Comedy Hypnotist on Good Day Sacramento

comedy hypnotist on Good Day Sacramento

Live Hypnosis on Morning Show

Comedy Hypnotist on Good Day Sacramento

The comedy hypnotist on Good Day Sacramento was none other than world-renowned hypnotist, Richard Barker. Just in case you missed the wildly popular Hypnosis segment over in California, here are the highlights.

  • Richard Barker and the Anchors Discuss Hypnosis on The Late Late Show
  • Responses to Skeptics of Comedy Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnosis in Box Office Hit Film, Get Out.
  • Finding Misplaced Items in Your Subconscious Mind
  • Hypnotizing Good Day Sacramento Crew Member Dom

Here’s the behind the scenes video of the Live show at Good Day Sacramento.



Good Day Sacramento | Interview with a Comedy Hypnotist

Co-Host Ken Rudulph kicks off the interview with a very familiar question. “I’m gonna be honest, I am the skeptic that doesn’t understand hypnosis. But you deal with that all the time. How do you get through that block?”

“There are a lot of skeptics and basically part of my job is to explain what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. In other words, what Hollywood portrays hypnosis to be and what hypnosis is in reality. What actually happens with hypnosis is I have a conversation with the subconscious mind. During that conversation, the subconscious mind will accept what I say and what I say becomes truth to the person I’m hypnotizing.” – Comedy Hypnotist Richard Barker

Good Day Sacramento Host Cody Stark jokes with Richard, “Apparently you only perform hypnosis on really handsome people? Is that true?” The Incredible Hypnotist laughed aloud and a little friendly banter was tossed around at the Good Day Sacramento television studio. Barker goes into how he became a hypnotist 20 years ago.

“I started as a police officer; a bit of a bizarre way into the profession, I know. I started hypnosis using NLP. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it’s the art of memory recall. I used to help people remember what they couldn’t remember in their conscious, everyday life. It also works in a personal environment as well. People use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to remember where they misplaced something. For instance, you can use NLP if you lose a wedding ring and you just have no idea where it is. A hypnotist can get your mind to remember where you last saw the ring and it can be located through the subconscious mind.”

Recently watching the smash hit, Get Out, Ken discusses hypnotic techniques found in the horror flick. In the film, a hypnotist taps her teacup with a spoon to trigger her subject into a state of hypnosis. The Incredible Hypnotist explains how you can use anchors to induce someone’s mind into a hypnotic state. As Richard recently explained to The Daily Good Magazine:

“Her use of the teacup was an accurate display of how hypnotists use anchors to focus their patients—the same goes for the clinking noise she makes with her spoon. ‘We use tapping, or a certain word, or a trigger, or a phrase,’ says Barker, ‘which is basically a signal to the brain to go right back where you need to be’—aka relaxed and receptive. Of course, the process of sinking into a hypnotic state usually isn’t traumatic.”

Watch the full interview of the Comedy Hypnotist on Good Day Sacramento’s YouTube video below.


Guiding Good Day Sacramento Crew into Hypnosis

If you’re a fan of Richard Barker, you know what’s coming next. During this stage, the Incredible Hypnotist uses a series of techniques to coax and calm his subjects into a deeply relaxed state. The morning show’s host, Cody Stark, and crew member, Dom Johnson, volunteer to be hypnotized. Barker prepares Cody and Dom to begin their hypnosis session.

  • Dom Johnson is given the embedded command that he’s completely forgotten his name.
  • Cody Stark’s embedded suggestion involves a falling and flopping tongue.
  • Dom can’t seem to get out of the super glue hold his chair has on him.
  • Barker places positive suggestions into Cody’s mind.

Will Dom and Cody both fall into a deep state of hypnosis? Watch the second segment below and be prepared to be mystified.



FBI Agent Found on the Set of Good Day Sacramento

The final hypnosis demonstration goes into what helps a person go into a hypnotic state. Comedy Hypnotist Barker explains, “We’re doing this on live television. I have you focused on a fixed point but if you have someone move in the way, it’ll break your concentration. The sounds around you or any other distraction can break your concentration. Hypnosis is not a direct science; it’s not going to work 100% of the time.”

The audience of Good Day Sacramento sees firsthand that Dom Johnson is somnambulistic. Stage hypnotist Richard Barker explains, “If you have a bad habit you want to remove like smoking or weight loss; or removing fears and phobias, Dom showcases the natural state of hypnosis that can achieve positive results in these areas.”

Hosts Ken and Cody are then shocked to learn that professional athletes use hypnosis as a performance enhancer. “Sports professionals utilize hypnosis to get themselves ‘In the Zone.’ Getting into this hypnotic trance allows them to perform at a higher level. Hypnosis is a heightened sense of awareness. It increases your abilities rather than decreases them.”

To end the live hypnosis segment, Cody gets the Incredible Hypnotist to help Dom believe that he is genuine FBI agent. Snapping out of a sleep state, Dom quickly lowers himself to one knee while shouting, “Freeze, FBI!” The subliminal message feels so real to Dom, you can see the new FBI agent reach for his earpiece to better understand his orders.”

Watch the hilarious ending on Good Day Sacramento’s YouTube video below.



World-renowned hypnotist Richard Barker loves spreading the word of hypnosis. While this live demo focuses on comedy hypnosis show examples, there are a number of ailments and issues a hypnotherapist can help you with. To learn more about the many benefits of hypnosis, click on an article below that most interests you.

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