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Discussing 10 Benefits of Hypnosis

Richard Barker Sits Down with Reader’s Digest


The many benefits of hypnosis can quite literally change your life. The Incredible Hypnotist recently sat down with Reader’s Digest to discuss lessor-known health benefits of hypnosis. In this article, we’ll show you 10 examples of how hypnosis can dramatically improve your quality of life. We’re hoping that this knowledge will bring you closer to understanding why hypnosis is the best alternative medicine option for a variety of health issues.



Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy


1. Hypnosis Permits a Conversation with Your Subconscious Mind.

Hypnotists are experts when it comes to being able to speak with your subconscious. How can this be helpful? To understand the power of hypnosis we must first briefly discuss the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind.

While performing a lecture at Google Talks, Richard explained, “There are two parts to the brain; the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. What I get into is the subconscious mind and that’s where a lot of creative juices flow; it’s where you operate; it’s where your DNA is; it’s where your habits, behaviors, beliefs are. Your conscious mind is simply: What am I going to have for dinner? What time am I going to leave work? That’s critical short-term, memory decision making. The subconscious mind accepts truth as behavior; if I give you a direct suggestion to believe it to be true.”

There are many misconceptions and myths attached to the art form of hypnosis. Despite popular belief, hypnosis is NOT:

  • Magic or Mystical Alchemy
  • A Form of Mind Control
  • Reserved for Mentally Weak Minds
  • A Practice That Causes Amnesia

Read more about the fascinating facts of hypnosis on the new Incredible Hypnotist FAQ Database.


2. Stop Your Smoking Habit with One Session of Hypnosis.

One of the most sought after benefits of hypnosis is the ability to change less than desirable habits, routines and behaviors. Hypnosis is fantastic for breaking habits, “because we don’t ‘see’ the world around us; we ‘think’ it. So when we view the world, we’re influenced by our own thought processes. So rather than be dependent on pills, medicines, lotions and potions, if we can control our own thought processes we can control our behaviors and habits.”

A certified hypnotherapist is able to reach the emotional attachment of a bad habit, like smoking, and embed positive behaviors to replace the negative ones. You can’t go out and buy this change of mind set from a store shelf. This change of behavior comes from within your own mind.

If you’re interested in leading a healthy, smoke-free life try this private hypnosis MP3 to stop smoking.


3. Hypnosis Gives You Control Over Binge Eating and Drinking.

As a certified clinical hypnotist, many of Richard’s clients seek assistance to help gain control over specific lifestyle choices. One of the major benefits of hypnosis is being able to manage habits like binge drinking and overeating.

The Incredible Hypnotist was recently featured on WLTZ First News discussing the benefits of hypnosis when it comes to learning moderation. Barker helped a crew member of the news channel get over her habit of drinking alcohol to deal with her stressful job. While under hypnosis, Barker embedded this suggestion in the show director’s subconscious, “You’ll know when to stop drinking. You’ll have a natural ability and desire to close your eyes and say to yourself, ‘No more, I’ve had enough.’”

Watch the full segment of Mind Power here. The results were incredible!

The Incredible Hypnotist currently has two private hypnosis MP3 sessions that will help you with learning moderation in your life.


4. Using Hypnosis to Sleep Soundly.

For those suffering from insomnia, hypnosis can be a dream antidote to your inability to fall asleep each night. Using hypnosis as a sleep aide shows immediate results and is a natural way to make sure you get the rest your body needs to function properly.

A Swiss team of researchers conducted a sleep study and determined that their participants experienced a deeper sleep when put into a hypnotic trance. WebMD reports, “The team further observed that slow-wave activity during the deep sleep phase was significantly enhanced following hypnosis. This suggests that not only does hypnosis boost deep sleep quantity, it may also improve deep sleep quality.”


5. Hypnosis Compliments Medical Procedures Perfectly.

For thousands of years, medical professionals have seen the extreme benefits of hypnosis. However, more recently, hypnosis is being used more frequently in modern medical treatments.

Hypnosis has proven to be extremely valuable in the treatment of cancer patients.

A clinical hypnotist can help a patient self-regulate their pain perceptions. Hypnosis sessions can also help manage negative emotions that stem from the stresses and anxieties that follow chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The Wellness Institute shares that hypnosis is useful in addressing, “the management of anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration; management of pain, fatigue, and insomnia; management of side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy; and visualization to promote health improvement.


