How To Lose Weight

We say “lose weight” because that is the number one Google search “How to lose weight”. A better term is “weight management” or “how to reduce weight”. Nevertheless, we have to do what works for weight loss in the Google algorithm.

I like to help my clients visualize when they see me online or in person for a hypnosis session. It helps them really understand calories and the body. Check out this comparison of what 400 calories looks like in your stomach

How To Lose Weight

This simple picture instantly shows you what eating 400 calories look like and how it makes you feel in the stomach, known as the fullness level. Please share and show others this visual.

I like these simple graphs because you can visually and easily see what the same amount of calories can do for you. As you know, one of the secrets to weight loss is to only consume the number of calories you can burn.

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I learned what a calorie was when I learned hypnosis and realized that one bag of candy or just one chocolate bar could equal 12 pieces of fruit.

How To Lose Weight

Losing weight with hypnosis may sound too good to be true, but it is actually a very effective method for weight loss. Here’s how it works: by accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis can help to change the way you think about food and eating. This can lead to a reduction in the number of calories you consume each day, which will help you to lose weight.

In addition to helping you to eat less, hypnosis can also help you to make healthier food choices. For example, you may find that you start craving fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy junk food. And because hypnosis can also help to increase your motivation and willpower, you’ll find it easier to stick to your healthy eating plan and reach your weight loss goals.

it is very helpful to sometimes make comparisons when you are measuring your calorie intake and to see it clearly and visually. Get in touch if you would like to explore your options for hypnosis for weight loss. Just fill out the little chat window on the lower right of this page or fill out the contact form.

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