Stage Hypnotist On ABC 7

Hypnotist On ABC 7 Richard Barker Hypnotist on Good Morning Washington DC

Stage Hypnotist On ABC 7

Did you catch the hypnosis show news segment?

Hypnotist on ABC 7 featuring Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist on Good Morning DC. Barker shares, “What a blast this was. I went to the ABC studios in Arlington and met up with the news anchors on the Good Morning Show. The plan was to hypnotize the reporter and anchor during the commercial break. I love the reactions from the cynical bystanders and how I can turn them into believers.”  

Take a look at the footage !!

Hypnotist On ABC 7 Richard Barker Hypnotist demonstrates to Good Morning Washington DC the power of Hypnotism. While both of the reporters felt highly relaxed, stage hypnotist, Richard Barker, was able to get one of them into a deeper hypnotic state.



Interested in the power of hypnosis? Watch more journalists and media professionals get hypnotized right before your very eyes: Hypnosis in News.

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