Hypnosis can increase your recovery times with medical procedures and surgeries.

Dr. Carol Ginandes performed a study that focused on whether hypnosis could accelerate the healing of broken bones. Her findings concluded that when a radiologist studied the X-rays of patients who received hypnotherapeutic care on top of standard orthopedic care, “The hypnotized patients showed more rapid healing. Six weeks after fracture, the hypnosis group had healed to an extent that would normally take eight and a half weeks.”


Surgeons are successful in using hypnosis as a natural anesthetic during surgery.

The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Tours has been monitoring the effects of using hypnosis as an anesthetic since 2011. Focusing primarily on brain cancer patients, the surgeons have been, “conducting awake operations to remove brain cancer tumors; 37 of the 48 patients studied underwent brain surgery using hypnosis sedation.”


6. You Can Control Chronic Pain Using Hypnosis.

A recent Harvard Medical School publication shed light on how we experience pain, “How you feel pain is influenced by your genetic makeup, emotions, personality, and lifestyle. It’s also influenced by past experience. If you’ve been in pain for a while, your brain may have rewired itself to perceive pain signals even after the signals aren’t being sent anymore.”

The origin of your pain tolerance and reaction to pain is a learned behavior. As such, hypnosis can be used to help you manage chronic pain with your mind. You can start controlling and managing your pain today with my private hypnosis MP3 session for chronic pain.

If you experience severe chronic pain, you may want to schedule a 1-on-1 session with clinical hypnotist, Richard Barker. Learn more about Richard’s live, private sessions in this short video.


7. Hypnosis Can Help You Manage Bereavement.

If you’re suffering from feelings of deep loss, bereavement or are going through a divorce or separation, hypnosis can help you manage the dark moods you’re experiencing. When dealing with loss, emotions of stress; anxiety; guilt and sadness are all often displayed. These emotions affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest real physical symptoms.

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective way of reducing and removing these emotional pain responses. You must first understand that relaxation and a clear mind is step one when trying to move past this sadness and sense of loss you feel.

Swing by our website to check out the private hypnosis MP3 bereavement session that’ll help you let go of your loss and learn to move on.


8. Hypnosis Gives You a Mindset to Better Handle Stress and Anxiety.

Richard Barker recently sat down with InStyle Magazine and discussed the benefits of hypnosis for combating stress and anxiety. “All anxiety is first created with a thought in the mind which is then transferred into an emotion, an action, and an end result. When you think something, the mind asks itself, ‘What does my memory bank say about that particular thought and how should I respond to it?'”

Your habits and past behaviors will tell your mind how to react to feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. People who seek help from hypnotists and hypnotherapists learn to manage their reactions to these triggers. A clinical hypnotist will replace your natural inclinations to anxiety with a healthier reaction to overwhelming feelings.

Start your private hypnosis MP3 session for anxiety now and make a conscious choice to be happy.


9. Athletes Use the Power of Hypnosis to Help Increase Performance.

Many professional athletes use hypnosis techniques to reach their optimal performance levels and get “In the Zone.” The hypnotic trances these athletes put themselves in allows them to develop a choreographed routine of the specific results they’d like to accomplish. Your mind is a very powerful tool that responds well to “self-talk.”

Whether you’re wanting to improve your confidence in your golf game or create a mental routine for hitting the gym, hypnosis can help you reach optimal results in your performance.


10. This Audio Hypnosis Session is Proven to Remove Your Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is, “a physical condition, experienced as noises or ringing in the ears or head when no such external physical noise is present.” If you suffer from tinnitus, chances are, you also suffered from depression or stress related anxiety before the ringing started. This fact, in part, explains the efficacy of hypnosis in the relief of tinnitus.

Many clients of the Incredible Hypnotist have seen dramatic improvements with this private hypnosis MP3 session to remove tinnitus for good. This hypnosis audio session will reach the emotional clusters of feelings attached to your tinnitus on a neurological level in order to remove the condition.



We hope you enjoyed this detailed article that discovers 10 benefits of hypnosis. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits, read the full Reader’s Digest article: 12 Ways That Hypnosis Can Help Change Your Life for the BetterOr watch Richard Barker perform a hypnosis demonstration over at Health Magazine.



Have a hypnosis question? Check out our new and robust Hypnosis Interactive Database. If you don’t see your specific question answered, go ahead and submit the question. We’re constantly updating our database to help everyone have the ability to deeply understand the art of hypnosis.

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