Is Hypnosis Real? 8 Myths About Hypnosis Debunked

is hypnosis real

It’s said that the power of hypnosis can cure fears, reduce anxiety, and promote better sleep. It’s also capable of enlightening your mind and entertaining large groups of people.

But many still wonder, is hypnosis real?

It’s time to separate myth from reality. To uncover the secrets of this age-old phenomenon.

Read on for the truth behind these 8 hypnosis myths.

Myth #1: Hypnosis Involves Total Mind Control

Will you lose full control during hypnosis? Will hypnosis leave you vulnerable to anything? Could the hypnotist make you rob a bank?

This myth is false!

When under hypnosis, you don’t need to worry about completing any out of character actions. Your own integrity and morals still come into play.

Hypnotists are also professionals, trained in various forms of therapy. Your doctor or therapist wouldn’t ask you to commit a crime, so neither would your hypnotist. The hypnotist is there to guide you through your own mental process.

You are not giving up your will. Nor will you lose control of your actions, according to professional psychologists. Some people do find themselves more willing to open up or let go under hypnosis.

Myth #2: Your Body Stays Awake During Hypnosis

How does hypnosis work? Does the brain stay awake the entire time? What does it feel like to get hypnotized?

This is true!

There is no sleeping during hypnosis. You’ll be awake, and experiencing a heightened state of mind. You’ll also remain aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Hypnosis works by entering into the subconscious mind. It helps you target your energy and attention on specific questions or feelings. It leaves you more open-minded to outside thoughts and suggestions.

It’s more of a hyperattentive state than anything. The person remains conscious, yet relaxed.

It is relatable to meditation, but with more communication. Here’s more on how the natural phenomenon of hypnosis works.

Myth #3: A Strong Mind Can Fight Hypnotism

Will only a weak minded individual surrender to the power of hypnosis? Is everyone able to get hypnotized?

This myth is false!

Both intelligent and simple minds react to hypnotism. Some people are more susceptible to the effects of hypnosis than others. Those people likely have a strong ability to focus and concentrate.

It has gotten said that there is a small percentage of the population who cannot get hypnotized. Yet, these people could have only tried hypnosis once. They also could have used a novice hypnotist, rather than one with years of experience.

Different hypnotists have varying levels of skill and techniques that they use. It’s up to the hypnotist to find the right medium to reach their patient.

Myth #4: Hypnotism Is Only for Laughs

Is hypnotism real or is it like what we see on TV? Will I get forced to act like a chicken or clown in front of others?

This myth is false!

Television displays the act of hypnotism as only being comical. Yet, there are many forms of hypnotism, with comedy hypnotists being among them.

Skilled hypnotists are great at engaging and entertaining a crowd. They also make for a “perfect star of the show” at an event or function.

There is also a more serious side involving hypnotherapy. This form of therapy works to help people to get to the root of their problems. It allows them to look deep inside their minds to find relief from what ails them.

Hypnotism has helped people with the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Menopause
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Hypnosis also helps with pain relief, including chronic pain from cancer. It can even help patients in surgery, as a way to calm them and help block pain receptors. This is a great alternative for those who are allergic to anesthesia or want a more holistic approach.

Myth #5: You Must Always Speak the Truth Under Hypnosis

Will you get forced to speak the truth the entire time? Will the hypnotist know all your secrets?

This myth is false!

Hypnotized people are still capable of telling full outright lies. Again, you are still in control of your own mind and actions. Hypnosis lets you dive a little deeper into your self and your true feelings.

It can show you how you feel about something if you’ve been hiding the truth from yourself. Or if you’ve been on the fence about making a big life decision. It’s a great exercise to try if having trouble in your love life or quitting a bad habit.

Myth #6: Hypnotism Can Help You Remember Things You Have Long Forgotten

Does hypnotism work for helping old memories resurface?

This is true!

It’s a form of hypnotherapy that reaches your subconscious level. There are no distractions or other things getting in the way. This helps you to focus on memories that have gotten locked away.

Hypnosis works to help you grieve and let go of past events. It’s also an effective tool for those trying to recover from a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Myth #7: Hypnosis Can Cause Amnesia

Is it possible to lose your memory during hypnosis? What if you never snap out of it?

This myth is false!

Hypnosis does not cause amnesia. Nor will it wipe away your recent memories.

Your mind is still alert, working inside a relaxed body. In fact, you will likely remember everything from your session. The point of hypnosis is to unlock your true feelings and apply them to the real world.

Myth #8: Anyone Can Become a Hypnotist

How easy is it to hypnotize another person? Could you become hypnotized by someone without knowing it?

This is both true and false!

Anyone can become a hypnotist, with proper training. Learning how to hypnotize people involves a great deal of study and practice. It takes a serious and imaginative mind to have success in hypnotizing others.

Interested in learning the art of hypnosis? Learn more about how to become a hypnotist.

So, with a Snap of the Fingers…Is Hypnosis Real?

There is still some skepticism for those uneducated on the process and effects of hypnosis. Some still wonder, is hypnosis real?

Many people have gotten cured thanks to hypnotherapy. Many people have also had an unforgettable and enlightening experience at the hands of a hypnotist.

It comes down to finding the right professional. Be sure to do proper research and find a therapist offering the experience you seek. Determine if you are looking for a private session or group event.

Remember that during hypnotherapy, more than one session is likely needed. Here’s everything on what to expect during your first session.

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