Hypnotist Helps With Post Election Stress Disorder

Hypnotist Helps With Post Election Stress Disorder

NEWS ALERT: People Around the World Getting Help with Post Election Stress Disorder (PESD) by Turning to Hypnosis

The elections were something else this year. Hypnotist Richard Barker has been flooded with clients requesting hypnotherapy sessions to help deal with post election stress disorder.


There is no doubt just how high the emotions ran and are still running in the veins of many people around the world. It seems this was not just about America; but about core emotions in many populations throughout the world. As a Professional Hypnotist, whenever I hear the word “Emotion” my ears prick up because I know it is strongly tied to the subconscious mind and therefore can be changed to a certain degree through hypnosis. Read on to learn how a hypnotist helps with post election stress disorder.


I was very interested to see that the professional pollsters totally got the result of the election wrong, as did most news outlets. The will of the people can never be fully understood or predicted; if it could we would have seen the rise of Hitler coming in the 1930’s A large percentage of Americans went out and voted on mass during this election, it was an unprecedented turnout. So when the results were announced can you have a guess at how some successful people with their emotions in check might have responded to the election?

A large percentage of Americans went out and voted on mass during this election, it was an unprecedented turnout. So when the results were announced can you have a guess at how some successful people with their emotions in check might have responded to the election? They did not respond the way that most Clinton supporters did. And they did not respond the way that most Trump supporters did.

They did something different to the majority… because the crowd tends to be wrong. What makes us, as humans, so powerful, is our ability to think rationally and with a degree of independence. Those that have conquered self mastery on a subconscious level reacted differently to the herd. I like to call this mastery the art of self Hypnosis

Yet at such an important time, we see emotions running high on all sides. Emotional messages definitely get more attention and this election certainly contained emotional messages about race and equality to name but a few. People act based upon emotion and it showed in the voting. There was a lot of energy mentally surrounding this election, just read social media to continue to see it and when you 2nd those energies are sucking you in a negative direction, it can be worth taking a moment of awareness. My friend and fellow Hypnotist Catherine Hickland calls it the emotional vampire that has the ability to suck the joy out of you. Negative people are the emotion flying vampires that can literally make you behave in a way that is against your usual upheld beliefs

What I’m about to say might change your day entirely… I remember being stressed and emotional a few weeks ago after a draining few weeks of hard work and travel, and I took a moment to sit in the sun and reflect. That’s when I observed my little Border Terrier called Sandi I’ll get back to the election in a minute…but this Dog is important… Sandi had no clue, She didn’t care about all the crazy thoughts, problems, fears, challenges, desires and emotions in my mind. In that moment I had never loved her more! She brought me a moment of calmness… Sandi did not care about all the things going on in the world… She just worked away to persuading me to throw her ball so she could chase it. She had her purpose, and she went on with it, without care for anything else…

I learned a lesson from Sandi that day, and she’ll never even know it. She taught me to take a step back and explore what I have control over, and focus on that instead of what I have no control over. She made me realize I was small too. This is a big world, and we’re a little like pieces to it’s jigsaw finding our way around it. We all want and need the same thing typically; to be validated and loved with appreciation for who we are. The best we can do at times is work on what we have control on, and hope that spills over to have a greater effect on the world

Back to the Election… This is not a political post and I am certainly not taking sides with what I think was a good or bad vote. I have the right to vote like anyone else and firmly believe my choice should be a private intimate one. I would like to share some insights however, that may help you with your work; business; family and relationship with yourself and others. You can create energy and direction that gives you force in the right direction whether what is happening in the world around you is good or bad… as long as you have a working mind and can move physically, you can do that.

I watched the election in my spare time with an aim to learn more about persuasion and influence and I was not disappointed. After all Obama’s campaign some years prior was also incredibly enlightening – after all he did hire some of the greatest & famous minds in marketing to help him. But the world is not the same as it was then. Like you, I could not help but get pulled in by this election… but my purpose was to grow my understanding and knowledge about persuasion, influence and marketing. There is a lot to learn from all sides,so let’s stick to that. What’s clear is we’re not in the same world as 10 years ago and people are thinking very differently. That’s an important lesson and that’s out of our control.

