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If you want to learn everything about the general use of hypnotism, you can find the article you’re looking for here. Whether it be comedy stage hypnosis, clinical hypnosis or you’re in need of a media expert, the Incredible Hypnotist’s award-winning blog will help you find answers.

Hypnotist Richard Barker has devoted twenty years of his life to the art of hypnotism. The Incredible Hypnotist has produced his comedy hypnotist show in 38 countries; bringing an entertaining introduction into the mystical world of hypnosis to his global audiences.

As a clinical hypnotist, Richard Barker continues to produce and disburse clinical hypnotic sessions via MP3. You can try our a session by visiting his hypnotic store on the Incredible Hypnotist’s website.

The Incredible Hypnotist blog has been awarded as one of the top 100 blogs on hypnotism on the internet. Coming in at number five, Richard Barker is seen as an expert in the hypnotic world.