Hypnosis Class with Richard Barker

hypnosis class

Richard Barker, known as the Incredible Hypnotist, is a world-renowned comedy stage hypnotist who has been entertaining and educating audiences about the power of hypnosis for over 20 years. With his extensive experience, engaging style, and proven training methods, Barker is the go-to expert for those looking to learn the art of stage hypnosis. He has one hypnosis class training opportunity in the USA this year.

Stage Hypnosis Class

Richard Barker’s stage hypnosis class is like a magic school for the mind, where students learn to captivate audiences with the power of suggestion.  It’s a hands-on experience, with plenty of demonstrations and practice sessions to help you master the art of rapid inductions and keeping volunteers engaged. Barker shares his secrets for creating a mesmerizing show, from language mastery to selecting the best participants.  It’s not just about the techniques though – you’ll also learn the business side of things, like marketing your skills and ensuring a successful performance. With Barker’s expertise and entertaining teaching style, you’ll leave the class ready to dazzle crowds and build a thriving career as a stage hypnotist.

Learn from A Hypnosis Expert

Learning from Richard Barker is like having a hypnosis superhero as your personal mentor. With his Master’s Degree in Education and over 20 years of experience in stage hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, and hypnosis training, Barker is uniquely qualified to guide you on your hypnotic journey. He’s not just a skilled practitioner, but also a gifted teacher who knows how to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. Barker’s training programs are comprehensive, covering everything from rapid inductions to marketing your shows, so you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed. Plus, his engaging style and passion for hypnosis make learning fun and exciting, like embarking on a mind-bending adventure. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to take your skills to the next level, Richard Barker is the ultimate hypnosis guide, ready to help you unlock your full potential and mesmerize audiences with your newfound powers

Comedy Hypnosis Class USA

The Hypnotist Stage Academy is offering a live comedy hypnosis class in Salem, Virginia in July 2024, led by world-renowned hypnotist Richard Barker. This immersive training is like a bootcamp for aspiring stage hypnotists, packed with hands-on demonstrations, practice sessions, and insider tips from Barker’s decades of experience. You’ll learn the art of rapid inductions, crafting hilarious routines, and captivating audiences with your newfound hypnotic powers. It’s not just about the laughs though – you’ll also gain valuable business skills, from marketing your shows to handling contracts and technical riders. With a small class size limited to just 6 participants, you’ll get plenty of personal attention and guidance from Barker himself, ensuring you leave the class ready to take the stage by storm. If you can’t make it to Salem, don’t worry – the Hypnotist Stage Academy also offers a comprehensive online training program, so you can learn the secrets of comedy hypnosis from the comfort of your own home

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