Golf Hypnotist: Hypnosis is the Edge Many Pro Golfers Secretly Use

Golf Hypnotist Richard Barker Hypnosis and Visualization in Golf

Golf Hypnotist Discusses Hypnosis and Visualization Techniques of Legendary Pro Golfers


“The whole secret to mastering the game of golf — and this applies to the beginner as well as the pro — is to cultivate a mental approach to the game that will enable you to shrug off the bad days, keep patient and know in your heart that sooner or later you will be back on top.” – Arnold Palmer



All golfers want to reach a level in their game where they feel completely satisfied with their overall performance. You know that feeling of satisfaction I’m talking about. It comes from devoting 4 peaceful hours of “you” time on any given course and after playing a great round of golf, you go back to your life with an extreme sense of confidence and accomplishment.

When was the last time you had that feeling? The feeling that the golf Gods are working in your favor and have lined up everything to set you up for a perfect round of golf. When you walk up to the first tee and realize the sky is a bright blue; the sun slightly warms up your skin; and when you throw a few blades of grass in the air, they obediently fall straight down to the earth. It doesn’t stop there; this is your moment, this is your time.

You check out your yardage book, look at the layout of the hole and pick your line of play and what shot shape you need to hit. You’re a pro at this and after assessing the situation, you pull out the perfect tool to get the job done. As you setup over the ball, you feel those nerves jumping in the pit of your stomach and it causes you to smile with excitement. You’re ready.

You feel the strength in the core of your body build up as you plunge forward to make a committed swing. And bam, your hands tell you that you’ve just hit the ball dead center right down the middle of the fairway. Your eyes follow the ball that is now traveling at the speed of a bullet and you see that you striped it down the center. All of this happens in an instant and as you lower your arms, you instinctively end your perfect shot with a majestic twirl of the club.





Mastering the Art of Visualization Like a Pro.

If you’re an avid player, you realize that golf is a mental sport. You can be playing in the best conditions but if you’re mind isn’t right; your game won’t be either. Hypnosis helps by helping you visualize your ideal swing and preparing a mental choreography of the ideal game you’d like to play.

Legendary golfers like Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesteros possessed a secret edge to their game. Together with their obsessive training, these golfers understood the power and efficacy of visualization.


“When in trouble, I always stand directly behind the ball, stare intently at my target, and wait patiently for the movies to begin. Sometimes I see so many shots come to life that I think I’m looking into a kaleidoscope. When that happens, I stay in the same spot as I rerun all the options until I ‘see’ one working better than the others. Then, and only then, do I visualize the specific swing needed to execute the shot, and finally select the proper club for the task.” – Seve Ballesteros


Modern professional golfers like Jason Day take the time to learn the art of visualization and reap the benefits. If you’ve noticed, when he steps up to make his shot, Jason Day closes his eyes and imagines the shot he wants. For Day, closing his eyes facilitates his imagery process. He’s also shared with media that back in 2015, he continually visualized himself holding the trophy for the Farmers Insurance Open. As you know, Jason Day made that visualization a reality at Torrey Pines.

According to TIME Magazine, “When Woods was a teenager, he worked with a hypnotist to help place his mind in the proverbial zone.”

Hypnotist Richard Barker shares that pro golfers that include a visualization process in their game use hypnotic techniques. Whether they know it or not, these imagery processes are one of the main ways a hypnotist can help someone improve their golf game.


How Does Hypnosis Work?

Here’s a crash course of how hypnosis works. Your conscious mind makes up roughly 10 percent of your total mind power; your subconscious mind makes up the remaining 90 percent. This is where the adage, “You only use 10 percent of your brain,” comes from.

Your conscious mind is responsible for your critical short-term, memory decision making. Your conscious mind is simply: What color golf shirt am I going to wear on the course. What is my Tee Time? Your subconscious mind is, “where a lot of your creative juices flow; it’s where you operate; it’s where your DNA is; it’s where your habits, behaviors, beliefs are.”

Often golfers experience negative self-talk that makes them doubt their game. You may be disappointed in your last shot and take that mental feeling of defeat to your next shot. Perhaps you get into your mind too much and lose your focus. Your subconscious is sending signals to your conscious; reminding you that you’re just not good enough and that you’re going to screw up like you did last week.

Hypnosis allows you to reprogram your mind to go into autopilot whenever you’re triggered with feelings of stress, fear or performance anxiety. A hypnotist communicates with your subconscious to change the negative behaviors, patterns and routines your inner self has developed. While in a hypnotic state, Richard Barker will embed positive suggestions and truths into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, “will accept any sustained impression or thought, particularly those fueled by emotions, and bring them into manifestation without doubt. Once a message is implanted, with or without conscious awareness, your subconscious will proceed to work upon that message automatically.”


How Can Hypnosis Improve Your Golf Game?

Hypnosis will give golfers motivation, confidence and focus to improve their overall game. A hypnotist can embed specific messages into your subconscious to directly affect your golfing ability. After getting you into a heightened state of relaxation, your subconscious is open and ready to receive directions from the hypnotist.

In Richard Barker’s MP3 Hypnosis Session, you can expect:    

  • To experience an immediate and lasting confidence in your golfing ability.
  • The ability to overcome any performance anxiety you feel during golf.
  • To mentally rehearse a perfect choreographed performance that works for you.
  • The ability to quiet your mind to fully eliminate external distractions.
  • To learn how to get “in the zone” whenever and wherever you want.
  • To create an athletic mental attitude that gives you the motivation to keep going.


What Are You Waiting For?

Bring an edge to your golf game and give hypnosis a try. What do you have to lose; other than a few strokes off your game. Richard Barker and other clinical hypnotists can help you draw a neural path between the necessary actions needed to reach your desired results.

It’s a total game changer. Reach out to a local hypnotist to schedule a hypnosis session or click here to watch a video on Richard Barker’s private hypnosis sessions. Since private golf hypnosis sessions from reputable hypnotists like Barker can be an investment of $1,000 or more, try out his digital hypnosis session for a fraction of the cost.


For just $25 you can start your hypnosis session now:

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