Television Hypnotist, Richard Barker, on CBS

Richard Barker the Incredible Television Hypnotist on CBS

Did you catch the Incredible Television Hypnotist on CBS?

Watch as expert hypnotist, Richard Barker, discusses the benefits and uses of modern hypnosis.

Television hypnotist on CBS segment for television. Want help with stress management or weight loss? How about workplace efficiency and better sleep? Those are just some of the things that a lot of us have trouble dealing with. But we have help for you today. We have world-renowned hypnotist, Richard Barker. He joins us now to explain, because a lot of people are skeptical about being hypnotized. Is hypnosis real? Can someone really be hypnotized? Richard explains, “There’s a lot of misunderstanding as to what it is and what it isn’t so I’m on a mission to actually educate people to tell them what hypnosis is and how they can benefit from it.”

Television hypnotist on CBS is interviewed by the news anchor who asks, “So how does it work?” Basically it’s just a state of relaxation. I would get you to relax, then I would implant direct suggestions into your subconscious mind, and then you would make an internal decision to follow my suggestions. And then how long do you keep someone hypnotized? Well, as long as I want to and it depends on the individual. If you come to see me for weight loss, I might hypnotize you in two or three sessions and you’ll see the weight starting to come off.

If it’s a smoker, it’s usually one hour to get you to stop smoking so it depends on the individual and what the actual issue is or why they come to see me. So how does it work? You give them suggestions and then when they are no longer hypnotized, they still follow those suggestions. Correct, yeah. What I basically do is, I’m embedding a command or an embedded suggestion into the subconscious mind, so even in the normal waking states or when they’re walking and talking normally, that suggestion lingers.

And every time they go to do something that goes against the suggestion, it blocks them from doing it. So let’s say someone goes to you for weight loss. What kind of suggestions do you give them that they carry with them? So one of the things that’s useful and everybody’s different in the habit of eating. Some people are snackers, some people are overeating certain foods, so once I know what they are, typically, if it’s over eating, take that as an example, then every time they close their eyes before they eat food, you know, once they’ve got seven to eight mouthfuls of food, they’ll naturally stop. The suggestion would be to naturally stop or they’ll feel full after five or seven mouthfuls or they’ll only eat half of what’s on their plate. So I can make a suggestion that you’re never going to clear your plate, you’re never going to overeat, you’re always going to feel satisfied by the mouthfuls that you take.

Really! Yeah, there’s loads … This almost sounds too good to be true. It works and I tell you what, it’s been around a very long time. We’ve just been misguided as to how it works. I have to ask you. How did this come about that you wanted to hypnotize people and do this? I mean how does that happen? I learned hypnosis as a police detective in the United Kingdom and I was interviewing suspects using the power of pattern behavior and language to reveal the truth to get to the facts. So when I realized how powerful that was with resistant people, I knew that with willing people, of course it would work even further and even better. This is so neat. So tell us about some success stories, about some people you have hypnotized in the past. Hypnotist on CBS

Well you know, I always like to tell the stories about those that have some really strange phobias like fear of birds. Then I would have a bird on your arm and you’d end up getting a pet bird. Fear of bridges. Seven-mile bridge, you know, to Key West. I had a lady that was scared of bridges and couldn’t get to her home, so her husband had to put a blanket over her head to get her to … Which does not sound safe. And now of course, no fear of bridges. Fear of flying. It’s nice to be liberated from that fear of flying an aircraft. All kinds of stuff. Fear of diapers, chalk, all kinds of extremities and it works because a fear is only a basic anxiety. It’s in your head. [It’s in your head. Right.] So tell us about a tip if you can help us relieve stress or sleep better. How can we fix that? So for stress, in particular, one of the ways you can deal with it is if you know when stress is coming.

People normally get the anxiety then they get the stress. Just close your eyes, take three deep breaths and just visualize yourself in a place or in a moment in your life where you felt the most calm, the most, you know, sort of comfortable. And if you put yourself real quickly in that zone, athletes do this all the time. When your eyes open, the stress will just melt away. So your reaction to the problem won’t be how it would have been with this basic breathing behavior. Just kind of get your mind off what’s about to give you the stressor in the first place. And sleeping better because I need some of that. Well here’s the thing with sleep is, most people, when they feel that or that they know they have to get up at 3:am Like you guys. Like me. Yes. One thing that you’re worried about is getting up at 3: am. Hypnotist on CBS

[Yes, yes]. So if you change the scene to thinking of a time when you most felt like you were the most tired and the most relaxed, you’ll naturally fall asleep without, I mean the worst case scenario is don’t think about falling asleep, just fall asleep naturally. That’s easier said than done my friend. But you have to, you know, you can learn this very quickly just to visualize yourself asleep before you’re asleep. Visualize yourself at peace with yourself and you’ll naturally fall asleep. [I’m trying it tonight] It’s a natural process. Thank you so much, we loved having you on. [You’re welcome] If you want to contact Richard Barker and find out more exciting, or you’re intrigued as I am, log on to his website

Watch the full interview with Richard Barker, Television Hypnotist on CBS, here on YouTube.

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