Even a Power Outage Can’t Stop Our Hypnotist Comedy Show

Hypnotist Comedy Show Crazy Hypnosis Moment

As They Say… The Hypnotist Comedy Show Must Go On!


Last year the Incredible Hypnotist was invited to perform hypnosis shows at the Ogemaw County Fair in Michigan. Everything was going according to schedule until… it wasn’t. Watch our video or read the story to find out: What happens at a hypnosis show when the power goes out?!




The Incredible Hypnotist, Richard Barker, was nearly an hour into his show when the power cut in the packed tent at the Ogemaw County Fair in Michigan. Hypnotized participants were on stage and since the electric energy was pretty intense that night, quite a few members of the audience were hypnotized as well. No one saw it coming and in between uproars of laughter, all went dark.

That’s right; right in the middle of our hypnosis show, the power went out! At first, everyone was a bit freaked out to suddenly be stuck in the dark. Can you imagine the chaos that would consume if the situation wasn’t handled with an expert hand? The crowd started to lose control and the comedy stage hypnotist flung into action.

Richard quickly harnessed the energy of the group and eased the tension in the room with light-hearted jokes. One by one, the audience started whipping out their cellphones to open their flashlight apps. All the fairgoers stuck in the dark were now illuminated by twinkling cell lights coming from the crowd. It was a bit of a magical experience to see everyone gathering together as a little community to make sure the show went on.

Even the Ogemaw County Sheriff’s office was eager to make sure the show didn’t end. Armed with a spotlight, they rushed to the rescue. Shortly after the initial commotion, the hypnotist comedy show was back on track. As you can see in the video, the laughs continued, even without electricity. The stars of the show, the hypnotized participants, were not affected by the power outage and helped everyone get back into the hypnosis spirit.

Did you happen to be at the Ogemaw County Fair when the lights went out? We continuously get requests on YouTube for a video of the entire show. If you happen to have a video clip, please email it to us here.


What our fans said about the show:

  • “Best time I had at the fair you were awesome never knew I wanted to play the flute until you had me under. Also never knew people could smell that bad lol too funny!” – Ruth
  • “You made our fair the best this year…hopefully next year too..it was a blast..so happy I went on stage and got to meet you….” – Chris
  • Had a great time! Loved your show!” – Tamara
  • “Pushing to have you next year. Great show everyone should see.” – Chuck


Will you be at the Ogemaw County Fair, August 15th through August 19th? The Incredible Hypnotist has been invited back in 2017 to perform his hypnosis shows and you’re not gonna want to miss them. Visit the official Ogemaw County Fair Site to learn more about the dates, times and how to get tickets to their annual fair.

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