Creator Summit – YouTubers Hypnotized

Creator Summit With Richard Barker

Creator Summit

Creator Summit is an event held by GOOGLE who as you may know own YouTube. The event is to appreciate the top 100 channel creators on YouTube. I was lucky enough to be hired by GOOGLE and Sunset Lane Entertainment to deliver a seminar and demonstration of the power of the mind and the multiple streams of focus we have. I traveled to NYC with friend fellow Hypnotist Marc Marshall and together we went to the Highline Stages complex to hypnotize famous YouTubers.

YouTube gathered together their top producers, vloggers and video producers with millions of followers each and brought them to New York City for the 2016 YouTube Creator Summit #creatorsummit. These stars included people like Yousef Erakat, also know to his followers as #fouseytube; Joey Graceffa (#joeygraceffa); Alex Wassabi (#alexwassabi); and Jamal Edwards, MBE (#sbtv).  Each of these YouTube entrepreneurs have tapped into the power of social media and have created a new avenue for entertainment and expression.  They have millions of subscribers and billions of views on their YouTube channels.  This makes them a very hot commodity in the entertainment industry and in the eyes of traditional entertainment industry.

Check out this awesome video of the event, I love how we used all the video posted from the YouTubers. There were lots of video shots to choose from and this video contains a 7 camera angle shoot. This is a fantastic representation of hypnosis and stage hypnotism. It was a pleasure to work with YouTube and the Creator Summit  (#creatorsummit) hosts of this event. It was put together with pure class and professionalism and the creator summit is an excellent idea and reward for those using the YouTube platform. Make sure you follow me on YouTube.

The YouTube stars were totally immersed in this event, watch the awesome video and please share it.


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