What Does Hypnosis Feel Like? FAQ of Stage Hypnotists

What does hypnosis feel like Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker

So, what does hypnosis feel like anyway?

Read or watch the response taken from someone who just came out of a hypnotic state.


As a Stage Hypnotist, I’m asked often, “What does hypnosis feel like?” Here is a quick and great explanation of what it feels like to be hypnotized. This woman participated in a group hypnosis session and here’s what she had to tell a reporter after. 


“If I didn’t believe in hypnosis then, I definitely believe in hypnosis now. It was really good. It was really relaxing. At first, I was a little skeptical about it.  But the more I just relaxed and the more I was open to it; the more I allowed myself to receive it. And now, I feel pretty awesome about myself. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone, especially if you’re more logical or strategic. I think hypnosis would be really good for you if you’re really business savvy and you’re always going. It relaxes your mind and your body and you feel like you’ve rested for days.

So yeah, it was really good. Honestly, I didn’t believe it. Friends would be like, ‘Yeah we’ve been hypnotized before, we’re gonna do it again.’ I didn’t believe it and highly doubted hypnosis. But, I don’t know, I don’t know what it was. As soon as he sat me in the chair, I started to meditate and I just let go. I also think that you have to be open minded. If you’re not open minded, I don’t think you’ll be able to receive it.”

Watch the woman discuss how hypnosis felt for her in the video below.


Stage Hypnotist Richard Barker has an interactive Hypnosis Facts Database where he answers all of the most frequently asked questions he gets from the public. It’s no surprise that he answers the question on his FAQ database: What does hypnosis feel like?

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