50 Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered by Master Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Questions?

We’ve Got Answers to the top 50 FAQs You Ask Stage Hypnotists.


As a world-renowned stage hypnotist, I get dozens of questions on a daily basis surrounding my comedy stage hypnosis show. While I provide a lot of answers in my Hypnosis Facts Database, I don’t really list out all of the stage-specific questions I receive. In an effort to help you fully understand how fantastic a hypnosis show can be, here are answers to just about every question you can think of.

Of course, if you have a stage hypnosis question that isn’t answered below, visit my interactive database and be the first to ask it. Alright, let’s have some fun!


1. What is Comedy Stage Hypnosis?

A Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show will combine several aspects of hypnosis in an entertaining, comedic and fun performance. The stage show allows hypnotists to showcase the power of hypnosis through live demonstrations using volunteers from the audience. Some people can be apprehensive or skeptical as to how a hypnotist is able to embed suggestions and commands in someone’s subconscious mind. A comedy hypnosis show gives people of the audience an opportunity to witness firsthand how hypnosis works.

Richard Barker has spoken about his uses for comedy stage hypnosis on several occasions. It all boils down to this, he feels comedy hypnosis is a fantastic introduction into the world or hypnosis. Barker explains further, “I give the people a compelling, fascinating and entertaining entry into hypnosis and after that, they become curious as to what the mind can actually do.”

2. Are Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows Dangerous?

Hypnosis is 100% safe and not dangerous at all when performed by a trained and experienced hypnotist. A hypnosis show is designed to create light-hearted and funny hypnosis demonstrations. As such, a qualified stage hypnotist would never put his hypnotized volunteers in any danger. An experienced hypnotist will also be able to control high energy shows so that everyone on the stage and seated in the audience are always out of harm’s way.

There will always be an element of risk when you have up to 20 volunteers on stage who come from all walks of life. A professional hypnotist will know how to assess the volunteers quickly to ensure they’re mentally stable and have no physical injuries. The stage hypnotist must also ensure that all participants play well together by conducting a risk assessment of the group. During the entire duration of the comedy hypnosis show, the hypnotist will keep the volunteers away from the edge of the stage and at a safe distance from the steps. All professional and experienced hypnotists will be sure to explain the show rules to the hypnotized participants:

  1. No moving chairs to prevent dangerous obstacles on the stage;
  2. No leaving the stage and returning to the audience without explicit permission from the hypnotist;
  3. No use of physical or verbal violence towards another person on the stage or in the audience.


3. How Do I Know I’m Booking a Professional Hypnotist?

Here’s the little secret that no one tells you about becoming a hypnotist. Are you ready? Someone can attend a hypnosis training program and become a bon afide hypnotist in a matter of a couple of weeks. So if you’re looking at a hypnotist’s website to learn more about their comedy show, look deeper than just the title of Stage Hypnotist.

One of the most important questions you can ask a hypnotist to learn of their skill level is, “How long have you been a hypnotist?” And even that question won’t allow you to know if you can truly trust that person’s skill level. If someone has been baking cakes for, let’s say, 10 years, would you trust that they know what they’re doing; or, would you still want to try a cake sample?

Another important tip for booking a hypnotist is realizing that there are many different types of hypnotists out there. You want someone that not only is highly experienced in hypnosis, but also someone who gives stellar showmanship to make your event really shine bright.

Ask to see videos of some of their past comedy stage hypnosis shows. This will allow you to really see if the stage hypnotist you’re booking is professional and aligns with the type of atmosphere you’re hoping to create for your guests.

Make sure that the stage hypnotist you’re booking has a business license in the state their business is registered in and that he or she has adequate liability insurance coverage. Only booking hypnotists that have licensed, registered and insured entertainment businesses will ensure you’re booking a professional.

Since this is a very important FAQ, we’ve also went into greater detail in another article: How to Find a Comedy Stage Hypnotist for Any Event.

