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Can You Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

“Hypnosis can help you change your thought processes and behaviors to affect change on a physical level. That’s why so many people that have a problem with their physical appearance turn to hypnosis for weight loss.” – Professional Hypnotist, Richard Barker

Hypnosis for weight loss remains to be a hot topic and a wildly used method to rid yourself of unwanted fat because it works. Whether you call is hypnosis, lipo-hypnosis, hypno-liposuction, lipo-hypno… it’s all the same concept. I’ve published an excellent MP3 recording that will help you in your weight loss journey; just click here: lose weight with hypnosis to listen now.

Not everyone can afford a private, one-on-one clinical hypnotherapy session with me. But in an effort to help as many people as possible, I recorded a detailed and effective weight loss therapy session. I recommend listening to this clinical hypnosis session in combination with a lemon essential oil to really jump start the benefits. Any citrus essential oil will help break off fat tissue fast when listening to my guided MP3 program.

If you’ve watched any of my hypnosis videos or listened to any of my guided hypnosis sessions, you’ll know that there are sometimes longer hypno-inductions and sometimes shorter hypnosis inductions used to help you lose weight. Today, I’d like to show you an example of a short induction. Keep in mind that the hypnotic induction process for weight loss is interchangeable; especially the one on my MP3.


Here is a sample of the relaxation you can expect in my lose weight with hypnosis guided session that you can perform from the comfort of your home. Remember, this is just a small sample of the audio. Listening to the MP3 is a completely different experience than just a general summary off of a page.

  • Step 1: Inducing a State of Deep Relaxation. I want you to go ahead and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, letting go, falling deeper and deeper into a state of deep relaxation. Repeat to yourself, “I choose to relax.” Feel how your body reacts to this command as you go deeper and deeper into a state of complete relaxation. Relax your psyche; feel the calmness start to radiate from the crown of your head. The feeling of relaxation starts to radiate in your forehead and it transfers down to your jaw. Your jaw now falls loose and slack as you go deeper into a state of relaxation. Unwind our shoulders and relax your arms. You have a wonderful, peaceful feeling radiating down your arms and extending to your fingertips. The relaxation goes down, down, down your body until you feel it at the bottoms of your feet.


  • Step 2: Acknowledging Deep Relaxation.  You realize now, your eyelids are wonderfully and passionately relaxed. Your eyelids are so wonderfully, deeply relaxed that they just want to stay closed. No matter how hard you try to open them, those eyelids precisely want to stay closed. So you stop fighting yourself and allow yourself to go even deeper. With each and every  count, you find that you readily and effortlessly double your relaxation. Five, you are going deeper and deeper. Four, you are going deeper and deeper. Three, you are going deeper and deeper. Two, you are going deeper and deeper. One, you are going deeper and deeper.


  • Step 3: Embedding Positive Habits.  Now go ahead and see a beautiful, bright and warm light. A beautiful beam of light is traveling through space and age and this beautiful light is a healing beam of light. And because vigor follows intention, this beautiful, warm beam of light is beginning to decrease and dissolve any unsolicited fatty tissue in your body. Just like a spotlight, shine that beautiful, bright beam of light on one very specific region of your form which wishes to melt away fat. Bring all of your focus and awareness and attention to that part of your form as you glitter that radiant, lily-white, healing, warm light on that area of the body. I wonder if you can even feel that part of the body begin to warm up to a pleasant warm temperature. Imagine now that all of the fat in that part of the body is softening apart, dissolving, disappearing. That part of your body is becoming toned and lean. Start onward and move the spotlight to another part of the body doing the same thought. That self-love, that warming light of white, bright, healing light, placing it at that part of the body you desire to tone and stiffen, softening apart and dissolving any fatty tissue. Now, as if it’s a climax, like the end of a beautiful Broadway show, envision 10 radiant, beautiful, spotlights lighting down upon you. All of that lily-white, bright, healing light, healing you, showering you, and softening apart any undesired specific areas of the body, getting rid of those fatty deposits.  You love yourself. You are healthful. You are fortunate. You have already achieved the results you desire to achieve. Notice how full of health you are; how very pleased you are; how much vigor “you have”. Give a big, beautiful smile. Allow your subconscious to accept and repeat the following phrases: ” I love myself.” “I am deserving.” ……….


Again, reading the written words is vastly different that listening to the MP3 that includes healing music and NLP tones. The more you listen to the guided session the more you’ll lose weight with hypnosis. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll enjoy the effects of my hypnosis weight loss program. Please go ahead and share this post and grab my MP3 to start changing your body today.

Incredible Hypnotist Weight Loss MP3


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