Hypnosis for Overeating: Get Over Your Food Addiction

hypnosis for overeating

Do you find yourself reaching for snacks throughout the day or extra portions during mealtime? We all do it. However, there comes a point when this habit becomes unhealthy.

Want to make a change and put an end to your overeating?

During this study, participants who underwent hypnosis for overeating experienced significant additional weight loss compared to the control group.

Get ready to learn more about binge eating hypnosis! This guide will review everything you need to determine if hypnotherapy is right for you. Dig in and start curbing your binge eating habit today!

How to Recognize Your Food Addiction

Before you get a taste of the details surrounding hypnosis for overeating, let’s talk about food addiction. Disordered eating is when you’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with food and eating.

Here are a few signs to look out for that can help you determine if you have a food addiction.

Pressure & Neverending Worry

We’ve all felt pressure—by the media as well as by our peers—to look a certain way. However, holding yourself up to unrealistic standards of beauty can impact your health. You may feel pressured to diet, which can lead to worrying and binge eating.

You might also feel constantly worried about dieting, food, and exercising.

If you feel guilty or ashamed about how much you’re eating, it can add unnecessary pressure to your life.

From Dieting to Disordered Eating

When people feel pressured by the media to look a certain way, they start dieting.

However, dieting can leave you preoccupied with food. As a result, you can develop disordered eating habits or a food disorder. This will set you on a constant dieting/binge eating cycle.

The Constant Cycle

As you become preoccupied with food and weight loss, you’ll likely develop an unhealthy eating pattern. This pattern can leave you restricting yourself, skipping meals, binge eating, and then dieting all over again.

As you yo-yo diet, you’ll notice constant fluctuations in your weight.

In time, you might feel like your stuck in this constant cycle.

The Symptoms

While there are a few different eating disorders, the general symptoms include:

  • Eating too quickly
  • Continuing to eat even though you’re full
  • Hiding food or eating in secret out of guilt
  • Feeling compelled to eat
  • Feeling guilty after overeating
  • Eating when you’re not hungry

Keep an eye out for these symptoms. If you believe you have a food addiction, hypnotherapy for overeating habits can help.

Hypnosis for Overeating: How It Helps

So does hypnosis for overeating really work?

Yes! According to this study, patients receiving hypnotherapy for overeating showed greater improvement than at least 70% of clients receiving nonhypnotic treatment.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your food addiction. Here are a few ways hypnotherapy helps to stop us from overeating.

Mindful Eating

Food addictions cause people to overeat without thinking. It becomes a compulsion until we fail to think through our actions.

Hypnosis can teach the mind to remain aware.

You’ll learn how to recognize your cravings, how full you already feel, and how to remain mindful when you’re eating. Mindfulness will keep you aware of your actions so you can gain power over when you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and how often you eat.

Breaking the Habit

Over time, we develop habitual thinking. Binge eating causes us to speak to ourselves with negative, harmful thoughts. In response, we end up binge eating again, which causes a constant cycle of binge eating.

Our cravings, overeating, and stress can trigger these negative thoughts.

During these moments, take a breath and remind yourself everything is okay. Otherwise, your stress will turn into anxiety and encourage your binge eating.

You need to break these negative thought spirals in order to end your food addiction.

Hypnosis for overeating can help you break the habit.

Using hypnosis, you can take control of your thoughts. Instead of drowning in the negatives, you’ll learn how to turn your subconscious into an ally (not an enemy).

Treat the Underlying Condition

Sometimes, food addiction is caused by another condition.

For example, you might suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder. Such conditions might cause your negative thoughts, which in turn encourage your binge eating.

Hypnosis can empower you and provide the mental strength you need to combat these conditions. Instead of allowing your depression or anxiety to control your thoughts, you can take control and change the script.

Treating the underlying condition can help you put an end to your binge eating habits.

Restore Your Confidence

A lack of self-confidence can cause us to freeze up. Instead of taking action or managing our negative thoughts, we feel like everything is beyond our control.

When we lack confidence in ourselves, our negative thoughts can take over.

Hypnotherapy can help you strengthen your self-confidence. By learning how to believe in yourself, you can take back control. That way, you can put an end to your unhealthy binge eating habits.

With hypnotherapy for overeating, you’ll have the self-confidence to overcome anything.

Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Before you start using hypnotherapy for overeating, you should know you have a few options available. For example, you can consider one-on-one sessions with a hypnotherapist. You might also decide to listen to hypnotherapy recordings.

There’s also self-hypnosis. Here are a few techniques to help you get started:

  • Note your wellbeing, assessing how you feel at the beginning and end of each session
  • Breath deeply to tell your mind and body it’s time to relax
  • Count down from 10, which tells your mind you’re entering a state of hypnosis
  • Speak to yourself using affirmations, or positive suggestions, such as “I’m free from overeating”
  • Visualize yourself taking control and living a happier, healthier life

With these techniques, you can relax and reframe your mind. Using hypnosis for overeating will help you regain control of your eating habits and overall life.

Hypnosis for Overeating: Take a Bite of a Healthier Life

Take a breath and remember you’re in control. With hypnosis for overeating, you can discover a healthier life without your food addiction getting in the way.

Ready to get started? Book a private hypnosis session with Richard Barker today to regain control.

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