4. Are Hypnotized Volunteers Faking It on Stage?

Ah, the skeptics of hypnosis all assume that the volunteers at a hypnosis show are faking it. Let’s let you in on another hypnosis secret… professional stage hypnotists know when someone is not hypnotized. That’s usually the time when the volunteer is tapped on the shoulder and asked to go back into the audience.

Check out this article next and become more familiar with the scientific proof and studies surrounding hypnosis: Does Hypnosis Really Work? Or is Everyone Faking it in Hypnosis Shows?

5. Can Anyone Be Hypnotized at a Comedy Hypnosis Show?

Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker said it best in a recent hypnosis television interview:

“Here’s the thing, everyone has a motivator that is the same. Everybody has the same self-talk. Everyone has two voices inside their head sometimes. Nobody is different. Hypnosis is always all-access. It’s not gender specific, color specific, height specific; there’s no restrictions. Hypnosis is genuinely open to everyone. All the magic associated with the power of hypnosis is really in your own mind. You have to experience it for yourself to understand what you’re truly capable of.”

6. What are the Age Limitations of Audience Volunteers at Hypnosis Shows?

This question is tricky to answer as hypnosis holds no age barrier. Some children are more mature than others; some can focus more; some can use their creativity and are good at following instructions. As a general rule of thumb, a hypnotist will request the hypnosis show volunteers be at least 14 years old when performing certain events like fairs or festivals.

While Richard Barker has hypnotized children under the age of 14, it’s all a case-by-case basis. Stage Hypnotist Barker has hypnotized children as young as 5 years old. In these cases, he had the child’s parents supervising the hypnosis demonstration in a safe and appropriate environment. The young children that felt hypnotized had such a great time.

Ask the hypnotist you’re vetting what their minimum age requirement is for their performances.

7. Can Someone with a Mental Disorder or Illness Volunteer at a Hypnosis Show?

You should NOT volunteer at a comedy hypnosis show if you suffer from a mental disorder or illness. While clinical hypnosis can be offered to those suffering with severe or mild mental disorders, you should not participate in a comedy hypnosis show environment.

Stage hypnotists usually include this caveat in the beginning of their shows to make sure that the volunteers do not harm themselves. Comedy stage hypnosis is all about having fun and someone that is suffering from psychological issues should experience hypnosis in a private setting with a clinical hypnotist.

8. Can Someone Get Stuck in a Hypnotic Trance at a Comedy Show?

This is a wildly false misconception of how hypnosis works. First off, all professional stage hypnotists will talk their volunteers back into a conscious waking state. Some hypnotists will also embed a safeguard suggestion that if the volunteer doesn’t hear the hypnotist’s voice for a specific period of time, they will emerge from their hypnotic state.

It is very rare that a hypnotized audience member does not naturally emerge from hypnosis at the end of the show. But it has happened. For this very reason, you need to make certain you book a professional and qualified hypnotist for your event. A trained and seasoned stage hypnotist will know what to do.

9. Do Comedy Stage Hypnotists Hire Stooges, Actors or Friends?

Hypnosis show stooges -also called horses or hired actors- are people that the hypnotist will hire to act as volunteers in the audience. For obvious reasons, lower skilled hypnotists will rig their hypnosis performance with paid participants to make sure they deliver a good show for the client.

Real stage hypnotists do not need or want what stooges would bring to the performance. Comedy hypnosis shows are all about the natural and impromptu energy of the hypnotized participants. If you hire actors, stooges or horses, it’s just not any fun and it looks rehearsed, fake and stale.

10. How Does a Stage Hypnotist Pick Audience Volunteers to be Hypnotized?

If you’re really wanting to catch the attention of the stage hypnotist to become a volunteer, here are some tips to increase your chances of being selected.

  • High Energy. Stage hypnotists are looking for the audience members that really want to be hypnotized. Those volunteers are usually extremely enthusiastic and are the first to throw their hands in the air.
  • Fun Personalities. The hypnotist will fill the stage with people who appear to have fun and outgoing personalities. This quality is essential to making sure that the show is constantly moving in a fun and hilarious direction.
  • Wild Attire. When you’re dressing for the hypnosis show, make sure you use bright colors or funky patterns. This will catch the hypnotist’s eye and will tell them that you’re ready to have a good time.

