How to Be a Comedy Stage Hypnotist

How to be a comedy stage hypnotist

Want to Learn How to Become a Comedy Stage Hypnotist?

I’ve helped countless people take action on their dreams to be a Comedy Stage Hypnotist. If you’re serious about learning the art of hypnosis, I can help you too!



How to Be a Comedy Stage Hypnotist


Visit my Comedy Stage Hypnotist Academy site and start gathering the tools and education you’re going to need to perform the best hypnosis shows possible.





After 20 years of experience, I tell everyone that wants to be a comedy stage hypnotist, you need to focus on 3 important factors:

  1. You need to find a reputable hypnosis school that will give you the right education and tools from the start of your career. Know your preferred education style. Do you like to sit in a classroom? Do you learn from watching videos and taking online courses? Do you need the sole attention of a hypnosis teacher and learn better from one-on-one training?
  2. The second factor is finding a mentor. Find a comedy stage hypnotist that is doing exactly what you would like to be doing. Read my comedy stage hypnotist biography and learn more about my style of hypnosis to see if it matches the direction you’d like to head towards as a hypnotist.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. You can read everything you need to know about becoming a hypnotist but diligent and focused practice is needed to master the art of hypnosis. Reading about Erickson’s Handshake Induction and having the confidence to perform the advanced technique are two very different ballgames.




I supply a plethora of different tools, guides and programs to help you learn to be an incredible hypnotist. Having earned a Master’s Degree in Education, I understand that my students all have different methods of learning that are most effective for them. As such, please take a look at the variety of hypnosis learning tools I have put into place:

Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Training Live Experience

If you seriously want to learn how to be a Comedy Stage Hypnotist in record time, this ultimate package will benefit you. The course material valued at over $3000.00 includes all of my  DVDs; tutorial videos; books; full show scripts; techniques; tricks; tips and tools. Come to the course program with absolutely no experience and leave a certified hypnotist.

Ultimate Online Stage Hypnosis Study Class

This class has video tutorials and step by step reports and advice that will blow your mind. Study at your own pace and when you are ready get out there earning money and performing shows.

The Hypnotist Stage Academy 10 DVD Home Study Box Set

“This DVD set is everything I expected it to be. I was very impressed. It is like attending Richard’s Seminar Live. Richard is nothing short of amazing. He is truly a professional at his craft. One of the best parts of the DVD set, is watching Richard instruct his students live in a lecture setting. You will also see his students test their skills, with instant induction, right out in public. His instructions are very easy to follow, and his confidence is what impressed me the most. I can’t wait to watch the entire set all over again. If you can follow instructions, I don’t think there is anyway you can fail, after watching and following Richards expert instruction. I hope to meet Richard in person someday, to thank him for sharing his knowledge and skills with me. This is a must have! Thanks Richard!”

(PS I suggest you watch Richard’s Show on YouTube. That is how I first found out about him.)

The Incredible Business Master Class (For Entertainers)

A world-class marketing course that will allow you to successfully market your new comedy hypnosis show online and offline. Jam packed with marketing tips, tricks and techniques that WILL help you book more shows.

Secrets Of The Stage Revealed. The Guide To Hypnosis And Stage Hypnotism- (Book)

“I have this book, and would recommend it to anyone. Richard explains the history behind hypnosis, all the way up to it’s current day uses. As a hypnotist myself, I use this book as my ‘hypnosis bible.’ I find myself going back and reading this book, and picking up new tips or ideas all the time. If you are a hypnotist, or are just interested in hypnosis, this is a must read.” -Mike

Selling Hypnotically, The Art Of Suggestion- Physical and Ebook

“Reading the book has changed my perception of the world around me. I now know that, ‘I don’t see the world, I feel it. I’m noticing covert hypnosis everywhere! I can’t watch a movie, TV show or even a comedy special without noticing the hypnotic techniques found in the media. I love learning new things that make me second guess what I know to be true. I love information that changes my perception and forces me to look at old beliefs in a new light. This book did just that… and this information was so cheap; 8 bucks and poof, a third eye has been opened. Love the book; it’s an easy read that’s packed with insightful information for anyone that is selling or marketing or product.” -Natalie


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