A Comedy Stage Hypnotist Discusses the Power of Hypnosis

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker 

Learn more about the fascinating life of this hypnotist.


Miracles of the Mind brings up close and intimate interviews with ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Step into the mind of the Incredible Hypnotist, Richard Barker, as he and Didi journey into the world of hypnosis. You’ll learn more about how Barker became a comedy stage hypnotist and some of the interesting things he’s seen hypnosis achieve over the past 20 years.



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Host of Miracles of the Mind, Didi Verg, explains her life’s work. “I have spent a great deal of my life researching what makes people successful and what allows them to achieve their dreams and goals. So, I set out to study everything from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and any other models for success that I could get my hands on. I wanted to show how we can harness the powers of our mind, and reach our ultimate success.”




Host Didi Verg starts the interview by familiarizing her audience with the Incredible Hypnotist’s most recent television show and news channel appearances, live comedy stage hypnosis shows, cruise ship performances and hypnosis sessions with celebrities.

Richard goes into detail about how he started his hypnotic journey two decades ago. His first step into hypnosis started with a Neuro-Linguistic Programming class that he was required to attend as a police officer in the U.K. The NLP classes were used as a tool by the officers to help people gain back memories. If memories were lost into someone’s subconscious, Barker and his fellow officers were trained to pull back those memories using NLP triggers.

The Incredible Hypnotist explains, “We could take a cold case from 1972, and through the power of suggestion, we could resurface that memory with every single detail still intact. That right there, to me, is a miracle.” Didi agrees and thinks, “People don’t realize that our brain acts like a digital recorder that literally records everything. And it’s just our inability to bring the memory up that keeps it from our conscious mind.”


An Example of How Hypnosis Helped Barker Solve Crimes.

Richard Barker recalls all the amazing things he witnessed while using hypnosis on career criminals. “We’d have a big stack of cold cases and we worked with criminals that were serving life sentences. After 30 years or so had passed, you have these career criminals that can’t remember how many burglaries and home invasions they committed because, of course, they’d done so many and completely lost track.”

The police officers put the criminals under hypnosis and would drive them around particular neighborhoods in their car. All of a sudden, a criminal would start pointing out various houses and giving details about how he went into the homes and what he took specifically. Then Barker and the other officers would go back to the station to review the cold case facts only to realize that everything that was divulged during hypnosis was true.

Barker explained, “So as a police officer, we weren’t just believing everything that was said under hypnosis was an absolute fact. We then would have to corroborate the subject’s statements with the facts of the case and the timeline; and it surprisingly, always checked out.”


Recalling Past Life Memories Under Hypnosis.

One of my recent clients felt she was an animal in her past life. In her every day waking state, she truly believed that she was an animal and all the traits of that animal came forward while under hypnosis. The Incredible Hypnotist admits, “Which is quite bizarre. She believed herself to be a wolf. I know it sounds bizarre because I was sitting there thinking, man, this is bizarre.”

Didi inquires, “Do you think maybe it was her unconscious’s way of making a metaphor for character traits she maybe would have liked to display?” Richard agreed, “Yeah, she thought she was a wolf in a past life so she was living out the animalistic instincts of a lone wolf. We discovered how that translated into her relationship with her husband. Which led to her manipulating her husband in various ways. It was quite fascinating.”

Barker describes his experiences with another woman that felt she was part of a tribe in her past life. While in her waking state, the woman couldn’t identify the country or tribe she was involved with. However, under hypnosis, “She could describe exactly what people were wearing, what they looked like and what country they lived in.”

After the hypnosis session, the hypnotist started a fact-finding mission with the help of Google. Barker put her descriptions into Google and actually located a tribe that matched exactly with what the woman was detailing while under hypnosis. Richard admits, “Some of this kind of stuff, you watch and you can think to yourself, ‘This is all just hokey pokey.’ But trust me, I’ve felt the same way. But it’s something different when you actually see it and have a recording of it.”

Another miraculous example, Richard recalls a woman coming to see him about her past life. She went under hypnosis and it turns out, she lived in France in her past life and started speaking fluent French during the session. Richard was in awe because during the woman’s waking state, she couldn’t speak French at all.

Richard tries to explain, “It was amazing and it seems crazy. It’s something that is an unexplainable truth and unexplainable event that then requires fact checking.”


Addressing Debilitating Fears and Phobias with Hypnosis.

Barker was invited to hypnotize a news anchor at Good Day L.A. on live television. Witnessed by 85 million people, the crew of the show would continuously prank this anchor woman surrounding her fear of birds.