11. Can a Comedy Hypnotist Tell if Someone is Susceptible to Hypnosis?

Yes, there are sneaky suggestibility tests that we stage hypnotists use to see if someone is easily susceptible to hypnosis. Here’s a spoiler alert for those of you thinking about attending a hypnosis show: The tests start even before the hypnotist comes out on stage!

Remember, you’re dealing with a professional here. Experienced stage hypnotists are able to easily interpret signs of someone’s susceptibility levels. They look at physical signs like pupil dilation, postural sway and someone’s accuracy to follow visual versus audio instructions.

There are tests like the Handclasp Hypnosis Susceptibility Test or the Herbert Spiegel Eyeroll Test that stage hypnotists use to determine who in the audience will really get hypnotized.

That’s all the hypnotist secrets that we’ll share for the moment. You have to be surprised with the other sneaky ways stage hypnotists can tell if you are a good hypnosis candidate.

12. How Many People Are Required to Have a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show?

Each hypnotist you ask will have different minimum audience requirements for their show. When Richard Barker performs street hypnosis, it’s just him and the hypnotized participant. But for a really fun show, you want at least 25 people in attendance.

Just remember, the more people in the audience, the higher the energy at your hypnosis show.

13. What Kind of Audio Equipment is Needed to Host a Hypnosis Show?

This answer is too important to explain in just a few sentences. Performing in 38 countries, Richard Barker has many horror stories surrounding inadequate sound at a hypnosis show. The bare basic answer is: You need to make sure you have good, clean sound.

For a more detailed insight into the audio equipment, speakers and sound system needed to perform a stellar hypnosis comedy show, read: Does Hypnosis Show Sound Matter?

14. What Does a Comedy Hypnotist Need to Perform a Successful Show?

In the entertainment industry, each performer will have their own specific technical show riders. A rider is simply a list of items that the hypnotist will need in order to perform the stage performance.

You can view Richard Barker’s Technical Rider here. Basically, your stage hypnotist will need:

15. Are Comedy Hypnosis Shows Insured by the Booker or the Hypnotist?

A professional stage hypnotist will carry an Entertainer’s Insurance Policy. The performer’s insurance policy will include general liability and professional liability insurance. Ask the hypnotist you’re interviewing to provide you with information on their specific entertainer’s insurance coverage. Don’t hire a stage hypnotist that doesn’t carry an insurance policy for their shows.

Extra Bonus: A professional hypnotist can also have your organization as named insured on their policy and issue you a certificate; so don’t worry, hypnotists like Richard Barker have you covered.

16. Is Comedy Hypnosis Real or Fake?

Comedy hypnosis is a real form of hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply putting someone into a highly relaxed state that allows the hypnotist to speak with their subconscious mind. Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years because of the efficacy of embedding suggestions into someone’s mind.

Some stage hypnotists like to have a little fun with the skeptics in the audience. In this Hilarious Hypnosis YouTube Video, you’ll see a very angry hypnotized guy that screams, “Hypnosis is Fake!” The funny irony lies in the fact that he’s hypnotized while acting out this embedded suggestion.

Pointblank, comedy hypnosis is real; it’s just taking a fun and entertaining approach to the hypnosis process.

17. Will I Give Away Private, Personal or Confidential Information While Hypnotized?

Another myth of hypnosis -perpetuated by Hollywood movies and television shows- is that a hypnotist can use mind control to extract any information they want from your brain. The brain is so much smarter than people think.

Your brain has built up defensive walls and safeguards that 100% prevents a hypnotist from poking around in there. While a mentalist is trained to scan your facial expressions to extract personal information, a hypnotist does not perform this trick.

You are 100% in control at all times while hypnotized. Your openness to suggestions is not affected by your innate inclinations to keep information private. Basically, if you wouldn’t go up to a stranger and tell them your ATM pin code, you’re not going to do it under hypnosis either.

