Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Instant Inductions

Comedy Hypnosis Show Video Instant Inductions Performed by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

How Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions Work?

In general, there are 8 types of induction techniques that professional hypnotists use to hypnotize someone.

  • Rapid or Instant Induction Technique
  • Sensory Overload Technique
  • Stealth or Covert Hypnosis Technique
  • Pace and Lead Technique
  • Visualization Technique
  • Physical Posture Technique
  • Eye Fixation Technique
  • Mirroring Technique

Rapid or Instant Induction Technique

The rapid or instant induction technique is the focus of the hypnosis video compilation below. While Hypnotist Richard Barker does utilize all forms of induction techniques in his hypnosis shows, the instant induction is perfect for getting a volunteer to enter a hypnotic state very quickly. The rapid induction approach uses the principles of surprise to (safely) shock the volunteer’s nervous system.

Through a series of visual and auditory movements, the hypnotist is able to cause a subject’s conscious mind to to enter into a hypnotic sleep state. You’ll often see a street hypnotist perform this instant induction technique because of the rapid hypnotic result. Distracting the person while they’re performing an auto-pilot behavior, like shaking a hand; the hypnotist can jolt that person into hypnosis.

Watch the hypnosis video compilation below to see how the instant induction technique is used during stage hypnosis shows.

Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Instant Inductions Performed by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker


Your conscious, everyday waking state represents less than 10% of your total brain function.

Conscious: 10%
Subconscious: 90%


Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker has been performing hypnosis shows for over twenty years. In those two decades, he’s managed to film and upload hundreds of comedy hypnosis videos. If you’re intrigued by hypnosis and want to laugh out loud, check out our comedy hypnosis videos playlist and share your favorite hypnotic moment.


As a professional hypnotist that has performed in 38 countries, Hypnotist Richard Barker receives dozens of hypnosis questions each day. In an effort to help spread awareness on what hypnosis truly is, we have an interactive database on our website dedicated to answering your hypnosis FAQs. Find an answer to your hypnosis question.


Want to learn more about Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker? Whether you’re looking to book a seasoned and professional hypnotist or you’re interested in the unique background of the Incredible Hypnotist, you can check out his complete bio. Did you know that Richard Barker started out as a soldier in the British army? Learn more below.


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