How to Be a Street Hypnotist: An Introductory Guide to Street Success

street hypnotist

You’ve made the decision to be a street hypnotist. Congratulations! Now it’s time to choose your own hours and make money blowing people’s minds with what looks like dark magic to most.  

There are some tips and tricks you’ll need for success. We’ve got them for you right here. Ready to start your new life in street hypnosis? Read on!

How to Become a Street Hypnotist

There’s a bunch of ways you can get started as a street hypnotist. You can approach someone already doing it and ask them to mentor you. You can take a professional course from an incredible hypnotist to make sure you get it right from day one.

You could try learning from a book or YouTube videos but we would advise you not to. It’s better actually connecting with a trained professional, and learning trade secrets straight from the horse’s mouth.

What about where to run this gig? Let’s take a look.

Choosing Your Location

The best spots for street hypnosis are those where the acoustics are good enough for subjects and the crowd to hear you well, and where there isn’t too much surrounding noise to drown you out or distract your hypnosis subject. Moderately busy sidewalks in a tourist hot spot are often best.

College campuses can be another perfect spot. Crowds there are more open to being subjects, and you’ll get a good audience since people are rarely in a rush.

Making the Approach

Try being open and friendly. The law of reciprocity suggests they’ll be open to you in turn. You introduce yourself, “Hi, my name is ..…” and then try a line like, “I’ve got a couple of questions for you guys.”

This often piques their curiosity. You can ask what they know about their subconscious mind. If you’ve still got their attention, you’re doing great!

Interest them with a bit of a challenge: would they believe that their subconscious mind is so powerful it can control their conscious mind and body? By now they’ll be a little curious, and it’s time to make your pitch, see if they’ll give hypnosis a go.

The trick to asking them questions like in the example above is it makes them focus on you. Humans are naturally curious and we love a puzzle. It has the added benefit of setting you up as an authority.

That’ll pay big dividends once you get to the induction. A word of warning – if you can, avoid even using the word hypnosis, as it can trigger a bit of fear or resistance. You might say, “would you believe me if I told you I could control that part of your mind?” and ask if they want to give it a try.

Watch as they jump right in, determined to prove you wrong!

What Hypnosis Works Best on the Street?

You’ve made the decision to be a street hypnotist. Now comes learning the trade. When you’re out there on the street, you don’t have the luxury of 15 to 20 minutes in a quiet room to relax someone and win their trust before you hypnotize them.

What street hypnotists usually do instead is what’s called an instant induction. This is where you get someone from handshake to trance in less than two minutes.

The beauty of an instant induction is that it happens so quick you bypass the critical factor of your participant’s mind. They don’t get time to cynically analyze what you’re trying to do. Click, and they’re hypnotized.

Obviously, the other obvious benefit is that it wildly impresses the crowd! They’ll think you’re some sort of magician since they don’t get the science behind it.

They’re Hypnotized; Now What?

Once you’ve got your subject in a trance state using your instant induction skills, there are a few directions you can take it. You could tell them their fingers are stuck together. There’s the age-old favor of turning them into a chicken.

You might even ask them before putting them into a trance about a goal they have, and then focus them on getting them closer to it in hypnosis, as a sort of hypnotherapy. Work on your spontaneity. Try different tricks once subjects are in the trance state.

Open with different propositions and take some creative risks. If you screw it up you’ve lost nothing – you’ll have a whole new crowd in fifteen minutes time! This keeps it fresh for you, and if you’re enjoying yourself the crowd certainly will.

What to Do When Street Hypnosis Goes Wrong

Sometimes things just won’t work. It’s fine; it’s just part of the learning process. We all have bad days at work, in any profession.

If a subject is too resistant to get into the trance state, don’t sweat it. Just thank them graciously and ask for the next volunteer. Chances are the next contender will be more relaxed, assuming you can’t do this. That makes it easier for you than ever! 

A common problem on the hypnotist side of things is a lack of confidence. The subjects have to believe you are in control in order to let go and fall into a trance response. If you’re feeling unsure, they’ll smell it.

A word of warning here; you should be confident, not arrogant – it’s a thin line!

Some Tricks to Getting It Right

If you believe you can do this, you’ll be able to. Our thoughts create our realities. As a hypnotist, you know the power of the subconscious better than most!

As you get more experienced you’ll know how to read the crowd for people more likely to be compliant. These make perfect subjects for instant induction.

As you’re warming up for the induction you can test them with simple commands to see how easily they comply. For example, “I’ll get you to take a quick step to the right here.”

The real trick to street hypnosis is speed. It’ll get easier to move from invitation and acceptance to trance state and applause with experience. The quicker you can get this timing down, the longer the crowd will stick around to watch.

Ideally, you want to grab their attention early to stop them from getting bored and wandering off.

I Command You to Go Get Hypnotizing!

You’re ready now to get out there having fun and wowing crowds. All while making money as a street hypnotist. It’s time to make the jump.

Why not give yourself the best chance of success by studying how the experts do it, by learning from respected professionals? That way, you avoid scammers and trial and error while starting out. Check out our website for course dates, and reserve your training place today!

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