Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Funny Hypnosis from Silver Dollar Fair

Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Funny Hypnosis from Silver Dollar Fair Stage Hypnotist

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Check out some hilarious bits from my comedy hypnosis shows at the Silver Dollar Fair.


As a comedy stage hypnotist, Richard Barker is often seen all over the nation performing hypnosis at fairs and festivals. It’s great fun to travel throughout America and spread awareness on hypnosis in a fun, engaging, family-friendly and hilarious way. The Incredible Hypnotist tries to film the majority of his performances and because of this, you can find hundreds of hilarious videos on his YouTube channel.

Today we’re adding another hilarious hypnosis video to the playlist. As you will see in the hypnosis compilation video below, great fun was had and many hypnotic inductions performed throughout the week. The compilation highlights volunteers hypnotized to:

  • Enter a dance competition.
  • Experience “tongue fall out of mouth” syndrome.
  • Forget their own names.
  • Picking bugs out of audience members’ hair.
  • Men pregnant and delivering babies.
  • Perform and rock out in a impromptu concert.
  • Rap battles in foreign languages.
  • Shoe thieves running a muck.
  • The hatred of laughter (resulting in scolding of the audience).

Watch the hypnosis compilation and experience the hilarious moments that happened during the week-long Silver Dollar Fair. If you enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and be alerted whenever we post a new hypnosis video.


Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California

Richard Barker recently performed out in Chico, California for the annual Silver Dollar Fair. For those of you that are not familiar with the Silver Dollar Fair, we recommend heading to their website to learn about the history. It’s filled with over 100 years of history about the community gathering. We should add, in the beginning of it’s conception, the Silver Dollar Fair was met with resistance. “By 1872, opposition to the fair began, due to the gambling, drinking, and general rowdiness that accompanied it.” Pretty cheeky indeed.

As the decades past, the Silver Dollar Fair formed into what we know of it today. A fun, time-honored tradition that celebrates the local history and developing-agriculture of the region. Complete with rides, action-packed events, music, food and games. The Incredible Hypnotist takes you on a tour of the fair during his latest appearance. Check out the full behind the scenes video of the Silver Dollar Fair.

Comedy Hypnosis Show Video: Funny Hypnosis Performed by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker


Your conscious, everyday waking state represents less than 10% of your total brain function.

Conscious: 10%
Subconscious: 90%


For 20 years Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker has performed comedy hypnosis shows in 38 countries. The Incredible Hypnotist hasn’t filmed all performances, but has filmed and uploaded hundreds of comedy hypnosis videos for your enjoyment. If hypnosis intrigues you and you want to laugh out loud, watch our comedy playlist.


Can you imagine the biggest stars of YouTube being hypnotized? Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker was hired by Google to perform at the annual YouTube Creator Summit in NYC. Watch the hilarious hypnosis video as #FouseyTube, #JoeyGraceffa, #AlexWassabi and more YouTube stars experience comedy hypnosis.


Want to learn more about Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker? Whether you’re looking to book a seasoned and professional hypnotist or you’re interested in the unique background of the Incredible Hypnotist, you can check out his complete bio. Did you know that Richard Barker started out as a soldier in the British army? Learn more below.


Can People in Wheelchairs Be Hypnotized?

Of course people in wheelchairs can be hypnotized (as seen in the hypnosis video compilation above). However, the event space and stage need to be wheelchair accessible. Learn more about the possibilities of hypnosis in our special blog: Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered.

Are Hypnotized Volunteers Faking Hypnosis During Comedy Hypnosis Shows?

Ah, the skeptics of hypnosis all assume that the volunteers at a hypnosis show are faking it. Let’s let you in on another hypnosis secret… professional stage hypnotists know when someone is not hypnotized. Read the full answer here: Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show FAQs Answered.

Do Comedy Stage Hypnotists Hire Stooges and Actors?

Hypnosis show stooges -also called horses or paid actors- are people that novice hypnotists will hire to act as participants in the audience. For obvious reasons, lower skilled hypnotists will use paid participants in their comedy hypnosis routines to make sure they deliver an exciting show. While it does happen, professional hypnotists don’t want or need actors. Learn more on our award-winning Hypnosis Blog.

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