Stage Hypnosis Class

stage hypnosis class

Stage Hypnosis Class

Stage Hypnosis Class or workshops are learning opportunities where you can go and become a stage hypnotist in a matter of a few days. Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist teaches students through the Hypnotist Stage Academy how to become certified hypnotists on stage performing comedy routines.

During August 2015 Richard taught students in Las Vegas how to develop a hypnosis show during his acclaimed stage hypnosis class. Reporters from the Las Vegas Sun where there to capture the training, click below for the full article

During my recent Stage Hypnosis Training Workshop in Las Vegas reporters came from the Las Vegas Sun- We made front page and the article shows “HYPNOTISM” in a great light- well done to all my students, truly deserved

Another way to learn Hypnosis is to Google search Hypnotist Stage Academy or Hypnotist Richard Barker and contact them for hypnosis school training.

Download the Full PDF Article Here From The Las Vegas SUN
Las Vegas Sun Hypnosis  Sized for Printing. If you are currently a hypnotist please show respect and endorse the Reporter Megan and Hypnotist Richard Barker


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