and help you recall forgotten information, I will briefly dissect how the brain operates. The first stage of human...

Can Hypnosis Help with PESD?

by Richard Barker
Post Election Stress Disorder, also known as PESD, can absolutely be treated and improved with hypnotherapy. One of the benefits of clinical hypnosis is being a...

Why Do Hypnotists Snap Their Fingers?

by Richard Barker
I am going to answer this question, along with other frequently asked questions about hypnosis, as they are all related: "Why Do Hypnotists Snap Their Finger...

What Are Some Tips for Being Hypnotized?

by Richard Barker
There are certain things you can do to increase your chance of being hypnotized. First thing's first, simply keeping an open mind will dramatically increase you...

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

by Richard Barker
The feelings of hypnosis will vary from person to person, but the overall hypnotic experience can be described as follows. Let's get one thing straight, hyp...

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