Logan Paul Hypnotized by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

Logan Paul Hypnotized by Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Was Logan Paul Hypnotized by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Barker?

Yes! Watch as Logan Paul Tries Hypnosis with the Incredible Hypnotist.


Did you catch the video that has been viewed millions of times in just a few shorts days? Logan Paul hypnotized by comedy stage hypnotist Richard Barker is a hilarious example of the powers of hypnosis. Read on to learn more about the funny hypnotic suggestions Barker planted into the LoGang’s minds. This hypnosis video demo is also a great way to learn more about comedy hypnosis.


Visiting Logan Paul in California

While performing his comedy hypnosis shows and appearing in several California media outlets, the Incredible Hypnotist popped into L.A. to meet up with YouTube star, Logan Paul. Barker comments on what an awesome guy Logan is, “Yeah, he’s a real pro and has fantastic energy for showcasing how creativity is key when it comes to comedy hypnosis.” Meeting up in Logan’s penthouse, the crew started filming right away.

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The Comedy Hypnosis Lineup

Superstar Logan Paul was obviously an eager volunteer for the comedy hypnosis demo. Barker commends the young man for always coming up with out-of-the-box and entertaining content. So when the Incredible Hypnotist and Logan got together, we all knew that a great video was going to be made. Johannes Bartl, part of the LoGang, was also present and a fantastic hypnosis volunteer.

As you can see in Logan Paul’s daily vlog, George Janko was just a bit apprehensive to try hypnosis. “Hypnotizing? Absolutely f***ing not. I don’t even know how to use my own brain. I don’t want someone else in my brain.”

Despite his protests, George did end up lining up with other members of the #LoGang to try hypnosis. Unfortunately, Janko wasn’t able to go into a deep hypnotic state. The LoGangers hypothesize that George wasn’t able to go into a hypnosis trance because all of the hair products he uses on a daily basis was blocking access to his brain. Now that’s funny!

Watch what happens when Logan Paul and Johannes Bartl get hypnotized (and George Janko tries to be hypnotized) in the video below.


Recapping the Funny Bits

To truly laugh out loud and experience the humor in comedy hypnosis, watching the video is a must. Below are some of the hypnotic suggestions and interactive activities the LoGang experienced while under hypnosis with Florida-based hypnotist Richard Barker:

International Milk Farmers

Watch as Logan Paul feverishly handles an imaginary cow as an expert milk farmer. Of course, the funny moments happen when the cow begins to let loose some of the most vile and awful farts. Logan Paul, being an expert farmer, continues his milking job despite the unpleasant odors. Just when Logan can’t take it anymore, Richard triggers the designated sleep word and Logan falls over. The most horrible smell turns into the best smell in the world. Watch as Logan Paul tries to sniff out the source of the fantastic aroma. This hunt leads to Logan smelling Johannes intensely and when Logan is awakened, he hilariously asks Johannes, “Bro, why did you put yourself under me?”

Erasing Information from Memory Banks

Using a handshake rapid induction technique, Richard Barker slips Johannes Bartl into a deep hypnotic sleep and causes him to forget his name. The LoGang laugh uncontrollably when Johannes is asked, “What’s your name, bro?” Johannes whispers with a smile, “You know my name.” Logan Paul laughs and shouts, “How’s he supposed to plug his Instagram account now?!”

On to the star, Logan Paul has the number two completely removed from his memory bank. Barker asks Logan to count his fingers and you can see the genuine shock and horror in Logan’s face when he can’t count passed his pinkie. The comedy stage hypnotist encourages Logan Paul to continue counting his fingers but Logan refuses to say the number three because he knows that it’s not right. In an extremely dazed and confused state, Logan stutters as he is asked, “How many arms do you have.” Logan insists, “I know how many arms I have; I just can’t say it!”

Logan Paul’s shock can truly be seen when Richard Barkers asks him, “What’s one plus one?” Logan just stares at Richard for a solid minute and during this pause, you can see Logan intensely trying to scan his brain for the correct answer. It’s one of the funniest parts of the entire comedy hypnosis video.

Logan Paul Hypnotizes Himself 

For laughs and to show the power of hypnosis, Richard has Logan hold his finger out in front of him. The comedy stage hypnotist dares Logan to stop his finger from moving towards the YouTube star’s forehead. Logan fights the momentum of his finger but cannot stop the index finger from slowly making its way to his face. The moment Logan’s index finger reaches his forehead, he falls into a self-induced state of hypnosis and topples over.


Hypnosis Discussions After the Demo


After the funny hypnosis demonstration is over, Richard Barker and the LoGang discuss what transpired while they were in a deep sleep. Bartl was given the memory of his name back; after which he immediately plugs his Instagram account. The group discusses why George wasn’t able to go under and Logan offers a reason, “You’re too tense, George. I tried to give you a back massage but it didn’t do sh*t.”

The entire comedy hypnosis session was a great hit and a lot of fun was had with the group.


Want to Collaborate and Try Hypnosis?

If you’re an influencer that has always wanted to try hypnosis, the Incredible Hypnotist wants to hear from you. Reach out and email celebrity hypnotist, Richard Barker, here and send over your information. Barker travels frequently and the next time he’s in your area, we’d be more than happy to create engaging and hilarious content that would benefit both channels.

Watch the Entire Comedy Hypnosis Video with Logan Paul and Celebrity Hypnotist Richard Barker


Your conscious, everyday waking state represents less than 10% of your total brain function.

Conscious: 10%
Subconscious: 90%


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Can a Comedy Hypnotist Tell if Someone is Susceptible to Hypnosis?

Show answer? Yes, a professional comedy stage hypnotist will use sneaky suggestibility tests to see if someone is easily susceptible to hypnosis. Here’s a spoiler alert for those of you thinking about attending a hypnosis show: The tests start even before the hypnotist comes out on stage!

Always remember, you’re dealing with a professional. An experienced stage hypnotist is able to easily interpret signs of someone’s susceptibility levels. We look at physical signs like pupil dilation, postural sway and someone’s accuracy to follow visual versus audio instructions. Learn more on our award-winning blog: Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered.

Is Comedy Hypnosis Fake?

Comedy hypnosis is a real form of hypnosis. Hypnosis allows a hypnotist to put a subject into a highly relaxed state that permits the hypnotist to speak with their subconscious mind. Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years because of the efficacy of embedding suggestions into someone’s mind.

Pointblank, comedy hypnosis is real; it’s just taking a fun and entertaining approach to the hypnosis process. Read the full answer here: Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered.

What Are Adult Comedy Hypnosis Shows Like?

For 21+ audiences, comedy hypnosis can be great fun, daring and entertaining. To keep this hypnosis FAQ clean, we won’t go into the specifics of what interactions go on at an adult only hypnosis comedy show. Be prepared to see wannabe exotic dancers strut their stuff on the hypnosis stage; designations of hilarious porn star names; and even, hilarious embedded suggestions involving an Elmo doll. Learn more on our award-winning Hypnosis Blog.

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