Does Hypnosis Show Sound Matter?

does hypnosis show sound matter

Does Hypnosis Show Sound Matter?

This blog is specifically written for you if you have booked the Incredible Hypnotist Show featuring Richard Barker. Richard needs you to understand some critical points and facts that will help your booked hypnosis show become a success. Some clients who book the show don’t realize that hypnosis show sound matters. The sound of the show is totally overlooked even though we send a technical rider to each booker of the show.

This show is extremely auditory; in fact if the volunteers cannot hear hypnotist Richard Barker you really haven’t got a show because they won’t hear the information he gives them to be hypnotized. I have witnessed hundreds of Richard’s shows and the sound is always an important issue. Richard must be heard both by voice and with the hypnotic music he plays and sound cues. Recently I have seen some shows where the sound was terrible and the show suffered.

If you are to supply the sound system for Richard to use please make sure it is the best it possibly can be. Under no circumstances do the following

1. Never give him a corded microphone
2. Never use hotel or banquet room speakers in the ceiling
3. Never place the sound system so far away he can’t use it
4. Never have louder sound nearby overriding his show like a monster truck or band
5. Have someone close by who knows how to operate the sound

Let’s turn this hypnotic sound blog over to Richard
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The Incredible Hypnotist Answers Your Questions
Does Hypnosis Show Sound Matter?

I have many horror stories to tell you but lets point out the basics; without good clean sound there is no effective hypnosis show. I performed in a large GYM in Texas a few years ago where I was given an aerobic instructors headset microphone. The sound was so bad I lost 5 volunteers on each end of the committee – so 10 people in total on the ends who just simply could not hear me. I have performed a show where there was no microphone and I was expected to shout through the show. I ended up losing my voice and canceled shows after words for a week. I have performed in hotels and restaurants where those little speakers in the ceiling have exploded and died because they are not designed for a stage show. They distort and are terrible. If the volunteers cannot hear me on stage it is not going to be a great show. They need to hear me clearly and musical prompts. Do not overlook sound during a hypnosis show, I will be talking most of the time and unlike most other shows mine relies heavily on speech.

Here are the basics:

1. Supply a quality wireless microphone with fresh batteries and good range
2. Supply a good set of speakers on poles either side of the stage
3. Supply a good amplifier 300W or more close to the stage
4. Supply an input for an IPAD or headphone jack cable going to sound system
5. Minimize external noises-if at a fairground it is tough but don’t schedule monster truck or band the same time as a hypnosis show. Be aware if you are in a banquet room or restaurant the servers need to be quiet during the show. Any external sounds could break someone’s concentration when it counts
6. Make sure everything has been sound checked and tested or get someone to do it
7. A monitor on the front of the stage is a great way to increase the quality of the sound to the volunteers.
8. The audience members must be quiet for about 5 minutes during the performance of the trance. I can ask people to keep the noise down but ultimately if they don’t it can ruin the show. Recently I performed a corporate gig where the audience were so noisy and disrespectful most of the volunteers could not be hypnotized because of the noise. I can only do so much then need the booker to assist and Police the environment for me.

Sound is critical so please take this advice and we will have an awesome show. Please contact my team to discuss who is supplying what equipment if you need any help. I can supply all of the above if I need to or certain elements of it


Richard Barker



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