Behind the Scenes: A Comedy Stage Hypnotist Media Tour in NYC

A Comedy Stage Hypnotist Media Tour in NYC

Take a Peek at a Comedy Stage Hypnotist Tour

Join Richard Barker on the first day of his media tour in New York City.

Just back from Asia and before a stop in Los Angeles, the Incredible Hypnotist makes his way to New York City. While in the Big Apple, Richard Barker will be meeting with journalists representing some of the finest publications in the world. Armed with a killer crew, the Incredible Hypnotist is giving you an insider’s look into what really goes on when the camera’s not rolling. Richard laughs while explaining, “Normally, we only show you the stuff that works. What we don’t show you is the stuff that doesn’t work. I’m gonna be showing you everything this trip.”




Hauling Ass to TIME Magazine

Regretting a night of partying the night before, Richard boards a plane at o-dark-thirty to find himself barely making his scheduled appointment over at TIME, Inc. headquarters. Unfortunately, the rushing was all for naught; the TIME Magazine journalist was sick.

“People think these media tours are easy; people think it all just falls in your lap. Here’s the secret to success, you’ve gotta work hard at it. People think it’s easy to build a brand and become famous. Well, I’ve just had my morning kicked in the teeth. What are you gonna do? Bitch, moan and groan or just get on with it?”

Displaying Richard Barker arriving for his interview with TIME Magazine Incredible Hypnotist.png

That’s the way the cookie crumbles. In order to succeed, you’ve gotta take the good with the bad. Since it’s too early to start throwing back a few pints, Plan B is kicked into action. Onward and upward the team heads out to see what kind of trouble lurks around the busy corners of Manhattan.

Street Hypnosis in NYC Parks

As a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Richard has traveled to numerous cities in 38 countries and admits there’s no place like New York City for a little #StreetHypnosis. The Incredible Hypnotist crew stop by the park to demonstrate the power of hypnosis to some onlookers. Watch the video if you want to see some skeptical kids try out hypnosis for the first time. They experience the feeling of Spiegel eye rolls, eye fixation on the infamous pendulum and instant inductions.

Richard laughs and tells the kid, “Hey, now you have to pay me; 30 bucks, kid.” The New York local puts his hands in his pockets and laughs, “I’m popped.” Of course Richard didn’t charge the local for the hypnosis experience. I wonder if the children knew that he usually charges $1,500 for a private hypnosis session. Or, that before becoming a certified hypnotherapist and world renowned stage hypnotist, Richard taught NLP to New York’s Finest.

Hypnotizing New York Youth with Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

Discussing Hypnosis With a Young Entrepreneur

While trying to build his YouTube following, a young entrepreneur stands toe-to-toe with the Incredible Hypnotist and plugs her own channel. Because of her gumption, here’s a shout out to GEM, Inc., “Girls’ Empowerment Matters.” She teaches us that GEM was created to help girls embody five main core values: Self-Esteem, Management, Identity, Leadership, Expression! And in return, the Comedy Stage Hypnotist teaches her more about what hypnosis is. By the end of the conversation, the young lady is walking her imaginary brown dog named, “Willie.”

“What is meditation to you?”

“Meditation is focusing on happy things, happy thoughts and just getting away from all the stresses. I usually come up with some really great ideas when I meditate.”

Hypnosis is guided meditation. But like right now, you’re in a normal state of suggestibility. In hypnosis, you’re in a heightened level of suggestibility. So if I were to tell you something to be true, it would be true; here and now. If I were to tell you something to be true under hypnosis, you’d be fanatical about it. It would put your thought-processes through the roof. That’s why athletes use hypnosis.”

Displaying Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist

“I’m doing my level best to get as many magazines and as many network television channels to see hypnosis. Because once they see it, they’re blown away.” – Richard Barker


Be sure to follow the incredible Comedy Stage Hypnotist the next few days while he’s in New York City spreading hypnosis to publications like: SHAPE, Men’s Fitness, Reader’s Digest, InStyle and more!

If you have any questions, requests or shout outs you’d like to make to Richard while he’s in town, write on his Facebook Fan Page; YouTube Channel; Twitter Feed; or catch him on Instagram or LinkedIn.


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