Comedy Hypnotist A Day in the Life

Comedy Hypnotist A Day in the Life

Comedy Hypnotist A Day in the Life

Some jobs just take the cake when it comes to being unique and badass. Heck, some of them can even make well above six figures! introducing a blog about being a comedy hypnotist a day in the life

One career that makes that much and still gets a “Really?” is comedy hypnotist. Of course, the real question everyone should be asking is, “How do you become a comedian who hypnotizes people for a living?”

That, believe it or not, is the reason for this article. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a working comedy hypnotist? Well, wonder no more!

Here’s what it takes to learn hypnosis and turn it into a satisfying, hilarious career.

How do You Learn Hypnosis?

The cool thing about hypnotism is, it can do a lot of things. From curing phobias to meditation to illusions to humor (of course), hypnosis is a fantastic talent that all people should learn. But how exactly does one educate themselves about hypnotism?

There are multiple ways to learn:

  • live events, seminars, or training programs
  • video training programs
  • books on hypnosis
  • the Internet (a.k.a. good old YouTube)

Choose whichever way is best for you. If you can foot the bill, taking a course live or getting the materials and teaching on your own time is by far the best. However, you can still learn to hypnotize people by finding free resources such as library books or Internet tutorials.

As far as how long it takes to learn hypnosis, the truth is you can learn it all in as little as 10 days. Even though it can take such a short time to get a complete knowledge of hypnotism, you still have to practice. Get really good by repeatedly practicing hypnosis (hopefully on a willing subject or yourself).

Once you’re consistent with your hypnosis, then you can move onto your routine.

How do You Use Hypnotism with Humor?

When you’re improving your hypnotism powers, always be thinking of how you can use certain aspects of the trade humorously. There are infinite roads you can go down in your comedy hypnotist routine, so keep your options open by coming up with puns, silly “hypnotist words,” and funny ways to include the audience.

For the humor part, perhaps consider taking a seminar on comedy as well. If you aren’t the best with being on stage, you’ll need to conquer your fears of being a showman and learn how to project your voice and timing, among other tricks of the trade.

A great tip is to learn from other hypnotist comedian’s material. There are clips and full recordings of live shows that comedians before you have performed. Watch them with a critical eye, asking yourself what worked for them and if that could work for you.

Once you have your own material, create the bones of your routine. Make sure you build something that you can do. When it comes to being a comedy hypnotist, you need to be yourself the most on stage; have your routine center around your personality.

What are the Specifics of Being a Hypnotist Comedian

There are many factors in being a comedy hypnotist. Here are a few of them…

Keep Your Subjects Calm

This is how you start hypnotizing them in the first place. Create this persona of having a spiritual connection by having a calm demeanor. When you’re calm, your willing participants are calm.

This helps you hypnotize your subjects while making the crowd pay attention. You don’t want anybody nervous or freaking out, especially if it’s someone on stage. Maybe even use calming music or instruments in your show to give people the impression that this is a safe space. (Which it is…if you know what you’re doing.)

Always Remember Your Training

If you’re ever having any doubts, you have your education to fall back on. Your routine might be lagging in a spot or you’re just not in the right mindset to perform on stage that day. But keep your training at the forefront of your mind and you’ll never fail at hypnotizing participants. Comedy Hypnotist- A Day in the Life

The great part of your routine is people will be so transfixed on the hypnotized individuals that you can almost slink into the background of your own show without causing mass confusion. Let your hypnotized subjects create the humor instead of trying to time out jokes. This is where hypnotist comedy really gets its laughs from anyways.

A Soothing Voice

Piggybacking off the first characteristic, you must have a soothing voice. It’s great for hypnotizing people. Then, when you have your subjects in a trance, change up your voice into something extremely chipper or excited.

The change of pace should do good for a laugh or two. Plus, it keeps everybody lighthearted. It is a comedy show, after all…

When talking in general on stage, you should have a commanding, loud voice that exudes confidence in your craft and allows the whole audience to hear. Once it comes to hypnotizing people, go soothing. Finally, when you have people hypnotized, go right back to your original voice. Comedy Hypnotist A Day in the Life, is this something you can do or want in your life?

People will wonder how the subjects can stay hypnotized with your booming voice.

Keeping the Routine Moving Along

Sometimes you have a volunteer that won’t follow instructions. That’s okay, but the show must go on. If a person is giving you fits by not focusing on a spot or giggling and not paying attention, you can always ask them to please exit the stage.

It isn’t rude to do this, especially if they were being rude by volunteering and then blatantly not going by the rules. Go for the eager and enthusiastic people in the audience but if they cause a ruckus, get a dose of sick satisfaction and boot them back to their seats.

…Politely, of course.

Being a Comedy Hypnotist is Incredibly Rewarding

If you ever felt like you had a purpose to both make people laugh and put them in a trance, then this is the perfect job position for you. A comedy hypnotist is rare; but, if you can pull off the grace and bravado necessary to be successful, the sky is the limit for your career. Comedy Hypnotist A Day in the Life is something within your reach. Contact me today to find out more.

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