Using Hypnosis for a Better Sex Life

Using Hypnosis for a Better Sex Life Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

Using Hypnosis for a Better Sex Life?

Using hypnosis for a better sex life, Is that possible? Richard Barker says, “Yes.”


Using hypnosis for a better sex life? really!! Didn’t think Using Hypnosis for a better sex life was possible? In this article, we lay out some great information that links hypnosis directly with improving your sex life. Whether you’re suffering from intimacy issues, erectile dysfunction; or you just can’t seem to find your orgasm, this article will astound you. A very interesting article was published in the New York Post specifically geared towards women reaching an orgasm through hypnosis by simply listening to a recording. Richard Barker has the product available that the journalist writes about. You can find it in the store. Here is the article

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Below are examples of what hypnosis can help you with if you’re suffering from aversions, fears or issues surrounding sex.


  • Low Libido: Libido, colloquially known as sex drive, is a person’s overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. Sex drive is influenced by biological, psychological and social factors.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) because of anxiety, stress or psychological trauma surrounding the act of sexual intercourse. It can be found in performance anxiety to relationship issues.
  • Intimacy Issues: Avoiding intimacy due to anxiety, stress or negative sexual experiences can dull your desire and arousal for intercourse.
  • Premature Ejaculation: Simply put, some men suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) because of psychological issues and learned behavioral triggers. Anxiety and negative sexual memories attached to the act of sexual intercourse contribute to PE.
  • Body-Image Issues: For some, having issues with your body can lead to the inability to orgasm due to anxiety, fear or low self-esteem.
  • Sexual Disorders: There are countless types of sexual disorders that prevent or reduce someone’s enjoyment of sex. Your sexual issue may be in one or more of the following phases: Desire Phase; Arousal Phase; or Orgasm Phase.


Hypnosis can help you with all of these sexual issues when the problem is deep inside your mind. To understand how you can use hypnosis for a better sex life, you must first understand the basics of hypnosis.


A brief explanation of how hypnosis works on your brain.

While we won’t go too deep into how hypnosis works in this article, you can always explore how hypnosis works on your brain by checking out our Interactive Hypnosis Facts Database. Here are the basics:

1. Relaxation. 

A clinical hypnotist will put you into a deep state of relaxation using various hypnosis techniques. This will allow Richard Barker to speak with your subconscious mind. FYI: Your subconscious mind takes up to 90% of your brain’s total function.

2. Isolation.

Once you’re deeply relaxed, the professional hypnotist will then start to isolate your main issue(s) with sexual intercourse so they can be removed.

3. Embedding.

Lastly, the clinical hypnotist will replace any bad thoughts, feelings or behaviors with positive suggestions that will improve your sex life.


If it sounds too good to be true, keep reading to learn how a hypnotist can really improve your sex life.


You’ve heard of sex on the brain. But where is sex “in” the brain?

Many of you will be deeply aware of the physiological (physical) responses and feelings of sexual desire. However, there are neurobiological and neuroanatomical processes at play in your internal mind as well.

Without getting too technical, Neuroscience Fundamentals defines sexual desire as, “The behavioral drive that motivates individuals to fantasize about or seek out sexual activity. In contrast, sexual arousal is defined as the autonomic physiological processes that prepare the body for sexual activity.”

Remember This: Your internal mind is programmed to seek pleasure and avoid any types of pain or discomfort. Using hypnosis, you want to seek out any thought processes that trigger negative feelings that you link and associate sex with.



Your limbic system is responsible for causing sexually euphoric and pleasurable experiences. Let’s take a brief look at some of the components of your brain that are linked to your sexual arousal and desire.



Hypnotists can, in essence, shut down your amygdala when putting you into a deep hypnotic state of relaxation. Your amygdala’s role involves controlling your emotions, creativity and memories. Brain research has also shown a correlation between the health of your amygdala and emotions like anger, aggression, indifference, fear and how you sexually respond to external stimuli.

In a recent interview, Stage Hypnotist, Richard Barker, told Women’s Health Magazine:


“The power of your sex life is all in your mind. You can choose to have better or worse sex depending on your thought process. Everything first begins with a thought, and the thought then translates into an action. Every thought has a tangible response to it, usually demonstrated through emotions; actions and behavior.” – Richard Barker


Your amygdala can activate a trigger of fear of performance failure based on past sexual experiences. Using hypnosis, Barker will shut down the fear and stress hormones to remove fear triggers, while strengthening the ego and confidence of a person. Shutting down the fears inside your brain will allow a clinical hypnotist to reprogram how you feel and how you view sexual intercourse.

