Facts About Hypnosis

Conversations with a Hypnotist

There’s a lot of misunderstandings about what hypnosis is and what hypnosis isn’t. Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist is on a mission to educate people what hypnosis is and how they can benefit from it. Below are conversations with the world-renowned hypnotist that can help you wrap your brain around what hypnosis really is.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

by Richard Barker
When provided by a licensed and/or board certified hypnotist, hypnosis is safe, absolutely. However, if hypnosis is performed by an amateur on an extremely susc...

Can You Hypnotize Someone to Like You?

by Richard Barker
“I am going to disagree with most hypnotists and say, yes, you can hypnotize someone to like or dislike another person. Using certain hypnosis techniques, you...