Hypnotism for Sex: How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

hypnotism for sex

Erectile dysfunction’s no laughing matter.

Heck, did you know that it affects as many as 40% of men by age 40? The statistics only get worse over time. Age and ED apparently go hand in hand.

Clearly, that’s a lot of guys struggling to perform in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel impotent about impotence. Indeed, performance anxiety is widely associated with it. In fact, ED is both cause and effect of performance anxiety.

Just the thought of impotence is enough to perpetuate it.

It’s a vicious circle. ED leads to performance anxiety, making ED more likely, which stimulates greater anxiety about it. Thankfully, there are ways out of the cycle.

What’s more, you don’t have to take a little blue pill either! Hypnotism for sex can be the perfect cure-all. Struggling in the bedroom?

Keep reading to discover how hypnotism for sex may be just the answer you’re looking for.

1. It’s Relaxation Time

What comes to mind when you think about hypnosis?

People being led astray in all sorts of amusing ways on stage? Focusing on the rhythmic pendulum swing of a pocket watch? Having your brainwashed and memories erased?

Though there’s often an element of truth to these stereotypes, the reality is often far removed from them.

Oftentimes, hypnosis is more about cultivating a state of intense relaxation. It’s a soporific process of becoming increasingly calm, relaxed and peaceful. In this state, you’re more susceptible to making certain changes.

This is one way it can be so conducive to helping performance anxiety. It’s hard to be relaxed and anxious at the same time! ED tends to be accompanied by negative feelings of stress and shame too.

Learning ways to relax deeply can immediately reduce the problem. Stepping back from anxiety and be a step towards the outcome you’re after.

2. Visualize Your ‘Performance’

Okay, so imagine you’re in the middle of a hypnotherapy session.

You’ve been led into a state of deep and heavy relaxation. You’ve focused on your breathing for some time and are now firmly fixed in a tranquil state.

In other words, you’ve officially been hypnotized.

What’s next?

Well, one approach that’s often encouraged is to incorporate a level of visualization. The specifics can vary between therapists. However, you might try picturing your partner in your mind’s eye. Imagine them in a sexual act.

With this image in mind, you might visualize a dial that you can turn. This dial can increase or decrease blood flow to your nether region.

Visualize turning this dial to up and up and up, steadily raising the ‘temperature’.

Visualization tools such as this can be a powerful means of eradicating ED.

3. Tease Out Underlying Issues

There may be any number of reasons for your performance anxiety.

It may seem to come from no-where.

However, somewhere under the surface lies the answer to the problem.

For instance, as many as 40 million US adults suffer from anxiety (here’s how hypnosis can help). Likewise, the problem may go back further.

You may have suffered some deep and significant mental scarring from traumas in the past. Maybe you have deeply ingrained insecurities from childhood. Perhaps you learned to respond to stressful situations in a certain way. And so on. It might something as simple as extra stress at work!

Whatever the case, working with a hypnotherapist may reveal more fundamental neuroses to work upon. Dealing with these in a safe environment, with a trained professional, can solve the ED problem.

In other words, performance anxiety could be a symptom of something else.

Instead of working on maintaining an erection, you focus on overcoming the extraneous issues. You overcome ED indirectly.

4. Overcome Lack of Confidence

Another common psychology cause of ED is a lack of self-confidence.

Lacking confidence in your sexual performance is a sure-fire way to pile on the pressure. You don’t feel good enough, worthy enough, strong enough, or whatever!

The end result? Too much stress and anxiety to be in the moment and ‘on form’. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You tell yourself you aren’t good enough and essentially create a problem from nothing. You manifest the thing you were so afraid of happening in the first place.

In so doing, you effectively prove the initial assertion of inadequacy to yourself.

Hypnotherapists can work on your lack of self-confidence. They can explore its source, and try to restore you to higher levels of self-esteem.

5. Positive Affirmations

Words can hold immense power.

Sometimes you only need to tell yourself something to make it come true!

Knowing this, some hypnotherapists will focus on positive affirmations in sessions. They’ll encourage you to constantly affirm your positive capabilities in the bedroom.

Here are a few examples:

  • “I am good in the bedroom!”
  • “I can pleasure my partner!”
  • “I am an attractive and sexual person!”

Repeating these positive affirmations in a state of hypnosis can work a treat over time.

6. Don’t Forget the Physician

Here’s a final point that’s important to make:

As we’ve seen, hypnotism can be an effective way of tackling performance anxiety.

But it’s never going to work 100% of the time for everyone out there. Sometimes there are legitimate underlying physical health considerations that need addressing.

All the hypnotherapy in the world couldn’t sort out a physiological problem beneath it.

Be sure to speak with your clinician if you experience longstanding ED. You never know, there may be a perfectly reasonable physical explanation. Finding this out in the first place could, in theory, save a lot of stress and anxiety

Final Thoughts on Hypnotism for Sex

There you have it: how hypnotism for sex can help you get over your performance anxiety in the bedroom.

Unfortunately for guys, performance anxiety in the bedroom is far from uncommon. The result? Pesky erectile dysfunction rears its ugly head.

Often, ED can be the result of something entirely physically. In these cases, it’ll require medical treatment to resolve the issue. However, psychological factors can often explain the symptoms too. If that’s the case, then hypnotism can be a powerful tool at your disposal.

Hopefully, this post has revealed exactly how it might help.

Are you interested in trying it out in real life? Click here to schedule your first private hypnotist appointment now.

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