Behind the Scenes of a Comedy Stage Hypnotist at a Fair

Comedy Stage Hypnotist at a Fair a Behind the Scenes Look at a Stage Hypnotist on the Road by Richard Barker

What is it Like for a Comedy Stage Hypnotist at a Fair?

Join the Incredible Hypnotist as he shares behind the scene footage at the Silver Dollar Fair.


If you’re interested in either becoming a comedy stage hypnotist at a fair or are a fan that is curious to see what goes on behind the scenes, you’ve found the right article. Many people don’t know how difficult it is to adopt a career that requires constant travel. Stage hypnotists that perform at fairs and festivals have a fantastic time traveling the country and experiencing new and exciting things. That being said, the life of a service-road warrior isn’t for everyone.

The Incredible Hypnotist, Richard Barker, pulls back the hypnotic curtain and vlogs his recent hypnosis show performances at the Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California. You will find this “Day in the Life of a Stage Hypnotist” video both entertaining and informative. Many stage hypnotists don’t share all the grit with their audiences; Barker wants you to see everything that goes into a comedy hypnosis show at a fairground or festival.



Life on the Road

Stage Hypnotist Wake-Up Call

When you’re a traveling stage hypnotist, waking up at 3:30 am to catch a flight is a usual occurrence. One week you’re in New York City and the next, you’ve got to catch an early morning flight from the East Coast to the West Coast. This particular day, the Incredible Hypnotist had to catch a flight from Orlando, Florida to San Francisco, California.

Having to perform his hypnosis shows at the Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, Barker and his crew immediately claim their rental car at the San Francisco airport. Fighting the traffic of the congested highways of California, they set out and continue their journey.  Watch the video to laugh out loud as they are on the cusp of losing their sanity after 24-hours of traveling; complete with flight delays and rush hour traffic.


First Day of the Fair

How to Properly Start the Week

When you’ve worked as a comedy stage hypnotist for twenty years, you learn a thing or two (or three) about starting the fair gig off on the right foot. Barker explains in his video that on the first day of your performances, you want to check in with the administrative office. Getting to the fairgrounds early allows you to:

  • Check-in and obtain all of your credentials for the show;
  • Confirm the times of your hypnosis shows and take note of any schedule changes;
  • Make certain that there are no conflicts they you have to be aware of;
  • Study all protocols and policies of the fairgrounds;
  • Meet and introduce yourself to the sound engineers for your hypnosis show;
  • Have plenty of time to start bringing in your show gear and wardrobe.


Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Let the Hypnotizing Begin

Now that all T’s are crossed and all I’s dotted, the comedy stage hypnosis shows can began without a hitch. Watch the behind the scenes video to see that a hypnotist has more to handle than just entertaining. You’ll have to make plans to actively sell merchandise before and after the show. If you perform a stellar hypnosis show, your fans will want a meet and greet to discuss their experience firsthand with you. You have to prepare to setup and breakdown your stage props. As you will see in the video, a lot goes into making sure that you give the fair-goers a fantastic show.

While on stage performing, a hypnotist has to be able to gauge their audience and their volunteers with exact precision. When done properly, a comedy hypnosis show will leave the hypnotist mentally exhausted. You have to choose the right hypnotized stage volunteers for your bits and quickly ascertain their personalities. Your memory has to be on point so that you can multi-task the varying show routines and callbacks to keep the show moving forward.

After the shows are over, a professional hypnotist with a successful business will keep working. At the end of a long and draining day, you will still see Barker up late at night working hard on the administrative and marketing aspects of his business. His advice for all hypnotists that desire a life on the road is to learn how to manage your time wisely.


The Importance of Sound Engineers

Getting to Know the Sound Guys

Another useful and helpful take away in this video for fair performers is the importance of getting to know your sound engineers and technicians. While interviewing Henry Hampton and Stan Glenstock, Barker points out that getting to know your stage crew is vital to a successful week of shows.

Hampton and Glenstock spill the beans on their experiences as sound engineers for the Silver Dollar Fair over the past 34 years. After hearing some wise tips from the sound guys, Barker adds, “And this is why you make friends with the sound guys; they’re worth their weight in gold and are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you sound great.