During Halloween, they pulled a prank on her by bringing out a crow onto the set. One time when she was reading the morning news, they placed a stuffed crow just above the camera and she just freaked out. It was just a running joke until the morning show approached Richard Barker to see if he could remove her phobia in a live environment.

While other hypnotists believe that someone needs 1 to 3 sessions before the removal of a fear can take place, Barker disagrees, “I believe that fears and phobias can be removed in just 10 – 15 minutes. I have removed fears of spiders, birds, snakes, in very short amounts of time.”

He explains, “All you’re doing is putting the subject into a trance. Then you take the item that they’re scared of, and literally reduce it from a massive-sized fear, down to the size of a penny. You then instruct that person to place the penny in their pocket; giving them the ability to control it. And that’s it. I have the subject envision this huge fear and then quickly begin to make that fear smaller and smaller. It’s amazing and it’s quick.”

Read more about this bird phobia removal segment here: How to Overcome Fear of Birds.


Unusual Requests Made to Hypnotists.

In Florida, there is a department store called Bealls, and there’s a certain smell in that store. Richard’s client was very sensitive to that furniture, scotch guard spray scent. “She came to see me to remove her aversion to that particular smell so that she could go into her favorite store with no issues.”

Under hypnosis, the Incredible Hypnotist gave the woman a placebo, “I was able to get her to see that most of it was anxiety-based. I suggested that it isn’t the smell that is the problem, but the fear you associate with that smell.” Richard gave her a placebo by embedding into her subconscious that if she would simply eat a small sugar lump before going into the store, it would neutralize the smell.

His client reported back that the sugar lumps worked perfectly and masked the smell. Richard explained why this worked for his client, “We taught her mind to ‘take this’ to ‘stop doing that.’ I found it fascinating how we were able to trick her mind to get over the smell with something as simple as sugar.”


The Dudesons & The Janoskians  Celebrity Hypnosis Session.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker performs his hypnosis show all over the world. In this particular hypnosis video, Barker took his belt off and had the participants believe it was a venomous snake. Their reactions were amazing.

Our imagination is very powerful and this video was just an example of how powerful it can truly be. “I’m a comedy stage hypnotist by trade and I believe the old fashion way of hypnosis should and does exist.”

Barker goes on further to explain why his comedy hypnosis shows are a marvelous introduction into the world of hypnosis. “I give the people a compelling, fascinating and entertaining entry into hypnosis and after that, they become curious as to what the mind can actually do.”

Although he is a comedy stage hypnotist, Richard Barker constantly re-frames the entertainment aspect of hypnosis back to the hypothetical question, “What if this could help you with a health-related issue?”


Working with Chronic Pain to Remove Non-Existent Pain Signals.

Pain is a healthy signal that tells the brain that something is wrong. Having pain or having symptoms is completely good and it’s what it’s there for. What’s critical to learn is how to manage one’s pain.

Richard teaches his clients how to compartmentalize their pain and place it into a small “envelope.” That small envelopes symbolizes the pain they’ve allocated for the entire day. Hypnosis will give them the power to open up that envelope and give themselves permission to feel the pain for 20 minutes. After the time is up, the client will then place that envelope back into their “pocket” until the next day.

Barker explains, “Managing that pain signal is very critical. Because if you completely ignore the pain, you might further injure yourself. The mind controls the body. What the mind thinks and feels, the body will follow through.”

It’s all about taking back control of your life. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to feel pain so that you can move forward.


MP3 Hypnosis Sessions Available.

The Incredible Hypnotist has a variety of digital hypnosis sessions that are available for varying issues. These are his top three selling MP3 hypnosis sessions if you’re interested:


Final Thoughts on the Power of Hypnosis

Richard’s final thoughts on the benefits of hypnosis:

“Through hypnosis, you can achieve anything that you want to achieve. When you speak to highly motivated and successful individuals, it becomes very apparent that they’re just like you. You have celebrities that are held up on a pedestal. But when you start sitting with them; speaking with them, you realize they’re just the same as you.

Here’s the thing, everyone has a motivator that is the same. Everybody has the same self-talk. Everyone has two voices inside their head sometimes. Nobody is different. Hypnosis is always all-access. It’s not gender specific, color specific, height specific; there’s no restrictions. Hypnosis is genuinely open to everyone.

All the magic associated with the power of hypnosis is really in your own mind. You have to experience it for yourself to understand what you’re truly capable of.”


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