Hypnosis For Sex Addiction

Hypnosis For Sex Addiction

Hypnosis For Sex Addiction

Hypnosis for sex addiction can be very effective in curbing the behavior and habit of the addict. Like any addiction, the methods used are to bypass the conscious mind and to implant reprogramming by way of suggestions into the the subconscious. Using a trance or induction, the hypnotist is able to provide embedded suggestions and commands that can rectify the behavior displayed with someone suffering from sex addiction.

Most therapists will tell you that an addict must admit to the addiction and I disagree. Sometimes a sex addict does not necessarily know that what they have is an addiction or that what they are doing is in fact wrong.

Recently in the news a Hollywood mogul has been ousted as someone who has committed many sdexual offences against women around the world. Is Harvey Weinstein a sex addict requiring hypnosis for sex addiction? Most of the time we never get that far into the answers or can help with the cure.

Hypnosis can stop the purely cognitive sexual thoughts and functions the person is familiar with and engage him/her in new inner experiences which will produce different attitudes about sex. This leads to a lessening of the toxic core beliefs about the self which is the foundation for the sex addiction. Usually it is the thrill of the chase or the anticipation of sex that creates the craving much more so than the actual performance of sex. Attitude towards sex can and does breed the behavior towards it. On occasion this attitude stems from childhood or a traumatic incident. During hypnosis the scene can be revisited and either changed or cleaned to provide a different outcome that then changes the current adult behavior being demonstrated.

Sex addiction is generally progressive in that the addict seeks to intensify the thoughts or behaviors in order to achieve the same level of pleasure. Just like any addiction, the sex addict’s behavior can severely impact the addict people connected to them on a personal level

There certainly is no generic approach to hypnosis for sex addiction and each client must first be screened correctly. This is known as a client intake and is a process that happens before the hypnosis session. It is important that the hypnosis conducted actually matches the causes as presented. During the hypnosis session inner hidden causes can also materialize and be dealt with.

Hypnosis for sex addiction is incredibly effective with a willing client who wants to invoke positive change and take control back of their life, instead of it being controlled by the sex addiction. To improve your sex life and relationship that is already healthy and addiction free go here for full information on enhancing and making improvements


Hypnosis for sex addiction hypnotherapy session is currently only available in person by booking an appointment with Hypnotist Richard Barker here

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