9 Intriguing Hypnosis Facts You Won’t Believe!

hypnosis facts

Many people don’t know hypnosis is used in many medical treatments. Hypnosis is also used in some of the best magic shows and on TV shows. The proliferation of hypnosis in fields of interest like medical treatment vs. entertaining show is intriguing.

You may be surprised about some of the fascinating hypnosis facts you don’t know but may explain why hypnosis captivates most of us. What’s more, some of these facts bridge both the medical world and entertainment shows with ease and comfort.

Thousands of years ago, hypnosis became known as part of medical treatment and part entertainment. That’s because hypnosis was used in both worlds in many ancient cultures. Ancient cultures that dabbled in hypnosis range from Romans to Egyptians.

Word of warning, the article below will present you with hypnosis facts that may mesmerize you.

Amazing Hypnosis

Hypnosis was used by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians most of the time for specific entertaining events or medical needs.

Hypnosis in Greece

Oracles from Greece used hypnosis to tell others about the future. The oracles wanted the people they were working with to have an overload of expectations. They accomplished this through their preparation process.

They have their customers drink liquids with specific herbs. Then priests would lead the people to the oracles through chambers with lit bright with candles and colored images. Between the herb drinking potion and long chambers with bright pictures, the recipient is in a heightened state of anticipation before they ever see the Oracle.

Hypnosis in Egypt

The Egyptians used hypnosis for physical and mental healing practices. Priests would put people in trance-like sleep while asking them questions about their illness or thoughts. It helped the Priests learn more about what the person needed. It was also a way to seek a cure for the person’s described ailments.

Hypnosis in Rome

Romans used many chants, meditations, breathing techniques, and rituals to induce trance-like states. The Romans knew ones physical and emotional health were connected. The Romans believed it was only by having a healthy mind; you can have a healthy body.

Hypnosis was used to help connect the mind to the body for greater spiritual strength. What is it these cultures from long ago, know about hypnosis? How did these ancient cultures understand all hypnosis brings to society?

How did they know the hypnosis facts about all it offers through its power in the medical, psychological, and entertainment world?

Hypnosis Facts

The information listed below gives you some hypnosis facts you need to be aware of so you can explore, participate, and learn about the power of hypnosis.

1. Quit Smoking

It’s not just an advertisement geared towards having you take part in hypnosis experiments. Research proves hypnosis helps many people quit smoking. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to use in helping smokers quit because:

  • Hypnosis makes the goal to quit emotional
  • Hypnosis self-powers the person to stop the addiction
  • Hypnosis matches a subconscious negative craving with positive, conscious options, and more

Going cold turkey to quit smoking is difficult. Using hypnosis helps you take the edge off the withdrawal.

#2 – Neurophysiological State of Hypnosis

Your brain goes into a neurophysiological state under hypnosis.

A hypnosis session filled with a bit of oracle guidance that works just as well as clinical counseling may be the more intriguing option.

#3 – Retrieve a Memory

Everyone has it happen. You lose a favorite piece of jewelry or can’t drive your car until you find your keys.

Hypnosis can unlock your brain to help you retrieve a memory or find lost items.

Now you can save yourself money and time by visiting with a hypnotist.

#4 – Achieve a Sports Goal

Do you have dreams of playing professional football? Do you think going to a hypnotist will help get you drafted in the first round of the NFL draft? Well, you might not get drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, but many professional athletes use hypnosis to help them become more self-disciplined.

Hypnosis can help athletes achieve a goal. Hypnosis can also put athletes in a relaxed state to keep them on track without becoming anxious.

#5 – Conquer a Fear

Have you ever jumped on a bed, because there is a spider on your bedroom floor? Or screamed when you saw something in the grass and thought it was a snake? It may be what you saw in the grass ended up being the water hose, but hypnosis can still help you conquer your fears.

Hypnosis helps train the brain on how to perceive the information, so it never triggers the phobic reaction.

#6 – There is no Such Thing as Hypnotic Trance to Control Someone

No matter how many time hypnotic trances are used in the movies, there is no such thing. If a controlling hypnotic trance were a real thing, there would be many more millionaire hypnotists than there are in the world. Hypnosis never controls through a trance.

Hypnosis induces a deliberate daydream or wishful thinking scenario. If there is any controlling trance-like behavior involved with hypnosis, it is only through Hollywood and books we witness it.

#7 – The Most Common Hypnosis Technique

One of the most common hypnosis techniques is to guide a person down a staircase. The imagery of the staircase helps bring people going under the hypnotic state into a form of altered consciousness. The hypnosis works by having the person offload routine tasks they carry with them.

It is not recommended you try this hypnosis while actually going down a real staircase.

#8 – 90% of Your Mind Power is in Your Subconscious

The subconscious makes up about 90% of our mind power. Our subconscious contains moving pictures of our lives. Hypnosis allows you to bypass your normal conscious mind and access the pictures and information in your subconscious mind.

#9 – You Enter into Hypnosis an Average of 2 Times Per Day

You seldom realize it, but you enter into hypnosis at least two times a day. You may recognize this hypnotic state when you read a book and are transported through the pages. Or when you watch TV and start binging on a Netflix show and realize you skipped lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast the next day?

Hypnosis serves so many functions we take it for granted. We also don’t understand its full potential in our lives. In the world of entertainment, hypnotists sometimes interact with their audience in other-worldly ways.

Other hypnotists interact with their audiences through routines built on humorous topics.

Hypnosis is Your Best Tool

You now know all about mesmerizing hypnosis facts. Are you ready to learn more about hypnosis? If you are, there are hypnosis events, hypnosis comedy shows, and public speaking available to you today.

You can find the hypnotist who will delight you and your friends or your company’s employees during an official event. You can volunteer to be in the hypnotist show so you can learn the value of hypnosis. Although enjoying the show as a volunteer is something you should experience at least once in your life.

It doesn’t matter what your reason for seeking more information. It only matters you are open to learning more and being captivated along the way. Reach out to us today so you can be awed through our spectacular events and shows.

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