Hypnosis for Sex: Will It Make You More Adventurous?

hypnotist for sex

Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) is often considered an aid to psychotherapy and has been found to produce results regarding things like nail-biting, smoking, and pain management.

During hypnosis, a hypnotist guides you to a heightened state of awareness, allowing you to make physical and emotional breakthroughs. Many people who have incorporated hypnosis into their psychological treatments have experienced much better results than they were achieving with therapy and medication, alone.

There are very few limits on what a hypnotist can help you achieve. Did you know that you can work with a hypnotist for sex in order to grow more adventurous and experience greater sexual pleasure?

Read on to learn more about how a hypnotist can help you to become more adventurous. 

What Is a Hypnotist for Sex? 

Some hypnotists may specialize in sexual discovery. Others may work with a wide variety of people grappling with a multitude of issues.

Either way, a hypnotist is well experienced in helping patients–even the most skeptical–to reach a relaxed state. In this state, they are free from self-judgment and open to suggestion.

Note that hypnotists, contrary to some negative myths, do not control those they put in a state of hypnosis. Much like a therapist, they help individuals to confront their fears and anxieties and reprogram their brains to react differently in triggering situations.

It is this power of suggestion that makes hypnosis so helpful for individuals who want to grow sexually. Often, we are the ones stopping ourselves from exploring our desires, performing the way we want to perform, or reaching full orgasm. During a private hypnosis session, we can change the way we think and feel about or during sex.

How Hypnotism Can Help You Grow Sexually

There are a number of ways that hypnosis can help you become more in touch with your body, mind, and desires. Let’s look at a few of the most common ways that hypnotists for sex help individuals to achieve the state of sexuality they desire.

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety can manifest in a number of ways and from a number of sources that make it difficult for us to enjoy sex to the fullest.

For some, it may be the fear of failing to satisfy our partner. For men, this anxiety can even result in erectile dysfunction.

For others, it may be an issue of body image, the fear that orgasm will happen too early or take to long to achieve, or the fear that orgasm will never happen at all.

Under a state of hypnosis, we can look at these fears before passing them by. Then, with the help of a hypnotist, we can begin to replace these fears with positive affirmations, feelings of excitement, and feelings of relaxation. When we practice these positive affirmations, they follow us into our wakeful state.

Tap Into Your Desires Without Fear or Judgment

For some, the issue is not with performance but with disappointment. We may not get what we desire out of our sexual interactions. Yet, we may not communicate these desires because we are too ashamed to acknowledge them or too fearful of judgment from our partners.

Under hypnosis, you are free to slip past the self-doubt and self-judgment and reach the subconscious, where many desires rest. You can imagine yourself acting out your sexual fantasies and desires in a space that is safe, judgment-free, and harmful to no one. 

Uncovering these desires is the first step towards becoming more adventurous in our real lives. 

Embrace the Orgasm

Because orgasm occurs when we are sexually stimulated, we tend to think of it as a physical sensation. The truth is that orgasming is a mental and emotional feeling in addition to being a physical response. If you are struggling to achieve a full orgasm, you may be holding yourself back in your mind.

As you safely explore your desires under a state of hypnosis, you are encouraged to imagine reaching orgasm and embrace any psychosomatic feelings that come with it. What colors do you see? What do you hear, not externally but internally? 

Tune into every sense when you visualize the sexual experiences you most desire. Allow this feeling of orgasm to go on for as long as you like and let it become a powerful, wonderful sensation.

When you next have sex with your partner, tune back into these senses. Allow yourself to see those same colors and hear those same sounds as you did under a full state of relaxation and open up your mind to an orgasm as powerful as the one you experienced under hypnosis. 

Leave with the Tools to Communicate Your Desires

When we avoid communicating our needs and desires with our sexual partners, it is often because we don’t know what they are or how to articulate them. We are judging ourselves before giving anyone the chance to consider our desires and potentially consenting to explore them with us.

We should not grow frustrated with ourselves or our partners when we are not satisfied sexually. This will strengthen the barriers between ourselves and our most heightened sexual state.

Instead, it is important to tune into our inner sexual being and grow both aware and comfortable with it. When we stop judging ourselves, it becomes much easier to communicate with others without the fear of external judgment.

Where to Find a Hypnotist for Sex

If you’re in search of a hypnotist for sex, you’ve come to the right place. Richard Barker is world-renowned and has helped countless individuals to achieve a more accepting, judgment-free state.

To find out more or book your own experience, contact us today.

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