So What Happened…

Last year on my website, Trumpnosis, I talked about Donald Trump’s skill at getting attention and framing narratives. Hillary Clinton is also incredibly skilled at this but I noticed TRUMP in-particular had a certain skill for hypnosis on a mass scale Hypnosis for Post Election Stress Disorder Hypnosis For Post Election Stress Disorder Getting more TV coverage drastically improves a candidate’s chance of being elected… and this is true for anyone in business to some degree (usually minus the controversy). But there’s more to it… Trump’s win in the presidential race is another demonstration of how radically media and persuasion has changed since the advent of the internet…

With so much noise out there, and such competing and sophisticated demands for attention, and being only a click away from the next enticing thing, it’s resulted in simple and highly emotional messages getting more attention. That would explain why Bernie Sanders more complex narratives failed… they did not fit into the current fast paced media and online cycle. We could be upset about the state of the media, but it’s not something we have much control over.

Simple & Emotional = Viral

The Trump movement has revealed a critical aspect of modern persuasion and marketing.

The effectiveness of a candidate’s campaign has been in their ability to create a narrative and draw people into that frame, and make it catchy and simple so it gets attention. For example… A key narrative of Trump was fighting the corrupt establishment & corrupt candidate to bring radical change… A key narrative of Clinton was to stop an unqualified, egotistical, risky maniac from getting into office, to bring togetherness. These are highly emotional and controversial narratives that people can get attached to. If you sit on one side of the fence, then your preferred candidate has narratives that probably resonate with you. And you probably haven’t bought into the other candidates narrative.

The story they are telling either does not resonate with you or you don’t believe it. Whatever your message is in life whether self communication or a message you want to get out there to your clients,

Is your messaging simple enough for your audience?

Does it grab attention?

Does it pull on emotions?

Does it have a compelling narrative they can relate to?

Simple messages and tapping into emotions now have huge viral power online and offline to a degree that didn’t exist before.

That change is due to the massively increased amount of data, news and entertainment now hitting all of us every day. Compare the simplicity of their slogans…

Make America Great Again (he’s not the first to use this) vs. Stronger Together

Obama’s was also simple…‘Change We Can Believe In‘

Over 100 years ago back in the 1800s Abraham Lincoln could get away with a more complex slogan… “Don’t Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream”

In today’s fast paced attention lacking world simple emotional messages are memorable. They have real impact whereas we tend to discard nearly everything else simply because we have so little time (or attention spans) to analyze any particular message at depth. So the results are in and we understood this election to be different to any other in history, but why? Lets dig into the mind and why so many are suffering with Post Election Stress Disorder (PESD)

Since the election I have helped several people with PESD with guided hypnosis and the teaching of self hypnosis so that this and other things outside of their control don’t affect them negatively on an emotional level. People during this election voted based upon emotion and then later on tried to justify their vote with logic explanation later.

The cycle for some that has caused PESD is

1. Shock and Denial

2. Pain and Guilt

3. Anger and Blame

4. Depression

5. Upward Turn and Recovery (Hypnosis)

6. Working Through And Acceptance


To understand the gravity of this, roughly 50% of the country were happy with the result leaving another half that were not. It is clear that fear and emotions have been and continue to run at an all time high, especially since:

1. This was a particularly dirty election

2. Words and Behavior were displayed that were unprecedented

3. The main issues surrounding security and equality pull on emotions

4. The candidates were very different

5. Many feel it is time for a female President


The pain of those that backed Clinton is undeniable but the suffering is optional. I teach my clients to give themselves permission to grief but with a time frame in place. The loss of a loved one or result like this naturally follows with a sense of loss and bereavement but the trick is to give permission to the length of time you wish to feel the sadness first. Once this idea is given it makes sense to stick to the bereavement goal, if you don’t bereavement can control your life instead of you controlling your own life. I have an excellent downloadable MP3 for bereavement and sense of loss that you can obtain here.