18. How Do I Know if the Stage Hypnotist Has a Clean, Kid-Friendly Hypnosis Show?

The only way to truly know if a stage hypnotist’s show material is kid-friendly is to ask during the booking process. Most hypnosis performers will have a wide range of styles and can customize their show for your audience. Do not skip this very important question when interviewing entertainers for your event.

Ask the hypnotist to send you a video sample of their kid-friendly, clean hypnosis show material.

19. What Are Adult Comedy Hypnosis Shows Like?

Comedy hypnosis shows that are geared towards a 21+ audience can be great fun! To make sure this informative article is clean, we suggest that you just watch a sample comedy hypnosis show featured in this YouTube Hypnosis Video. Spoiler Alert: There are wannabe exotic dancers that come forward in a dance contest and take the liberty of giving themselves porn star names.

20. When Does the Stage Hypnotist Begin to Hypnotize the Audience?

We’re letting out all the stage hypnotist secrets in this article. Let’s just say that the music that you’re listening to before the comedy hypnosis show starts isn’t played by accident. *wink wink*

21. Will I Embarrass Myself If I Volunteer at a Comedy Hypnosis Show?

As mentioned in another hypnosis FAQ answer above, hypnosis does not make you act out of character. If the stage hypnotist gives you an instruction or suggestion that you don’t feel comfortable acting out, your brain will block that suggestion.

That being said, a professional comedy hypnotist will not give suggestions that intend to make you outright embarrass yourself. The comedy hypnosis show is designed to allow you to have fun with hypnosis; the suggestions will not be malicious or dark in nature. Everyone at the event is just wanting to have a good time. There’s no need to be worried that you’ll truly embarrass yourself on stage.

22. Can People in Wheelchairs Be Hypnotized?

Of course people in wheelchairs can be hypnotized. However, the event space and stage need to be wheelchair accessible. In this YouTube Hypnosis Video, Richard Barker shows how he performed street hypnosis on a man in a wheelchair.

23. What Does the Comedy Hypnotist Do When a Volunteer Doesn’t Get Hypnotized?

Not everyone will be able to go into a hypnotic trance at a comedy hypnosis show. Some people need more time to go into a hypnotic state, while others need less distractions to focus on the hypnotist’s words. Also, just because someone doesn’t get hypnotized at a comedy show doesn’t mean that they can’t ever be hypnotized.

When a comedy hypnotist sees that a volunteer at his or her show isn’t going to be hypnotized, the hypnotist will just tap that person on the shoulder and direct them back into the audience. It’s nothing against the volunteer; it’ll just take too long to get that person into the right frame of mind. Since hypnosis shows only last up to 90 minutes, the hypnotist has to go with the volunteers that are quicker to fall into a state of relaxation.

24. Can People in the Audience That Didn’t Volunteer Go into Hypnosis?

Even if you decide not to volunteer to go on stage at a hypnosis show, you could still fall into a hypnotic trance. Richard Barker has seen plenty of audience members go into a state of hypnosis while sitting in the theater. He’s even seen his sound engineers doze off into a state of relaxation.

When Barker is invited to perform hypnosis demonstrations for live television and news stations, the cameraman or camerawoman always admit to wanting to go under with the hypnosis subjects. During these times, look closely, you can see the camera shot begin to shift in a downward motion. LoL.

If you want to be hypnotized at a show from your seat, be sure to focus intently on every word of the stage hypnotist. Follow the hypnotist’s instructions and allow the suggestions to creep into your mind.

25. How Does a Stage Hypnotist Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Their Show?

Stage hypnotists use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to quickly build a rapport with their audience. Professional hypnotists deliver what we call a “pre-talk” before the show. This pre-talk language is carefully planned and written by the hypnotist in order to use this communication technique with their audience.

By using NLP techniques, a stage hypnotist is able to start making suggestions to your subconscious even before the hypnosis volunteers have been selected. The hypnotist will embed secret messages into your brain that will make you feel more inclined to enter a hypnotic state.

