New Year’s Resolution Help

New Year's Resolution Hel

New Year’s Resolution Help

As I write this we are on the countdown to Christmas New Year’s Resolution Help and where people make News Years Eve Resolutions to better themselves. I wrote a report you can see by clicking the link offering New Year’s Resolution Help. It is quite alarming how many people cancel memberships to Gyms and diet institutions and give up by the time February comes along. 

Recent studies show that maintaining a personal resolution such as weight loss or smoking cessation is extremely difficult, with only 75 percent maintaining their resolution the first week; 71 percent through the second week; 64 percent after a month; and less than 46 percent after six months.

“Hypnosis gives you the staying power to stop smoking, achieve significant weight loss and resolve many other issues,” said professional hypnotist Richard Barker. “So many have tried to quit smoking or stop over-eating cold turkey and have failed multiple times, and so they begin to feel defeated and hopeless. Hypnosis can offer these people an alternative means to fulfill their resolutions – for good.”

Hypnosis achieves an altered state of consciousness and should only be performed by a trained, professional hypnotherapist. It offers a heightened state of suggestibility, making it a powerful force in overcoming fears, conquering phobias and reaching health, wellness and professional goals. It cannot, however, force an individual into acting or behaving in a manner inconsistent with their morals

New Year’s Resolution Help article contained her is a useful approach and consideration you should give before making a plan to win. I see countless people in my consultation practice to keep them on track.

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