Hypnotist In Orlando Richard Barker

Whether you want to give visitors to your next conference a unique experience or are looking for real fundamental change in your life, Richard Barker can help you. Richard is a hypnotist in Orlando and is the most sought after practitioner of hypnosis in the United States. He chooses to focus most of his attention on comedy hypnosis because he’s discovered that through this, he can get the audience to ask what the mind is capable of. Check out this video here of Richard Barker demonstrating the comedic use of the power of suggestion.

Richard also knows first hand what hypnosis can do for those suffering from certain conditions, such as phobias, anxiety, depression, addiction, and compulsive disorders. He’s worked with thousands of people and helped them to unlock the power of their minds and live their best life. 

Richard believes in delivering fast and effective results and will work with anyone willing to make a positive change in their life. His dedication to hypnosis is second only to his dedication to helping those in need. 

Through a variety of mediums, Richard can communicate the benefits and methods of hypnosis. His master’s degree in Education, charm, and experience working with the public make him a perfect fit for any public speaking engagement, whether it’s a conference or keynote speech. 

He also offers his services in private one-on-one sessions. During these sessions, he will assess your needs and work with you to overcome whatever problems you may have. Most people find that they need 90 minutes or less to solve their problem, but if your problem requires extra time, Richard will make sure that you leave your session satisfied and healed. He’s widely regarded as the best hypnotist in Orlando and the world due to his ability to change lives.  

Richard values his time working with people in these individual sessions. Although he appears on television shows and conferences around the world, his true passion lies in serving his clients.  

Find out why Richard is known as the amazing hypnotist. Book your one-on-one session today!

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