Exploring the Fairgrounds

Checking Out the Fair In-Between Shows

The Incredible Hypnotist enjoys walking the fairgrounds when he’s not performing his daily hypnosis shows. In this behind the scenes video, you’ll catch Richard Barker chatting up and interviewing:

  • Fair Vendors
  • Psychics and Fortune Tellers
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Comedians and Other Performers

Get to know the other performers, vendors and staff at any fair or festival you perform at. Building relationships like these are key when it comes to getting an invite back to the fair.


Film Your Hypnosis Shows

Comedy Stage Hypnotists Should Film All Performances

Your hypnosis show videos act as your portfolio for future clients to view and judge. Film all of your hypnosis shows to grow your portfolio and your reel. In this article, Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Funny Hypnosis from Silver Dollar Fair, you can see a compilation of the funniest moments in Barker’s hypnosis show. Watch the shortened version of this video and learn how to present your comedy hypnosis show to new clients and fans. You will catch a glimpse of the following hypnosis commands used throughout the fair performances:

  • Dance Competitions
  • Men Delivering Babies
  • Rap Battles
  • Tongue Falling Out of Mouth
  • Shoe Thievery
  • Removing Items from Memory Bank
  • And More!


Final Days of the Hypnosis Shows

Expect Fatigue and a Scratchy Throat

As your comedy hypnosis performances progress, expect a great deal of fatigue to set in. As stated before, being a comedy stage hypnotist requires great stamina and mental concentration. Prepare yourself to combat these bouts of fatigue and strain so you can continue to perform outstanding shows all week long. You will also need to prepare yourself for unexpected disturbances.

As seen in the video, Barker’s entire hotel got a wake-up call at 3 am by four fire engine trucks. The entire hotel was evacuated and hard working Richard was forced to leave the comforts of his bed to stand in the hotel parking lot until the building was cleared. While on the road, these things happen and are out of your control. Expect the unexpected and you will be able to bounce back swiftly.


Good Luck to All Stage Hypnotists

Life on the Road is Tough But Rewarding

If you’re seeking a career as a stage hypnotist know that the career demands constant stamina, focus and organization. Watch the full hypnosis behind the scenes video to step into the life of a professional stage hypnotist at a fair. If you enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and be alerted whenever we post a new hypnosis video.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California

For those of you that are not familiar with the Silver Dollar Fair, we recommend heading to their website to learn about the history. Chico County has brought their annual fair and rodeo to California for the past 100+ years. The fair administration strives to gather the community for this time-honored tradition to celebrate the rich history and developing-agriculture of the region. Complete with live entertainment, rides, community events, music, food and games; the Silver Dollar Fair has something fun for each member of your family.

Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Behind the Scenes Look at a Comedy Stage Hypnotist at a Fair


Your conscious, everyday waking state represents less than 10% of your total brain function.

Conscious: 10%
Subconscious: 90%


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How Do I Know I’m Booking a Professional Hypnotist?

Here’s a little secret that no one tells you about becoming a hypnotist. Someone can attend a hypnosis training program and become a “professional” stage hypnotist in a matter of a couple of weeks. If you’re looking at a hypnotist’s website to learn more about their comedy show, look deeper than just the title of Stage Hypnotist. Learn more about how to find the perfect stage hypnotist for your event in our special blog: Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered.

Are Comedy Hypnosis Shows Insured by the Booker or the Hypnotist?

A stage hypnotist at a fair will carry an Entertainer’s Insurance Policy. The hypnotist’s insurance policy will include general liability and professional liability insurance. Ask the stage hypnotist you’re interviewing to provide you with information on their specific entertainer’s insurance coverage. Don’t hire a stage hypnotist that doesn’t carry an insurance policy for their shows. Read the full answer here: Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered.

Can People in the Audience That Didn’t Volunteer Go into Hypnosis?

Even if you decide not to volunteer at a hypnosis show, you could still fall into a hypnotic trance. Richard Barker has seen plenty of audience members, camera operators, producers and sound engineers doze off into a state of relaxation. Anyone that is listening intently to the comedy hypnotist’s induction can be hypnotized. Learn more on our award-winning Hypnosis Blog.

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