26. Can I Volunteer at a Hypnosis Show if I Tried Hypnosis Before and it Didn’t Work?

As stated in a previous hypnosis FAQ answer, if for some reason you weren’t able to be hypnotized at one point in your life; it doesn’t mean that you can’t be hypnotized. The inability to go into a hypnotic state varies from situation to situation. There are countless factors that could’ve prevented you from being hypnotized.

Richard Barker suggests that you volunteer to be hypnotized again. Having a different hypnotist; a different environment; a different state of mind may allow hypnosis to work on you this time around.

27. Can People Suffering from ADHD Be Hypnotized at a Comedy Hypnosis Show?

One of the biggest rules for being susceptible to hypnosis is using every fiber of your mind and being towards “wanting” to be hypnotized. People suffering from ADHD might, at first glance, put a mental block up and refuse the hypnotist’s suggestions to focus. Having this pre-conceived idea that you cannot focus will affect your ability to go into hypnosis.

That being said, clinical hypnosis has become a trending way for people to manage their ADHD. By going into a deep state of relaxation, people with ADHD are honing in on their abilities to focus more and more. To watch an example of this at play, watch how stage hypnotist Richard Barker performs a rapid induction on this teen that, right before he goes under, he says, “I have ADHD.” Barker simply responds, “Not anymore you don’t.”

Watch the teen with AHDH go into hypnosis and come right back out during a street hypnosis demonstration in New York City.

28. Why Do Hypnotists Say That Creative People Are Better Subjects for Hypnosis?

We won’t go into the technical aspect of how hypnosis works, there are better resources for that question. But people that are creative and are good at imagining or daydreaming are ideal subjects for hypnosis. What a hypnotist does during their stage routine is have the volunteers use their imagination to perform a lot of the suggestions and instructions.

Creative people use their imagination often and can create the world the hypnotist is laying out around them. For instance, Barker often tells his volunteers to envision themselves eating an ice cream cone on a hot, summer day. Creative people will add the details that allow their subconscious to play in this world Barker is creating. They will imagine how the ice cream melts off the cone and becomes sticky on their wrist.

If you aren’t creative or imaginative, you will find it difficult to participate in a hypnosis stage show.

If you really want to dive deep into how stage hypnosis works inside the brain, read Richard Barker’s best-selling book: Secrets of the Stage Revealed. The Guide to Hypnosis and Stage Hypnotism.

29. How Much Fun Do Hypnosis Volunteers Really Have on Stage?

First off, “having fun” is highly subjective. If you’re having fun or not having fun is an emotional response that’s influenced by your personal feelings, tastes and opinions. But of course, hypnotized volunteers, time and time again, rave about how much fun they had during a comedy hypnosis show.

It’s always great to see the hypnotized volunteers go back to their friends in the audience and laugh about what they said and did on the stage. Being hypnotized at a comedy show is a highly unique notch on someone’s belt; not everyone can say they’ve been hypnotized before. It’s a fun story that the participant gets to share for years to come.

30. Do Comedy Stage Hypnotists Ever Get Heckled?

Just like stand-up comedians and other performers, yes, hypnotists get heckled. But a stage hypnotist that has a great deal of showmanship and comical intelligence can turn even the most skeptic hecklers into believers.

To have fun with the idea of being heckled, Richard Barker sometimes embeds a heckle suggestion into someone’s subconscious mind. Like in this YouTube Clip, every time Barker says the word, “hypnosis,” you hear a hypnotized volunteer yell, “Hypnosis is Fake!” Great fun!

31. Can a Hypnotist Make Someone Fall in Love with Another Person on Stage?

While some stage hypnotists refute the idea that you can get someone to be enamored by someone else using hypnosis, Barker goes against the grain.

“I am going to disagree with most hypnotists and say, yes, you can hypnotize someone to like or dislike another person. Using certain hypnosis techniques, you can program thoughts and feelings into the subconscious mind that then become emotions and actions. For an example, during a stage routine of my comedy stage hypnosis show, I get volunteers to love me.”

Watch as every time the hypnotist says his name, the volunteer yells aloud, “I LOVE RICHARD BARKER!”

