The Cost Of Being Stuck

tanker stuck

It was stuck for 6 days, 3 hours, and 38 minutes.
It (probably) cost “us” $59 billion.

Can you believe that It became the top result on Google search for “is the ship still stuck” (ahead of all the world’s newspapers). What is the cost of being stuck? Are you stuck in your career path, work, relationship, or personally? If you are a massive tanker in the Suez Canal recently it cost an estimated 59 Billion Dollars so far and still rising. When I saw the news about this tanker I immediately thought of the mindset. Imagine the mindset of the captain, the shipping company, the authorities, the money going down the drain, or into the canal. Now think about a mind that is stuck

A mind stuck cannot propel a body into motion, a stuck mind can cause paralysis and jam up thoughts. Many of my clients come to see me because they are stuck, and feel like they are stuck in mud or quicksand, or feel like they have three feet on the break.

The Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal for just over 6 days. It blocked a route that normally carried ~10% of the world’s trade. More importantly, it also generated more than 10% of the world’s memes.

Many people in their lifetime find themselves stuck and don’t see any way out, maybe you have felt the same. Hypnosis can help remove those blocks and obstacles and change the way you think. Some people are stuck for years and think they will be stuck forever. Hypnosis can help effect positive and immediate change, that’s the good news.

The Stuck Container Ship on the Suez Canal Was a Metaphor

Container ships make it possible to move parts and components from one country to another at low cost, while technology, soon accelerated by the internet, allows managers to oversee their supply chains from a headquarters far away. Hypnosis makes it possible to help the mind become unstuck.

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