How Coronavirus Is Impacting Small Business as well as Hypnotists


The coronavirus has quickly made business as usual almost impossible for nearly every small business in this country. Whether or not direct state orders have been made to shut a particular industry down, every business owner in the country is experiencing difficulties because people have needed to change their habits.

We’re going to discuss those difficulties below, giving you some insights into how small businesses like hypnotherapists are being affected by the current pandemic.

Hopefully, we can help you understand what’s going on and what precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Impact of the Coronavirus

It’s almost unimaginable how quickly things have changed for everyone in the world over the past month. Countries are making strict decisions to shut down public spaces, communities are in quarantine, and small businesses have experienced a sharp blow to their bottom lines.

There’s nothing that anyone can do to change the state of things or improve business during this time. That’s what makes things so difficult. That doesn’t change the fact, though, that people’s livelihoods are on the line.

Some small businesses might not be able to make it through this event, while others are going to have to tighten their belts to get back on their feet.

One huge aspect of the equation is the lives of employees.

How Employees are Affected

The fact that the government is suggesting social distancing and periods of quarantine makes it difficult for employees to come into work. It’s also challenging to require people to come to work because it could compromise their health and safety.

That said, a two-week quarantine could set most Americans back in terms of their rent payments. Not to mention those that have student loan debt, medical bills, childcare fees, and other payments to consider.

Some businesses have the advantage of paid time-off while most employees are left with no paycheck for the time being. There’s some discussion of federal aid in light of the pandemic, but it’s difficult to say how that money will be distributed to everyone.

Additionally, some cities and states are discussing delivering aid packages to citizens. These benefits would be helpful to a lot of people, but it’s difficult to weigh the value of one person missing two weeks of work, let alone an entire state’s population.

How Businesses are Affected

Quarantines have effectively cut off revenue streams for most small businesses. Consumers are rushing out to large chains to buy supplies in bulk, not go shopping for more specific items at small businesses.

This is the unfortunate reality in times of need. A select few industries might be thriving if they happen to sell supplies like toilet paper, non-perishable goods, or hand sanitizer, but most other sectors are struggling.

Hospitality and food service, for example, are increasingly stretched for ideas, and most businesses have no option but to shut down for some time. The jury is still out on how long the shutdown will be and whether or not many businesses will be able to survive it.

The well-being of community businesses could be directly affected by the policies and ideas that landlords have for rent fees during this time. Landlord flexibility could be significantly affected by the bank and municipal policies regarding mortgage payments.

Let’s take a look at hypnotherapists, a great example of one group of professionals affected by this pandemic.

How Coronavirus Affects Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy is essential for some people. Just like some people need mental health counseling, and others need medications, some people require hypnotherapy.

The difficulty is, the priority to seek or reach out for hypnotherapists is diminished by the need to avoid the virus. Naturally, people aren’t making new appointments, and the existing appointments are getting canceled. The good news though is that lots of hypnotists can conduct business as normal online.

These direct face to face measures are for the health of the client as well as the hypnotherapist. Sessions are typically conducted in close contact, and it’s vital that people are socially distancing during this time. There are varying suggestions that people should stay 3 to 6 feet away from each other at all times. You can still see a hypnotist, just use Zoom or Skype and other online meeting platforms.

Further, the financial uncertainty of this time is restricting budgets in a way that doesn’t allow for sessions. While people may be able to afford the sessions normally and having savings that complement their income, there’s a great deal of uncertainty around the virus.

For example, people aren’t sure if the small business they work for will be running by the time their quarantine is over. They’re not sure if they’ll be paid for the time they’ve missed while in quarantine.

All of these factors come together to affect all businesses comprehensively.

Things to Keep in Mind

It might be tricky to keep a level head in these times of uncertainty. We must work together to handle the virus so that we can get back to business as usual.

The quicker things pass, the faster people get their paychecks, and small businesses can keep thriving. Those who are worried about paying their rent on time should stay posted on statewide and federal announcements related to the possibility of getting compensation for having to miss work.

Additionally, we can all improve the issue by doing our best to self-isolate and quarantine when required. While missing work and losing money are two very inconvenient realities, the health and safety of ourselves and our neighbors are the most important things.

Keep posted on alerts made by the CDC and your state and national websites. While the information on social media can keep you relatively updated as to what’s happening, the most current information should come right from those sources.

The more we all cooperate and work to end the virus, the better chances small businesses have to succeed and return to normal.

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