32. Can a Hypnotist Make Someone Detest Another Person on Stage?

Just like being able to get someone to fall in love, you can use hypnosis to make someone hate another person. This involves planting suggestions in the volunteer’s subconscious that is triggered by a specific phrase or action.

In this YouTube Hypnosis Video, you’ll see how Richard Barker gets the participant to hate him every time he goes to shake her hand. He plants suggestions that will gross out the hypnotized volunteer and bring up feelings of disgust and hate.

33. What Does Being Hypnotized Feel Like?

Each person will have different stories of how they felt when they were hypnotized. The majority of hypnosis volunteers describe it as feeling like:

  • They’ve had the best night’s sleep of their life.
  • They knew what was going on around them and they just wanted to follow the hypnotist’s instructions.
  • They were having an out of body experience and could see themselves on the stage.
  • They couldn’t hear anything but the hypnotist’s voice.

Hypnosis is a highly personal activity and you should experience it for yourself to see what you feel like. Overall, you will feel more relaxed than you ever have felt in your life.

34. Do Hypnosis Volunteers Ever Regret Participating in the Comedy Show?

There are some stage hypnotists that don’t follow a moral or ethical code and their volunteers may be filled with regret. However, Richard Barker can proudly say that he has never had a volunteer tell him that they regretted being in his comedy show. When you hire a hypnotist, take our advice and hire the best.

35. What’s the Funniest Thing You’ve Ever Seen at a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show?

Richard Barker has performed comedy hypnosis shows all over the world and has hypnotized hundreds of thousands of people. When asked this question, three specific examples pop up in his head.

  • During a comedy hypnosis show on Carnival Cruise Lines, Richard Barker gets one of the hypnotized volunteers to become enraged whenever she hears the sound of laughter. Watch as every time the audience laughs, this woman is set into full on rage and starts scolding them.
  • While performing his comedy stage hypnosis show at a fair, Barker gets his hypnotized volunteers to imagine that they’re naked. The really hilarious part for Barker was when the girls pranced around the stage thinking they were naked. Barker immediately made them freeze as he laughed aloud and said, “You’ve gotta be kidding me. I have never, ever seen a girl prance around like that with no clothes on.”
  • During Barker’s hypnosis session with celebrity Verne Troyer, Barker recalls how he made Verne almost cry. You can see for yourself. In this video, Verne is convinced that every time Barker touches his nose, he also passes gas. You can see Verne’s eyes tear up from the foul smell emitting from Richard Barker.

36. What Are Example Commands an Ethical Stage Hypnotist Would Use in a Show?

Each stage hypnotist has their own material that they perform, along with common hypnosis show interactive activities. So, for example, here are some ethical hypnosis commands that you will see in comedy hypnosis shows:

  • Removing Memories.  A hypnotist can make you forget your name or something trivial like the number two. Richard Barker has had great fun with celebrities like Verne Troyer and Logan Paul by removing the number two from their memory bank.
  • Impersonating Celebrities. You haven’t laughed quite so hard until you see hypnotized volunteers pretend to be Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga.
  • Speaking Another Language. When a person is hypnotized, they can be made to believe that their native language is Chinese or even as far out as knowing a Martian language.
  • Removing Clothing. An ethical hypnotist will have their volunteers believe that they’re naked on stage in front of a full audience. A negligent hypnotist will embed a suggestion for volunteers to psychically remove their clothing. Big difference; one suggestion is hilarious while the other is just plain wrong.

37. Does the Hypnotist Embedded Suggestions Stay in My Brain After the Show is Over?

A professional stage hypnotist will remove all of the embedded suggestions at the end of the show. Any hypnotist that doesn’t remove the suggestions is highly negligent.

If for whatever reason a volunteer still feels like they’re hypnotized, the residual feelings will wear off in as little as 10 minutes after the show. In some rare cases, it can take a couple of hours but no one will be stuck in a hypnotic trance indefinitely.