I tell my clients during our PESD hypnosis session that nothing is permanent and everything first starts that emotion running with a thought. Program that thought to be different. Instead of wanting to feel post election stress, feel happy about your corner of the universe and all those that you love who are in it. If you have faith in something you are more likely to follow through, so it’s all about having faith in your thoughts and beliefs.

The country will sort itself out and so too will the leaders. Your civic duty was executed by voting and now it is time for personal growth and development. BE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE, Nobody is more responsible than you, so choose what you can control, which is happiness and the way you feel.

I tell my clients during our hypnosis session together to literally BE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED and then take action to improve and contribute to the universe. Practice the art of gratitude and be very grateful for what you have and what you can accomplish.

Everything first starts with a thought; so influence that thought process with positive affirmations similar to

“Each day in every way I’m feeling better about myself”

Don’t think yourself into a new way of living but live yourself into a new way of thinking. Take charge of your emotions through self hypnosis. Recently I was a guest at Entertainment Tonight on CBS and I helped some members of staff with PESD to overcome those feelings through self hypnosis. You can watch the video of what happened here.

Ask yourself this “Are you too good to be great?” rather than just “Make America great Again” how about “Make yourself great again” let’s turn up the self talk and get more proactive with your thoughts and feelings. Remove and release the feeling of anxiety and stress by replacing them with happier thoughts. You become what you surround yourself with so do not cohabit with the negative emotion vampires; you already know who they are.


Steps For Self Hypnosis after consulting your preferred hypnotist

1. Write down 10 positive affirmations on cue cards

2. Find a suitable place where you can relax without disruption

3. Darken the room or wear a face mask

4. Listen to some soothing induction music in a set of headphones (GET IT HERE)

5. Close your eyes and breathe deeply

6. Allow every muscle to relax from the top of your head to the tips of your toes

7. Breathe deeply

8. Visualize the most peaceful times in your life where everything was tranquil

9. As you relax deeply think of sleep and relaxation

10. Play back in your mind video of the happiest memories you have. Watch the videos of those moments like nothing else matters. Watch how wonderful those memories come flooding back.

11. Now visualize what you want to attract in the future. Visualize happiness; wealth; success or whatever it is that motivates you and imagine in your mind’s eye that you are getting it in abundance. What you focus on the most grows larger and becomes reality. Pull closer what you want to happen, and it will happen

12. Open your eyes and read out your affirmations, now go and rinse and repeat and I promise you will feel wonderful.


The power of self Hypnosis is magical and full of life enhancing goodness. The stress and anxiety people feel towards this election can simply melt away from them if only they practice self hypnosis. We don’t see the world around us, we think it. Therefore what we think about all day becomes our dominant thought and we move towards that dominance whether it is positive or negative.

My parting words are simply this; give yourself permission to take control back of your life and emotions. You are only one thought away from perfect happiness if you choose it to happen. Many cannot see the woods for the trees because they are in a state of foggy turmoil.

Give this article to someone who can be guided and helped by it. We are in a busy society bombarded with constant news media reports; we get our news on and offline and we get the opinions of others rammed down our throats constantly. An old self reflection tip is that you cannot see yourself in running water, we are too busy to see our own reflection because we are running like a busy stream in our chaotic lifestyles.

Please stop for a moment and look at your reflection in still water and decide if you are happy with what you see, make adjustments accordingly by following the self hypnosis principles I wish you every success on the road to happiness and removal of any lingering PESD For more on the mass hypnosis phenomenon go to https://trumpnosis.com and to reach out to me, please feel free to shoot me over a message using the contact form at https://incrediblehypnotist.com

Sincerely Richard Barker

Professional Hypnotist

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