Richard Barker Hypnotist WJXT

Richard Barker Hypnotist WJXT Jacksonville North Florida Fair

Richard Barker Hypnotist WJXT

Richard Barker Hypnotist WJXT interview was a blast, not only was this interview fun with Bruce, but it really got to the heart of hypnosis. Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotist, Richard Barker, answered some well constructed questions and explained his comedy stage hypnosis show. Barker went into depth about how his stage hypnosis shows are able to start discussions about the benefits of clinical hypnosis. 

Clinical Hypnosis can be used for weight loss and during the interview hypnotist Richard Barker explained the different type of habits some people have. He targets specifically their eating habits and behaviors.

For more on this story go to the actual News Channel website here and of course watch all of the television hypnotist appearances here too.


Richard Barker is a hypnotist on TV and featured regularly on television talking about hypnosis. Please call or email for an interview opportunity. If you are a news journalist, reporter or anchor, please visit my interactive Facts About Hypnosis Database to pull expert hypnotist quotes and information. 

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