38. Will I Remember What I Did on Stage as a Hypnotized Volunteer?

You should remember what happened on stage. Despite popular belief, a hypnotized volunteer doesn’t experience amnesia due to hypnosis. If he or she doesn’t remember what happened, they are purposefully trying to block out the experience as someone would with any memory they choose to forget.

39. Do Stage Hypnotists Follow a Comedy Hypnosis Script?

Some stage hypnotists will follow a script down to every word. However, you want to find a comedy hypnotist that is able to keep the show going off-script. Book a comedy hypnotist that is flexible and thinks well on their feet.

But most stage hypnosis shows will include a standard pre-talk script that the hypnotist uses in the majority of their shows. Anything can happen at a comedy hypnosis show and as such, you want a hypnotist that has the ability to quickly react without having rehearsed lines prepared.

40. Is a Comedy Hypnosis Show Appropriate for Corporate or Business Settings?

By now, you realize that comedy stage hypnosis shows are infinitely adaptable. A stage hypnotist is often called upon by large and small corporations to entertain their employees. Whether it’s a holiday party or an event celebrating a big company milestone, hypnosis shows can bring huge smiles to your staff.

You can also request specific team-building material to be created for a show unique to your brand and company. The possibilities are truly endless. If you want to learn about what to look for in a corporate stage hypnotist, read our recently published article, Corporate Hypnosis Shows 101

Richard Barker has performed for some of the most largest Fortune 500 Companies on the globe. Brands like Coca Cola, Unilever, Wal-Mart and Re/Max realize that a comedy hypnosis show is a great morale booster and treat for their employees.

41. Can a Stage Hypnotist Teach Hypnosis While Performing a Show?

Highly skilled stage hypnotists can educate your audience while also performing a hypnosis demonstration. Having a Master’s Degree in Education, Richard Barker is often asked to provide a deeper insight into hypnosis while performing his comedy shows.

When Barker performs hypnosis at universities, colleges, high schools or other educational arenas, he takes the time to teach the students about hypnosis. To see a perfect example of how this can be done, watch Richard as he performs a lecture and comedy show at Google Headquarters, Google Talks: Multiple Monitors of the Mind.

42. Can a Hypnotist Teach Sales Professionals How to Use Covert Hypnosis?

While this a unique request, there are a handful of hypnotists that can teach your sales team covert hypnosis and the art of suggestion. This is the only hypnosis show that Richard Barker does not film and upload onto his YouTube channel.

Since it’s a highly secretive process, you can email Richard directly to inquire about this exclusive covert hypnosis seminar. If you’d like, you can also read Richard Barker’s latest book, Selling Hypnotically: The Art of Suggestion.

43. Who Promotes the Comedy Hypnosis Events; the booker or the Hypnotist?

Each stage hypnotist will have different marketing and public relation strategies when it comes to promoting their shows. Discuss what you would like with the hypnotists that you’re interviewing.

When you book the Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker, you’ll get the added pleasure of enjoying his bountiful marketing efforts. Barker frequently issues press releases for his upcoming shows and also lets his social media followers know where his next public hypnosis show is. Barker also owns a marketing company where he gives marketing seminars worldwide every year.

44. How Much Does a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Cost?

Unfortunately, asking how much a stage hypnosis show costs is like asking, “How much does a car cost?” You’ve probably been searching the internet looking for approximate costs for this highly entertaining and unique show. Just like with cars, your specifications will change the cost. A show can be anywhere from $800 to $50,000.

The best way to get a ballpark figure for your event is to reach out to the hypnotist and fill out this easy and quick hypnosis show questionnaire. Barker tries to work with his clients and offers highly-competitive rates and packages.

45. How Do I Book Richard Barker for a Show?

Wow, you’ve reached the bottom of this very detailed article; bravo! You must really be interested in comedy hypnosis shows. After reading this free breakdown of the top FAQ’s stage hypnotists receive, you should be all set to make an educated decision as to which stage hypnotist is best for your event. If based on his answers, you’re convinced that you MUST have world-renowned hypnotist Richard Barker at your next event, booking is an easy process.

Fill out this simple contact form and Richard will respond with lightning speed.


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