Ellen Did It: Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Ellen Stop Smoking with hypnotherapy

Can You Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy?

Absolutely! Hypnotherapy is a great way to kick your nasty smoking habit.


Ellen said that she struggled with smoking as a teenager; smoking with the kids and friends on the block. She said, “I thought it was cool and you know, you think it’s cool because everyone was doing it. I’ve never wanted to admit to my executive producer that I wanted to stop smoking with hypnosis. I did think practices like hypnosis sessions were propaganda.” Hypnosis can help you stop smoking and quickly. Hypnosis for smoking cessation makes you immediately healthier. If Ellen can stop smoking with hypnotherapy, so can you. 

Smoking is nothing more than a bad behavior locked inside your subconscious mind; you don’t smoke to survive, therefore it is a learned behavior picked up from friends or family (and sometimes from seeing luminaries smoke in the media). Perform any habit long enough and eventually it will become second nature. Perform the same task over and over again; and one day, you’ll find that you just become good at it. Similar to riding a bike, it becomes automatic. It’s something you do – you smoke. Take a lesson from Ellen and stop smoking with hypnotherapy.

Most pills or patches for smoking cessation target the conscious mind or mask all the symptoms. Unless you are changing the cycle of behavior, how can you expect a pill or patch to work? The conscious mind contains willpower and short-term memory, while your long-term memory and habits live in your subconscious. It makes sense that in order to stop smoking you must make changes inside your subconscious. The only way to stop smoking for life is to disconnect the habit of smoking forever and implant affirmations where the habits once existed. I believe cigarettes have nothing to do with addiction or being “hooked” on nicotine. Smoking is all about your association with people, places, thoughts and feelings.


Not everyone can afford a private, one-on-one clinical hypnotherapy session with me. But in an effort to help as many people as possible, I recorded a detailed and effective smoking cessation hypnosis session. Swing by my MP3 dedicated to helping you stop smoking for good.


Incredible Hypnotist Stop Smoking MP3


Whether you are looking to quit smoking, moderate your alcohol intake or beat depression, clinical hypnosis can help. Cruise through my available digital Hypnosis Sessions to find one that speaks directly to you. If you’re ready, you can start changing your undesirable behavior in a matter of moments.


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