Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis has often been discussed in publications and over water coolers in America. I perform hundreds of shows each year across the world and I am regularly asked “Can hypnosis help with quitting smoking”? well I am here to tell you that I used to smoke myself and actually stopped through Hypnosis.

Let me give you the background, in the nineties when I was learning hypnosis I used to smoke regularly and in fact enjoyed it. This was a time when as a Detective all my colleagues smoked and interviewing suspects in Prison Cells and Detention centers you really needed cigarettes to break the ice with people you were dealing with.

Once I became a Hypnotist I continued to smoke and in 2003 I still smoked cigarettes although only recreationally at the time. It is true to say I have been all kinds of smoker from hard core in the military to occasional with a beer. I have been a boredom smoker as well as a comfort smoker when I went through a traumatic divorce. I have been every kind of smoker except pipe; I’ve done the Cigars and chain smoking- all of it.

I always knew smoking was bad like so many others, but I just had that deep rooted craving and desire to continue to smoke. My defining moment was learning the hypnotic remedy to smoking cessation. Once I learnt how to help a smoker stop smoking through hypnosis I actually lost the desire to smoke myself. I therefore naturally stopped through hypnosis. 

Smoking is nothing more than a habit and behavior locked inside the subconscious mind, you don’t need to smoke to survive and therefore it is a learnt behavior you picked up from friends in school or parents. You saw people smoking on the media and thought it was cool or some outside influence encouraged you to try smoking. Perform any habit long enough and eventually it will become second nature. Perform the same task over and over again and eventually you become good at it. Similar to driving a car, in the end you forget you’re doing it and it becomes natural automatic.

Most medicine; pills and patches for smoking cessation either target the conscious mind or mask the symptom. Unless you are changing the cycle or habit and behavior how can you expect a pill or patch to work? The conscious mind contains will power and short term memory but your long term memory and habits are in your subconscious mind. It therefore makes sense that in order to stop smoking you must influence and make changes inside your subconscious and not your critical thinking conscious mind. The only true way to stop smoking for life is by disconnecting the habit of smoking forever and suggesting and implanting anchors and affirmations inside where the habits exist. Hypnosis is the ONLY and most effective way to stop smoking. Smoking has nothing to do with addiction or being hooked on nicotine; smoking is all about your association with places and people; thoughts and feelings.

In my opinion will power is connected to the short term memory and therefore eventually smoking will recur similar to weight loss then subsequent weight gain. If you break a habit in the subconscious mind it is permanent providing the hypnotist performed this procedure correctly.

I get asked all the time if I can help with Stopping Smoking and firstly I say that you must help yourself and actually want to stop. There is only one reason ultimately why you should want to stop and it is to take back your life which is currently being controlled by smoking. The health benefits and increase in money and smelling better are all side benefits.

The steps to smoking cessation should be to listen to this download for 30 days and then to book a 90 minute session. I screen carefully all my clients and will only work with those I truly feel are ready to stop smoking. I will not take money from someone I believe is not ready. If you are however ready to stop this filthy habit and you are lucky enough to be a candidate I can tell you that you will never smoke again. 

My track record currently is 100% if you see me for smoking cessation you will never smoke again but be prepared to wait until you are ready and I am available; then change your life forever.


Richard Barker has helped hundreds of smokers become non smokers and has a 100% track proven record. This procedure is extremely demanding on both the Candidate and Hypnotist and is recognized by leaders in the field of Hypnotherapy as some of the most effective change work available in the world today. Richard Barker has offices in NYC and Orlando and will only administer the hypnosis personally and by appointment


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