Remember This: Hypnosis allows your subconscious mind to re-frame any issues you have concerning sex and a hypnotist is able to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones.  



Your hypothalamus controls your physiological functions and is responsible for regulating your body temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood and libido. Your hypothalamus has a major role in helping you reach a state of mind that allows hypnosis to occur.

Since the hypothalamus is the part of your brain responsible for regulating your emotions and the communication between your mind and your body; a hypnotist can reprogram your aversions or issues within your sex life.

Professional Hypnotist, Richard Barker, performed clinical hypnosis on a few editors over at Women’s Health Magazine that were having issues in the bedroom. During their sex hypnosis session with Richard Barker, the couple removed their anxiety around sex and replaced it with a more positive response to the idea of a romp.


“There was an immediate effect: When we got home, we were having sex all over the house. We even tried role-playing. We were so eager to please each other. And I feel like that can be sustained. We have a different state of awareness now.” – Eric


Remember This: A sex hypnotist can help reframe the inner communication between your conscious and subconscious mind.



The cingulate gyrus is linked to the limbic system and is in charge of creating links between your memories and significantly emotional events. The cingulate cortex will also develop associations between your memories and sense of smell, or pain thresholds.

In a recent Fatherly article, a sex therapist admitted, “Most people wait way too long to come see me. They have so much anxiety, fear, and shame surrounding sex, they won’t even book the appointment.”

According to clinical hypnotist, Richard Barker, there are two ways to use hypnosis for a better sex life.


  1. Erasing problematic memories altogether; taking an “amnesia,” approach. This technique is especially effective when dealing with erectile dysfunction. Barker goes on to explain, “That’s because the mind clings to certain experiences as reality. If every time you have sex, you think about losing your erection, chances are you will lose your erection. Erasing that experience means breaking the association.”
  2. Acknowledging the initial problem that is causing your sexual complaint and breaking it down. In a recent interview, Barker explains, “All you’re doing is putting the subject into a trance. Then you take the item that they’re scared of, and literally reduce it from a massive-sized fear, down to the size of a penny. You then instruct that person to place the penny in their pocket; giving them the ability to control it. And that’s it. I have the subject envision this huge fear and then quickly begin to make that fear smaller and smaller. It’s amazing and it’s quick.”


Remember This: Using hypnosis for sex will allow you to erase or replace negative sexual memories in your mind.


Using Hypnosis for a Better Sex Life.

If you’ve developed emotional issues surrounding sex, it will affect your physical performance. Neuroscience Fundamentals teaches us that the parts of the brain discussed above are directly involved in:


An editor over at Glamour Magazine took Richard Barker’s sex hypnosis session for a test drive. In an article she titled, “I Couldn’t Orgasm with a Guy… Until I Saw a Hypnotist,” the editor bared all.


“He had me lie down on a reclining chair with a blanket over my body, put headphones over my ears that he spoke through, and told me to close my eyes. The whole thing felt rather silly, and I couldn’t help but laugh a bit as he told me how sleepy I was getting. Somehow, though, I felt my body go into a state of rest that it doesn’t normally reach when I sleep.”


This is when stage hypnotist, Richard Barker, started embedding positive affirmations and commands into the editor’s subconscious mind. Click on the link above to read the full article.


#SpoilerAlert: Hypnosis led to 3 orgasms after just a couple of times listening to the MP3 Hypnosis Session by Richard Barker.



Aren’t you glad you read this article?

One request I keep getting over and over again is to help many men around the world with ED. Erectile Dysfunction is something that has no medical intervention or even a magic pill. There are pills like Viagra that can add temporary assistance but nothing is permanent. The reason for this is simple, the mind is controlling the body and the functionality of it. Therefore the best remedy is to think yourself into an erection rather than worry about not having one. I have written an entire blog article about this and I hope you get a chance to read it here We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into hypnosis and how it works on the brain. If you still have questions about how a clinical hypnotist can help your sex life, head on over to our Interactive Hypnosis Facts Database and submit your inquiry.

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